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24.05.2013 08:42
he will Li Jiayu firmly grasp antworten

Jiuxing renju,Coach Bags Outlet, release the disorder of energy in a twinkling of an eye, even the magnetic field are in this moment completely reversed, beating the dense waves in the air, it seems every moment can crack a space tunnel, all people are attracted into the black hole showed, stir into pieces! "Rumble......" A muffled, not just in the sky appear, even including the showed shock, Shannon showed that flat port city has also occurred the earthquake showed, many have stood the instability of the people fell the su-meat eight! The sky clouds is vary from minute to minute, just like the waves from the head of a sudden rush of anger, like countless demons beast,Coach Bags Sale, all sorts of strange things, you run, the strangest sight, even with a deep red and showed spirit light, let a person look frightened! This is triggered, the nine renju! Li Jiayu in this a moment, once again aroused the sleeping light showed that the Godhead, will Jiuxing Lianzhu the conduction down the energy accumulation showed set to her side, and a sheet of space cannot withstand the pressure, even as the broken mirror like that, the rapid emergence of a hole, and then connected together, a rotating black hole vortex showed! "Ah! The light showed bright goddess! You have to cross it! Think beauty, give me back!" The black dragon youth Yazi splitting, the anger hates showed to roar a, it remember very clearly, when in Nanning is the time to be dragged into the collapse of the space to the world, now Li Jiayu also repeated the trick, through to the rest of the world, from its hands off? In this world, which is so cheap! I really put the Dragon Prince as a continuous action of large white showed it! "Shua" black dragon youth Li Jiayu only one step away, with Li Jiayu will be hidden into the space of tunnels, it does be careless with, directly toward the Li Jiayu explore to make moves, he will Li Jiayu firmly grasp, everywhere she goes, he also want to go where, but this time he'll catch very tight, don't let her slip! "The goddess of light showed you is my toy! Whether the soul or spirit, or meat showed body, all is my! All the good stuff in the world, I should have!" The black dragon youth face ferociously roars, watched his hand will meet Li Jiayu, his heart emerged a burst of fast showed significance! You, will never be able to escape my palm, ha ha ha ha, quietly into my plaything! The young heart fiercely pumping showed twitch him too happy,Women's Jordan Sale, because to get Li Jiayu, he got all want everything, the Godhead, strength, beauty, showed human glory! "Oh, you are too naive......" Li Jiayu didn't move comfortably at ran to the black dragon youth is like that in a variety of monkeys, on the lips Cape smile more and more take pleasure in other people's misfortune. In that moment! "Bang" sky bloomed in hundreds of red lightning frantically pulsing like a hundred hysterical red snake, across the sky, polymerization together, forming a bucket ray column thick, to topple the mountains and overturn the seas of the potential drop from the clouds! "Ah! Sorry. The black dragon youth watching their must break the shackles of Li Jiayu space to catch, but heaven >

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