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24.05.2013 09:13
only hope that Wu Tengyun don't antworten

"Don't you, you go away...... Uh......" Said Wuteng Oon excitedly, desperate, but when he felt the press on shoulder soft pod came warm breath, he was violently for a while,Nike Jordan 1 Sale, like bathing in the sun on the general body relax, more like into the goddess of light arms peacefully and. There are poor fragrance Cecil assail the nostrils, only smell the fragrance, Wuteng Oon heart agitated mind completely subsided, replace sb. Is a kind of reverence and piety as believers! "You, you like..." When kneeling on the floor of the Wu Tengyun back, bottom-up looked at the tall Li Jiayu, immediately terrified, not only is the Jing Li Jiayu in the cold moonlight temperament, a star first appearance, he is from Li Jiayu who felt a fathers recognition were belonging and sense! By intuition...... Wuteng Oon doubt Li Jiayu is his belief in the end! And can make a shining knight have faith and obedience...... In addition to light the Pope,Coach Purses Sale, left superior overlooking the Earth Goddess of light! All light occupation, is the most humble servant of the goddess of light! The woman who have never met... The Pope is light, or a bright goddess? But the epic goddess of light...... How might strike Earth, he came to a poor man before? "What I have said, is not you, I is the transport captain from Yi City, I came to this place to send you a gift...... Here, give me the baby." See the expressions about Wuteng Oonna's dementia, Li Jiayu was a bit upset, he told Wu Tengyun world is fellow sufferers, but this time he became a goddess bright appearance, where they make a lot of trouble and misunderstanding, only hope that Wu Tengyun don't deceive oneself and others, Li Jia jade have any other idea was good, otherwise this world is afraid of brothers did not do. However, also did not become a mad dog Wuteng Oon is handsome, fair skin, face strong, also with a prince of Persia - like hair,oakley sunglasses cheap, eyes like a hawk as sharp, all were filled with a kind of altruistic, Frank Hao Ran has nothing to do with the upright, and usually can be donated a "civilian the lawyer". In fact, Wuteng Oon is also quite good, have a wife and a daughter, care, be strict with oneself, at least not as past so unkempt, all leave toxic pus recovered after each big and scar, want to know is the legendary devil Wuteng Oon in the Chinese eat people but a big ugly ghost, the light is the appearance of ordinary people, enough to frighten scare the shit out of sb. "My children she has...... She was already dead, you will be able to save her?" Wu Tengyun eyes full of confused and disturbed, but look at Li Jiayu's eyes is full of expectations, he wanted to be her dead baby to Li Jiayu, but the worry is full of amniotic fluid bloody dead baby will touch light to maintain one's original pure character of the goddess of light, brought her dirty and unclean. "Try not to know? In a word... I'll try my best. Li Jiayu gave Wuteng Oon the blink of an eye, a brilliant smile, with a touch of glamour and self-confidence, in full bloom like a water lotus, an act of God shake. "I believe in you!" See Li Jiayu smile, Wu Tengyun heart >

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