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24.05.2013 05:43
He is too comprehensive antworten

> Child just born too excited, YE Feng play in the field action is relatively large. wWw. QUAnBEn. cOM Thibodeau in advance for his fate is to remind you, do not do dangerous dunk action to prevent injury. After three consecutive years, the Clippers coaching horizons already not the same, in the finals before they are not going to let the players fight every effort, as long as the cut on the line, even if it does not matter much to play a round or two. New people than YE Feng,New Arrivals Coach Outlet, Carrefour these star players need playoff experience and playing time. Thibodeau would have their own ideas and YE Feng said, intends to use the first two rounds of the playoffs running team. NBA teams do not no too, such as Adelman took over the Rockets that season, he was tired of the regular season to Yao disability, but to the playoffs but dare exercise Novak, Brooks. YE Feng about games, the Clippers perimeter attack power reduced a lot, to hit big storm inside Gasol and Carrefour, Thornton missed a lot of regular season game, but now they need playing time back in the state. Curry twice after shooting accuracy by screening, DeRozan also broke into the basketball, shooting of David Lee is also high, and cause foul free throws ...... Warriors seize the opportunity to play a wave of 10 to 0, the go-ahead the score. Within three minutes, fast boats from Lok Fu to hit a ball. See the Clippers at home by the Warriors repression, many fans chanted "wolves" in the hope YE Feng played as soon as possible,Air Jordan 8 UK Sale, but he sat down at the end of Section presence. The first section of the two sides battle into 27 levels. Clippers come in second Marc Gasol, Perry Jones, Matt Barnes, Marcus Thornton, Kirk Hinrich. Warriors also played off the bench, the Clippers gradually regain the initiative, Thornton found scoring touch. YE Feng mood gradually relaxed. Thibodeau is right, he does need to rest, he took physical problem, jīng God is very tired. Simply no suspense in the first round of the playoffs, he should give the chance to newcomers. The presence of sat six minutes, the equivalent of an entire section to rest, he was to go into battle. Gasol brothers there, Perry Jones and Feng Ye hit screens with, so that he misplaced attack, quickly hit two goals. YE Feng Warriors unable to implement an effective double-team, Gasol brothers in the low side, obvious height advantage, dislocation Clippers will put the ball into play hanging low. If you do not go for tall players defense, they can not cover YE Feng's pull-up jumper. Perimeter players double-teamed, then YE Feng also pass the ball to Thornton and Jones, two good shooting ability. Half the time, the Clippers 55 to 48 ahead 7 points. Section YE Feng continue playing, playing very robust, mainly in the top of the arc coordinate, the opportunity was a good shot, the main point has been in the paint Gasol brothers, three men Carrefour, Thornton shots better than YE Feng many want to see him Biao six-, seven great fans doomed to disappointment. YE Feng three quarters only shot 10 times, hit seven goals, three-pointers 2 1 4 4 free throws, scored 19 points, seven rebounds and seven assists two, there is no force attack, he still let the Warriors headache, fast boat attack more flowering. Points difference widened to 18 points. YE Feng fourth quarter and then come to rest, the Clippers put on a Marc Gasol, Robert Thackeray, Matt Barnes, Jeremy Lamb, Isiah Thomas. Lamb as a 12-round pick in the regular season did not get much playing time, and now Thibodeau gave him an opportunity to show, and arranged for him to pick and roll, I hope he can be strong pull-up jumper to help the team. Thackeray play is to strengthen the defense. At this time, now live commentary on the game CCAV5 Thibodeau formations very dissatisfied. Many Chinese culture media that Yi Jianlian is still very valuable, and even a chance to become the All-Star, Olympic Games, when Spain beat Yi Jianlian scored 30 +10, almost did not go to another planet blown by them, as if just give him a chance, he can any star and NBA insider compete. Indeed, Yi Jianlian's defense sucks, to be able to support in the NBA this season and a championship ring, is already a miracle. Everyone saw the signs, Yi Jianlian this season after leaving. "Magic" Johnson, said: "Thibodeau really good at employing, for two consecutive years in the Clippers have played 60 rookie level, Thackeray has height advantage, good physique, coordinate the offensive capability also qualified, but the means of attack too, which is by tall shot, easily blocked shots. "Van Gundy said:" He is now playing time is also more than Yi Jianlian, the defensive focus on training than the Clippers Perry Jones is good. "Clippers put on a bench, Warriors are all the main battle. The goal is completely different teams, the Warriors fight every game, and resolutely avoid being swept. This is a few seasons, the Clippers swept the first round has been cut, a rare once into the playoffs, the Warriors may not want to end like this. Stephen Curry hit hard in particular, it is not like in the Staples Center to prove anything, but his end of the season which is to limit the zìyóu players, the Warriors are also worried about his injury problems and did not advance to extend his contract, which season he ankle is no