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24.05.2013 09:20
and after that she gave birth to the baby antworten

The cicada quiet in her world, is just gave birth to daughter, when vitality never recovered will be immortal people to become serious, not only broke the vitality, even the souls are over half, so she was ill in bed for more than ten years, and after that she gave birth to the baby, should be as ordinary women like that n ǎ I water, but the terrible injuries to her big half-life, so for self-preservation, cicadas and convergence of Qi all, was no leakage drip vitality, nature even n ǎ I water also give off...... Now, a part of power Li Jiayu has bright goddess,Nike Air Jordan 11, can bring vitality to the cicada and super slow speed, get rid of her serious illness, just a month let her body all disappear in smoke, replace sb. Is gradually strong life breath,Nike Air Jordan 12 UK, the breath of life like the murmuring flowing spring, moist every inch of her skin, every blood vessel...... Come very naturally, banned eighteen years of physiological function, but also the recovery, the cicada and has not only restored the female X ì ng some of the period, even the towering chest R ǔ gland began to recover, continued eighteen years ago duties...... Now, you just think cicadas breasts acid swollen and hot, and not too much to pursue, but she did not want to get...... After a period of R ì, she would like a new birth mother general, outflow n ǎ I water...... Of course, this point even Li Jiayu unexpected, he good man good, how there may be a what y í NY ù heart of the cicada quiet? Moreover...... A daughter, married a secluded, cicada is fox demon queen,oakley outlet store, even human beings are not, but also helpless widow, Li Jiayu again how shameless, also absolutely not bully the widow! "Jiayu, when you...... Help me get my daughter also called?" The cicada and gazed at Li Jiayu, blinking the beautiful eyes. "Well, fast...... Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, I'll take the time to sign a new contract, now has five new call number, call your daughter greatly increases the probability of. Should not disappoint you, even if the five are not called to your daughter also never mind, I will soon be able to advance to level two peak, and there are five places...... You rest assured, mother and daughter reunion is not a distant dream!" Li Jiayu confidently said, cicada also pleased and grateful nodded...... She and where will want to get...... Let her daughter came to this world, clearly is her daughter to promote the fire pit! Li Jiayu may not be the cicadas you have what bad idea, but if the cicadas and daughter ran over. The cicada and bring the "mother" of the genus x ì ng, with her daughter to make out a pair of mother and daughter...... Mother and daughter...... In front of Li Jiayu is very dangerous! Even if Li Jiayu not to their mother and daughter the hoodlum, but...... Damn fate will still make fun of with Li Jiayu, with all sorts of "accidental" to hurt Li Jiayu, let him in the "widow" and "and" on the road to walk more more far, until the returned to the head...... "Jiayu you almost break through to the three stage the summoner...... You see, I can put those demon clan war I have summoned, among them, there are many lords, quasi - >

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