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24.05.2013 05:47
he and Allie children will be antworten

> Lakers are pieces of traditional teams, every so often will win the championship. WWw! QUANBen! COM so the Lakers are playing a lot of players dream. The core of the Lakers, it is equivalent to have a passport to enter the Hall of Fame, if you play good data, to get a few championships, as well as possible to get the "Magic" Johnson, "sky hook" Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as high Historical evaluation. Such conditions normal people will be tempted, YE Feng is no exception, but he still maintained a proper reason. Think carefully, you will find something so simple like Jackson said, then walked this road and Kobe Bryant's somewhat similar. YE Feng made an effort, Light said: "Coach, Kobe is a trade veto, he will be able to stop yourself with a word to be traded. Even if I when the core, but also in Kobe after the contract expires, right?" Feng Ye and Speaking of the point. Jackson felt he did not even have thought of Bryant's trade veto, and maybe the boss really grab the idea. It is also more firmly convinced Jackson's determination to stay in Los Angeles Feng Ye. Would also have some doubts also disregard. Than the game, Bryant is currently dominant. Than the mind, Bryant much weaker. Bryant is a dare Buss mentally, cursing Kupchak idiot players. YE Feng rarely say people listened to the words of uncomfortable. Just entering the league, he will not only be playing a man, marked 10 years, he will raise to what level? One thing Jackson is to estimate the error, YE Feng never thought unseated Bryant. In his mind, the Lakers Kobe Bryant has long been marked by the stigma, if left to the Lakers, it is not a Kobe Bryant. Jackson said: "You are quite right, if you do not want to be traded Bryant, really want to wait until his contract expires in 2010. Then the Lakers will not renew his contract and I have communicated and Kupchak, you can Add your contract transaction veto agreements you think about it. "is trading veto? Bryant had veto power, but the team wanted to let him go, and he poured out only on the basis of the contract to stay just a few years. YE Feng hesitated, he thought it was an adventure. He thought of a problem if the Lakers really put Kobe trade, or not to renew abandon Kobe Bryant, Lakers fans will think? Bryant's fans will think? Certainly there will be a group of fans that are forced to leave Bryant YE Feng, just as Bryant unseated O'Neal. Fans will not control his position of conflict and Kobe Bryant, the Lakers do not think this is a uniform group decision-making, only two players can not coexist regrets. Fans regretted need to vent, at that time,Coach Handbags Sale, YE Feng is likely the same as the year of the league, Bryant enemy. When he became a star, there will be a group of the world's "black front" and "honey front" that surrounds his game stop playing bickering. Moreover, the Lakers trading Bryant really do? If the extent of his progress after two years the Lakers did not reach expectations, anyway, are signed up, the Lakers would like to change your mind is not easy? He may also be traded. Feng Ye can not trust the Lakers' front office. In the Lakers, he could not fully grasp their own destiny. Even when O'Neal went to Miami has been exposing the reasons, there are countless people that are forced to leave Kobe Bryant Shaquille O'Neal. If you choose to stay in Los Angeles, he will have to do the bad guys consciousness, we must dare to face the challenge and boos Division honey. In this case the play, he be happy? Think happy, YE Feng thought of Allie children, that recognizes only a friend, like a family that cares about his people. That always want to give him an offer he do not like to hear people say thank you. That helped him become wealthy, but also worried about his money to bad people. He and Allie children that good to go Clippers, if signed long stay in the Lakers paid, be bad for the money do? If they do not the Clippers, Donald Sterling will give control over the Clippers Allie children do? If he stay in Los Angeles, maybe Ellie children will pretend to be chic, said: "Clippers already told you no future, count your smart, stay in Los Angeles on the right." Her heart can really missing something? YE Feng come across such a thing if it is, it will only count as a friend to talk feel depressed and sad ...... YE Feng's heart has the answer. He did not care half the fans and the world's enemy, but he did not want to disappoint Ellie children. He promised not lie to her, and promised her everything must be done, agreed to go to the Clippers, of course, have to do it. He said it is time to just a joke, but now they began to take it seriously. YE Feng raised his head, looked at Jackson's eyes,Oakley Sunglasses Active, and a single word: "I think clearly. Still like the original, I renewed for one year at most, and the Lakers, and this is my choice." Jackson shocked, he YE Feng hear such a commitment can not understand why would give up after the Lakers, Clippers selected. "Why are you going to look for the Clippers do? You're so smart, do not see it is a promising bad team? You think about James, he has been very strong this year, but he is also trying to pay more difficult to lead the Cavaliers to win. well as Kevin Garnett, he wasted many years in Minnesota time? What are you chose for himself one of the most difficult road. "Ye Feng nodded, smiled and said:" I know, the Clippers really is a bad team, want to go to the playoffs is not easy, but there is a bad team that sticks to my good person,oakley eyeglasses sale, a person I can trust completely and since the road is difficult piece to go along with her I would like to try, even if the final failure I will not regret, I think there is something more important than the championship, right here. "Then he pointed to his heart by hand. Never go against his own heart. He most wanted to do something, to feel happy. Jackson YE Feng understand the meaning. He was surprised, Jenny Bass instincts have allowed it. YE Feng Lian Lakers boss's position can turn a blind eye, he and Allie children will be ordinary friends? When YE Feng out of the office, Allie children are playing with cell phone against the wall, gave him a chuckle: "Tan finished? What people say?" YE Feng stern, Light said: "This is the Lakers' secrets, not just tell you. "Allie children took a slap his back," I do not speak out, you still do not trust me? "Ellie children asked all the way, until something Arena, YE Feng was said:" Good , and tell you. KFC grandfather to test the waters of my mouth the wind, and the Lakers to sign a long advised me, he said as long as I stay in Los Angeles this summer uniforms group will try to trade Kobe Bryant, the Lakers let me do a new core. Even Bryant reluctant to go, so he would not renew the contract expires. they are valued me, you believe it? "Ellie children sè slightly changed the face and asked:" how do you answer? "Feng Ye laugh said: "Of course refused, I said up to one-year contract. miserable, and estimated that they would rì between the trade deadline to send out to me as chips, my good season in Los Angeles rì child coming to an end." Allie children frowned, pulled his arm and said: "If this is true ...... really ...... so despise you! you are an idiot do? say you that I refuse to! Clippers energy and Lakers than you? They say let you do the core, you are still not satisfied you have brains? Are you kids do? "YE Feng clutch she walked to the parking lot, laughed:" Ha, I know you would say on the train and let us go to the playground .. If you do not like that place, to accompany me on when a child and I joined the Clippers will get the title. "you can really get the title? Even with future memory, YE Feng is not much confidence. There are two crown sweep past the Lakers, the Clippers had to desperately want to go to the finals. East there is a strong Celtic, magic. I do not know, after the Heat will no longer scrape up James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh's three giants. In the era of star BaoTuan rife, even pinnacle Jordan himself a man they have abused the Xiang. He had little thought of a trading scheme, give yourself a few strong teammates got ah. ; <

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