problem, to try to play good data, to secure for themselves a big contract. Clippers new people personal ability is good, but not good control of the rhythm, especially meme, Thackeray which two players played infrequently, some confused, poor control fouls, but fortunately the Warriors shooting rate is not high, chase points slow, YE Feng to rest for a while. Warriors rely on free throws to recover a lot of score. Distal six minutes will be sent out to the differing only 7 points, re-see the hope of winning, then Thibodeau had sent YE Feng and other key players to play. Three star players Caucasus Dayton and Harrison two can suddenly be able to vote corner sè players, the Clippers could get shot now the strongest lineup. Tactical or let Gasol and two in Carrefour low peripheral YE Feng and Thornton hit screens with Harrison looking at the bottom line-thirds opportunities. This play can be involved with the Warriors 23 defense, so get in the periphery singles YE Feng opportunities. More close to the basket where the higher the shooting, the Warriors critical moment impossible to double-team on the outside YE Feng, give up on the basket defense. YE Feng began the final stage of the main attack, the opponent is close to 40 minutes of playing time DeRozan. A ball on his outside, his teammates on all opened, the external library can not let go Thornton teamed YE Feng, he was very understanding of Thornton, Thornton double-team, then definitely put the ball dropped, even if cast not enter, but also to attract defensive air when pulled. This season, the Clippers are not impress with the deepest, but YE Feng's personal singles, team no one had five assists per game in the case, still can play each other naked. YE Feng turned face up in the top of the arc, crossovers to the right, relying on DeRozan calmly toward the low movement, he has the power advantage, height advantage, packed the opponent does not jump up more effective. To the right 45 degrees, Carrefour has pulled the periphery, to make room, David Lee with out, YE Feng immediately turn around and go inside the arch, turn one hand relying on DeRozan hit a plate. DeRozan jumping ability play out, no way. 5 minutes 04 seconds, David Lee and DeRozan transposition defense, YE Feng in the process they change position quickly to stop shots, the bottom line hollow network. 4 minutes 22 seconds, or on the right, and David Lee personal defense, YE Feng turned to face frame continuous crotch dribble toward the middle band, a major step left foot, right leg bent resorted ball Rooster dú lì fake David Lee will shake up after a foul ball with one hand thrown hit into 2 +1, 2 minutes and 45 seconds, YE Feng steals Craig Thompson's pass, single fast break. He intends to show, step on the foul line before the jump, glide a great distance, a single handcuff basketball forward! This is a slam dunk contest the action, fans in the audience suddenly boiling, standing ovation. 2 minutes 13 seconds, YE Feng attract double teams, the ball came out of the periphery, Carrefour third shot hit. Clippers scored five consecutive possessions, the score widened to 15 points, win the match. "Magic" Johnson exclaimed: "not a small difference in strength between the two sides, if you want to exercise the Clippers are not new, they should be able to easily win the Warriors 30 points. Feng Ye long as serious play for a while, enough other teams to accept, He is now both means of attack, shooting accuracy is very high. "Van Gundy said:" He is too comprehensive, high did he fast, fast without him high, high and fast the technology is good without him, the game playing time is short Otherwise, light and easy to quest of more than 40 points, but I think he was playing the Warriors will make every effort, otherwise the series season were 50 + is nothing difficult. "Johnson also endorsed it. "YE Feng regular season played amazing data, but to the playoffs, he would a reasonable allocation of physical strength, the first round it is not necessary to spend too much strength." Feng Ye surpass enough score in the regular addiction, and now has no score needed to prove himself. Settled, all the main parties have replaced. Final Clippers 115 more than 101 wins,Air Jordan 2, made the playoffs start. YE Feng very efficient game, played 28 minutes, 14 shots, 11, Trey 2 1 5 5 free throws, scored 28 points, 10 rebounds and eight assists in a triple double data. 28 points for him, is already relatively low the data. Carrefour, Gasol brothers, Thornton, Harrison, who also scored in double figures, the Clippers get high marks from YE Feng a man, becomes a kind of last season, more flowering attack mode, which is the other team's most afraid of. Warriors players seem to be doing good, five players in double figures. The highest score is Stephen Curry scored 24 points and 6 rebounds, 5 assists, David Lee 21 points and 13 rebounds. Carl Landry has 17 points accounted for. But their problem is very obvious, bad defense, even Bogut, only low defensive superior, lateral movement is slow, anti-pick and roll very difficult. Warriors play can get a lot of points, but there is no threat against the Clippers, the coaching staff has begun to consider the next opponent. The next game, Thibodeau will give new people more playing time, YE Feng, Carrefour, who was not much room for improvement, so let rookie who is the most critical. <

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