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24.05.2013 08:05
heroin hunting group is likely to antworten

Five headless bodies, all fell down, hit the ground, splashing a lot of dust, while the spurting blood dyed the ground rapidly, forming a pool of blood, particularly striking. Suddenly, the whole scene became a deathly silence, falling needle can be heard. Whether it is pity Twilight hunting group members, or heroin hunting group members, and even pedestrians pass by this near, all eyes tightly locked in the fallen angels who, some slack at the dare to wanton hands-on madcap. Time,OP Art Coach Cheap, like at the same instant freezing up, to the eternal. "You, how can you kill them......" Sun Xiaoxian terrified, some panicky up, now is an eventful year, heroin hunting group is likely to be the enemy annexed the fallen angel, now, this guy is disarray, directly put Xi dusk hunting group of people to kill, if he were cramping peeling also does not matter, but if put to heroin. The regiment...... It would be bad...... However, the first reaction is called Lin Tao knight. Witness the five companions also didn't utter a word to be executed, the knight's anger was like volcano eruption generally into the sky, into a furious roar: "good ah! Heaven have road you don't go,Coach Purses Sale, hell no door you did!" "Shua" a whistling sound, Knight he got a gorgeous sword and a pattern magic shield, and a circle of yellow color vindictive gushing out, this is obviously a soil properties of the knight, with a strong defense force and impact force. At the same time, the summoner not far also hurriedly summoned his trump card, and a head for four meters tall green ogre appeared in front of him, all of a sudden, there is a * * stench filled the audience, a rotten head are strung into Necklace hung around the neck of the ogres, all are fold the green hideous ugly face only a bulging eyes,Nike Jordan Flight The Power UK Sale, hands is inverted to a strange white head, impressively is its combat weapon! In addition to the knight and the summoner, there are other lion soldier, soldier, acoustic qigong division, plant division, add up to have dozens of people, all are good order above two levels, especially fearsome knights and Summoner have strength two higher order, an action which so many people if it is a level three low order master is to weigh. "Drink! The ogre, give me trample him flat!" Summoner launched offensive, directly ordered his ogre DaTouZhen, but the knight, lion soldier, qigong, deliberately slow a beat, the ogre out before toward the fallen angel to kill. Sun Xiaoxian in the back and the heroin hunting group members see the black face, they know, the grey-haired man be in big trouble if he again how hard, also absolutely may not match this onslaught? Unless he has more than three strength...... However, three of the influential man, all are superior, and how it attacks run heroin hunting clusters such weak forces ground? Moreover, Nanning three master there can be no silver hair...... Hey, I just move to kill five mage, not by strength but sneak attack. Really surprise? Fallen angel lips >

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