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24.05.2013 05:50
only indicate Burnley opponent antworten

> When you focus on one thing, the passage of time is very fast. From the end of the league begins May 3, a dazzling passed ten days. Among these ten days at Burnley has always been tight for training, this time George had to attend to other things. In addition to open twenty to thirty minutes a day, other times are completely shut down the training field. Also known as closed training, attracted many reporters are Fufei endless. But now George can no effort control those things, all of these ten days in which George jīng God are focused on how to deal with Arsenal body. Of course, in the end, George began to appear in front of the media. "Everyone said we Burnley football does not look good, is defensive back. Victory was ugly." George was talking to reporters. "In fact,Coach Bags Outlet, Arsenal is a typical defensive back, but that they rely on Overmars and Parlour speed counterattack combat it, but for Arsenal's Premier League title, but a lot of appreciation, really makes me wonder." Arsenal's style of play is very simple, yet poignant play that later. After entering Arsenal Wenger, first put the bulky figure some indomitable fighting spirit and the British Houwei Te team jīng God to the limit, in the back line he continued to use the "five veterans" take turns guarding. Seaman keep the goal, the Code Wendt left, Dixon right hand side, while Keown and Adams is the main defender, Boulder became the main bench. This is a tacit understanding of the defensive line, Wenger took over Arsenal two years, the changes are midfielder. As for the defense did not change, these people are following Graham won the League championship batch of players. Is one of the best in the Premiership defense portfolio. Wenger great confidence in this defense, defensive style of play is based on ensuring a quick counterattack. Midfield is the most powerful position Wenger transformation, to play safe, Wenger midfielder Patrick Vieira and Emmanuel Petit composed of dual lineup, Overmars put in the left, the right to play by Ray Parlour . This is a conservative opportunist midfield, but the team played amazingly smooth resolute defensive back. Arsenal counterattack sè do Biboenli also a lot of their counterattack mostly leftist. Overmars now just in peak condition, while the front Bergkamp performance is jīng Cham. So George would say the same defensive back, why Burnley have been subjected to censure, while Arsenal should be commended. Seen in the heavyweight game, one provoked a war of words. All media excited, George is the young head coach original root mysterious missing, what would all say. Debut three years, sprayed things I do not know how many. But Wenger different, Wenger came to England, the handsome, suits and ties the game at all times. If one pair than George is a downright bumpkin, but Wenger is like a knowledgeable professor. Everyone will want to hear Wenger had just got Premiership coach how to respond to George. As people the impression that, like Wenger George's words just smiled. Very relaxed tone to be interviewed. "I think Levy coach need not complain. Football world there are a variety of play, there is nothing good or bad, but just as each person's taste is not the same, some people like the game, some people like that kind of play. might think our fans defensive back defensive back Biboenli beautiful. "Wenger did not put George then when the same thing. Gently word, answered George. Of course, although Wenger did when the same thing, but George did not think this is over. George said that evening on the one. "Arsenal are among the goals in the league than we do, or shè door more often than we do. Was in the FA Cup this way, we are also the highest scoring team." George constantly provocative Arsenal, which fell not George idle no matter. Arsenal are now mature period, though not later, but for Burnley is still extremely strong team. Than in the League Cup against Chelsea is more difficult to deal with, then Chelsea just coaching change soon, and because Burnley League team is so much contempt. These are good news, Burnley also took advantage of the timing of this contempt, gave Chelsea a head with a blow. But as Chelsea won the League Cup victory over Burnley began, the team did not have contempt Burnley. So once Arsenal cautious, George really not sure which beat Arsenal in trench warfare. And now with Arsenal's defensive efforts, Burnley is difficult to break through. George can only hope Arsenal attack out of Arsenal's defense despite strong defensive ability. But they have a big old face Ljungberg, Camoranesi, these speed-type player Robbie Keane is definitely a disadvantage. This is Burnley opportunities. Anyway, now the World Cup is still some time away from all the media are happy. Many media began to identify George said. As George said, Burnley in the League One is not only the home attack, are away to attack first. And in the League Cup and FA Cup, Burnley have maintained a record. Burnley's Cup which is two goals are topped the list. Such an analysis, they discovered that although George Burnley Cup which was played defensive back, but the goal is very much. "Score more goals?" Wenger smiled, facing the camera talking unhurried. "Score more goals can only indicate Burnley opponent is weak." Wenger did not talk much, often just a few simple words. Let George's words hit like cotton,Coach Sunglasses Online, but George did not care. George knew Wenger knowledgeable, always answer when someone deliberately provocative. In the past, I would very much like Georges Wenger. Wenger and Ferguson two people when the most intense fighting in 2002, they have had this war of words between. Arsenal crown in 2002, when it is difficult to catch Ferguson see Credits. Said the sentence "They're just a bunch of relying on luck to win **, we are the best team.." And Wenger replied quite beautiful. "Every man that his wife the most beautiful." This is Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger between two opponents on the sympathetic,Nike Jordan Superfly UK Sale, very classic one. George now for Arsenal, it is not for Wenger said. Arsenal players are wanted to hear, Arsenal lineup, but there are a good number of hot-tempered person. As long as they were one person, and I feel unhappy, manifested during the match, then George will earn. Recently, the media really pleased bad. Although because of the World Cup is about to start, so the topic is already on the World Cup has become the most important aspect of the media. All the media's attention is gradually transferred from the club to the national team which. But George provoked this war of words, which in the newspaper, but can the same topic and the World Cup in the head, face front page of the newspaper. Of course, says it is still cheap George accounted for Arsenal, even Burnley and George now and then a big impact. That can compare with Wenger and Arsenal, George likes opponent like Arsenal. If today's FA Cup final opponents when the general of the team, it is impossible to have such a degree of concern. Time bickering among the slowly passes, soon came May 16 rì. 104 before the (next) 104 before (next to the URL <

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