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24.05.2013 08:26
heaven must have sent down antworten

The province, the city -- the battlefield is a mess. "Finally......" "Got to beat back the dragon......" "Yes, die a lot of people, all the city walls were destroyed,Air Jordan Flight The Power, tens of thousands of refugees were killed...... But in the end we still give off the dragon!" "Thanks to the Rear Admiral Yang, were it not for Yang, Haitian, fight a bloody battle, we really will be a killer." "Yang, heaven must have sent down to protect our gods......" "Yang, long live!" The city with the Nanning, has also been a dragon's raid, in a fierce to the pole of defense after the war, the city heritage easily go through untold hardships, the hundreds of dragon to defeat, even a triple peak Royal Dragon also beaten injured retreat, and leave a word, it is the appreciation of Yang An of the opponent, he will be called the first strong in humans...... Hear the Royal Dragon's approval, the Haitian city heritage are to Yang An more worship, more frenetic! Have a look. Yang Anneng defeated the Royal Dragon, has been in awe of Royal Dragon, this is how the glory will absolutely be the end, Yang world strongest man? They don't know...... In the south of China, came to a head the Royal dragon! Royal Dragon can be more powerful than the Royal dragon...... If Yang An is on to the Royal Dragon, will be lost, bad luck if a bit, if it is even how to die all don't know! But what is so powerful a head very Royal Dragon, Li Jiayu was involved in the spatiotemporal turbulence left this world, from a certain point of view, it is also with the Royal Dragon, is out of this world...... "Call......" Broken walls, a face handsome man standing against the wind. His shirt had just broken out fighting fit and strong chest, the body still with a lot of blood and wounds, but these marks had to render unspeakable valiant and heroic! Aggressive, tough, handsome, casts a thousand beams. This is the Milky way, carrying thousands of people to the general Yang Anyang. The wind was blowing hair blowing face blazing with anger, Yang An, also with a crooked smile more a on the fruits of victory. "I am committed to Print-Rite! Though much will punish! You are the dragon is a worm, as long as I am in Yang An...... The city will not perish!" Yang An crooked smile, vision Sen cold, but affects the internal injury, can't help to cough a mouthful of blood. His chest ferocious wound, for such a big fist. But Yang An did not care. He rubbed his mouth with the back of the hand face is indifferent, nothing that * * is for him! Yang An slowly step, off to the side, a dragon's body fully exhausted,Air Jordan Shoes, a knife to cut off the tap! "Drink!" Yang An was bathed in blood, like a direct lift truck size on his high leading, like an of indomitable spirit of hercules. "Call!" Transported from the last ounce of strength, with a purple flame Yang An, will lead to burn to ashes,OP Art Coach Cheap, the wind blows, the ashes will dissipate in the air, the weak Yang Ann still stood erect, besides around, shouted: "I am invincible! I am invincible Yang! One day, this day will be in >

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