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24.05.2013 08:31
this group of earth idiot also knows antworten

"Fairy, you really is because with the dragon fight, will come to our Hongkong?" The reporters were all excited, looked at Li Jiayu look more complicated. It's something like that. Li Jiayu frowned, nodded, heart filled with a not too wonderful feeling, is this group of earth idiot also knows the dark evil dragon? "Woman, you have a look...... The head is it right?!" He is a reporter rushed over, hands holding a laptop at work, the screen is showing the United States naval base photographed scene! I saw fire fighters fly screen, numerous battleship, tilt to the black dragon will shell body, black dragon had high lift up their heads, while spewing dragon breath, while calling the dragon magic "Skyfire meteor", the sky spread a burst of terrible fluctuation, followed by a large meteor fireball as drop from the clouds, the many aircraft, warships are enveloped in flames of the explosion...... "The dark evil dragon!" Li Jiayu pupil contraction, immediately turned pale, the heart is more like a sharp cone pierced the general, all from a chill! She stood up, put on the reporter hand notebook from her, holding their breath, video pensively watching the screen...... Look, Li Jiayu's heart is the more cool! You don't say! Dark evil dragon had followed me to the world! Moreover, the dark evil dragon also maintained a strong fighting force, but also has four lower level,air jordan outlet, ordinary high-tech weapons does not harm to it...... Damn, I see the dark evil dragon also severely beaten at the time...... Now, my strength is down to a level of order, that guy has destroyed the military base strength...... In case of long, dark man came to Hongkong to seize me, what should we do? I am feeble, can beat a man is the problem,Nike Jordan 14 Sale, not to mention against the black evil dragon! Dark evil dragon that guy on the bright characteristic in the bag, once you know I exist in this world, it must be madly across the Pacific Ocean, make light of travelling a thousand Li Ran...... And on this side of Hongkong military forces...... Don't talk to the American military base to want only a lot of pistols, submachine gun like, even break the evil dragon shield can not do! "Master, calm......" Kuro Aki saw Li Jiayu turned pale,Oakley Sunglasses Juliet Cheap, hurriedly said: "the idiot should not know you exist within a short time...... It is not the Internet, do not read the news, it is still the police chase play, where to get you?" "That's the......" Li Jiayu some stiff nod, dark evil dragon that idiot contempt of all mankind, will not know the news of Li Jiayu from the human media channels, and the idiot now was badly injured, while hiding everfount hunt, side to the Arctic circle. No way, it was dark long American missiles to blow all ache, it must hide in the Arctic ice, the injury cured fly out avenge u.! "The goddess of the moon fairy...... Can you tell us something about the situation, the black dragon? It destroyed half of us things port, making >

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