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24.05.2013 08:36
one each in the hair with sorrow antworten

Li Jiayu disappeared, the people are not in a hurry to leave, but was gravely wounded dragon aroused curiosity, a breath, looked at the grisly, nearly 100 meters long dragon, when the distance to see it show extraordinary, when look close, even think it down one. "Cool dragon......" "It's cool to blasting ah, this creature is regarded as the king of beasts!" "Dad, your mobile phone can take pictures here, to more than a few pictures!" "Don't come near it! Terrible creatures it but even the military port can destroy the......" "This from a different time of the dragon, * * tough and magic...... If you can be my pet......" Tens of thousands of spectators of the Hongkong stadium all stare big eyes, be very upset but excited at the dragon, there were many discussions.,Coach Sunglasses Sale, whisper to one another, even the reporters at the scene also ventured, not afraid of death is close to the past,Air Jordan 9 Sale, squatting on the ground clicking patting photos! Some courage excellent people, also ran to the shadow Dragon Wings, stroking the electrical burned black by a dragon scale, send out a voice call, seem to be proud to show off. But when they met the black blood, immediately on the corrosion of a terrible wounds, the whole hand even corrupted into the dead water, immediately frighten a bunch of people! Dragon's blood is a big thing, but for ordinary people is the equivalent of a terrorist acid, only powerful successor to dragon's blood, to strengthen physique, or refining Dan medicine. Not long after, the Hongkong police arrived on the scene, even those of the United States of America sent by agents, and Beijing sent by the national security staff are around at the side, one each in the hair with sorrow, don't know how to deal with this dragon head is good, do it thoroughly to kill? How to kill? It's a huge biological nearly 100 meters long, equivalent to the blue whale so big ah, even the gravely wounded, still contains powerful energy, and long belt scale is not a vegetarian, ordinary firearms and ammunition, grenades,Air Jordan 13, bombs simply can't its defense. So, don't want it captured, sent to the Institute for? Are you kidding. This can be a day out to destroy the huge monster is too dangerous, once let it raise a good injury, this guy must be tired out, run out of revenge on society, after all, alloy hard in front of it is just like that cannot withstand a single blow chunks of tofu! At all people are a headache as would be at one's last gasp, the black dragon suddenly opened his eyes! The lava like eyes, contempt and hatred at sight of it be overcritical human. "Ah! It woke up!" "All right, it was the goddess of the Moon Fairy badly hurt, you see it was all burnt, can't move, should can't resist......" An official stroking his chin, strong self said calmly, but if not finished, the dark evil dragon will slowly opened the mouth, the eyepiece to spit out the bright red tongue, suddenly put the obese officials rolled up, sent to the mouth, slightly chewing, immediately is "poof" sound, obviously this obese officials has become a pool of rotten meat swallowed into belly! "Oh! The black dragon was still active!" "Run! Fast >

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