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24.05.2013 09:26
strange looking at Liu Yinsha antworten

Li Jiayu glanced at it is a blur in the flesh, the noodles have no facial expression way: "as you like, as long as you don't put the corpse refining for explosive poisonous corpse puppet... I don't want you all day dealing with the poison, lest you this fragrant body with those corpse stink......" "The old woman is you to burst into the mud, even if I wanted to exercise are mixing not...... It is a pity such a wonderful work......" Liu Yinsha stood beside Li Jiayu, taking his arm, the plump breast so close on Li Jiayu's arm,Jordan UK sale, moist lips in the firelight shining crystal gloss, butters gas flows to the Jiao say with smile: "again... You is the first time I boast a grin, as expected, you also love me refining out perfume?" "Perfume? What perfume is the taste?" Liu Yinsha had a strange fragrance, let a person smell will feel the body is light, refreshed. "Giggle... This perfume ah, I refer to your taste refined into the...... Clue from your sister Li Banyue's humor, she ate the sweet fruit, all sweet hell, even the sweat and saliva is good enough, well, then, I collected Fang Fang and my body fluid, after a long period of time, supplemented by other Chinese medicine and material, not easy to get a vial......" Li Jiayu's face was green, be Agape and tongue-tied, strange looking at Liu Yinsha: "you said the sea... What is that?" Strong body which a fluid smell the most heavy, nature is what kind of......" Liu Yinsha's charming smile, beautiful eyes and lovely to drop water. "Blood?" "If you think so...... Then it is......" Liu Yinsha mischievously blink. "You do not generally......" Li Jiayu shook his head, his hands,oakley sunglasses cheap, a will Liu Yinsha to push his emotional problems, yes, but IQ is absolutely no problem, Liu silver sand has been suggested so understand, he heard Liu Yinsha meant that body, garbage... Must be some children not liquid, but is a dirty! Foam dirty, Fang Fang and I are the inheritors, without the slightest impurity in vivo, but clean and like st......." Okay, don't talk nonsense, you stay away from me!" Li Jiayu angrily stared at Liu Yinsha, today with Liu Yinsha all day, fight up and down the country to dozens of cult, each other get so near, Li Jiayu to smell the "perfume" for several hours, but only to find that, the perfume is actually his sister's saliva and sweat,Nike Air Jordan 2, and Liu Yinsha, Fang Fang's humor is refined, the... This is too hardcore. Yes or no, Li Jiayu as a normal man, will naturally feel slightly uncomfortable! This bitch, you know me to pit, not because you saved me a couple of times, but also keep faithful and true, and I also really want to cut you! However, Liu Yinsha like through the Li Jiayu heart, licking lips, summon spirits in the direction of Li Jiayu threw a seductive eyes: "yo oh, this also is heavy.? You are a normal man? Do not know who is because I lack of motherly love and fascination with the Renqi, not interested in virgin, also don't know >

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