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24.05.2013 05:40
Conley is not bad this antworten

> If you cut Metta World Peace Lakers next season, then you can empty out more cap space to rebuild, plus several draft picks, perhaps promising, but this season, the Lakers can be played Who? On the Clippers, the Lakers have no chance of winning a little. wwW. qUanbEN. cOm listening to the home fans are cheering cheer YE Feng, Bryant's heart especially not the taste, dead than popular, his statement is not false. Mike Brown still requires players to play the "Princeton." Triangle offense and the Princeton offense has similarities: have some dynamic offensive meaning; require less sticky ball players, and more sharing, equality of opportunity; Expand all around inside; attaches great importance both for the space opened; very particular reading attack, resourceful. If there is not the same place, and that is something the triangle offense is more standardized, and more focused on making singles the opportunity to star players, opened the space; Princeton offense even zìyóu flows, more dependent on passing, but do not focus. Exaggeration to say, Princeton pursuit million flowers over leaves no Zhanshen, Paodingjieniu as zero physical contact, put opponents to unload. That being the case, Princeton certainly need a good ball player. Jordan Hill went to the high post, but simply do not have the sè passing vision, but a pseudo-coordinate. He is the nearest pass ran towards his people, this time he gave Bryant, outgoing opinions homeopathic screens. Bryant breakthrough ball from the side, a large rotations Gasol, Bryant shake a little ball into the air when the pull-up jumper. 5 to 2. Lakers opened. The ball was nothing happy, guard is the key, the Clippers offense, YE Feng and cover the perimeter to Thomas, Thomas had lost ball Metta World Peace. Metta World Peace's goal is anti-YE Feng, no rotations, handed post player, can Thomas a little slow to catch up with the post players, lightning killed restricted layup. 7 to 2. Lakers offense, Ty Lawson ball over half and handed it to Metta World Peace, the Lakers two pull it inside, Metta World Peace handed Jamison, Jamison gave Bryant cover. Breakthrough cover by Jamison Bryant, YE Feng rotations, the two star alignment. Kobe old and a one year old, YE Feng is the peak. Bryant crossovers want to break, YE Feng blocking the break line, Bryant took a step back by the body and turned away jumper, YE Feng did not cover that, but the hand has been out into Bryant's face. Have to say, the new season begins Bryant amazing feel good, so he dropped the ball, and is hollow network. 7 to 4. YE Feng immediately also to the color sè, he gave Thomas a cover, Metta World Peace had rotations, Thomas left to go, YE Feng to retreat, opened the space, Thomas immediately pass the ball back to the Feng Ye. YE Feng two steps away from the ball-point line, facing Lawson's defense, its right side with a step unreasonable pull-third shot the ball into. 10 to 4. Bryant rely Hill cover breakthrough, facing Harrison and two large Gasol teamed, forced jump back jumper. 10 to 6. Clippers positional attack, YE Feng singles Metta World Peace to the low ball, turned and broke into the inside easily play board score. 12 to 6. Fans in the audience boiling, appeared in the opening two stars Biao points in the case. Less than 4 minutes, YE Feng had already put Metta World Peace off the hook. Lakers request substitutions, Iguodala, and Metta World Peace next. Iguodala outside the main anti-YE Feng, low Jamison on. Jamison old, footwork and more slowly, fighting ability began to decline. Clippers players are out of line pull, YE Feng low-ball singles Jamison,Nike Jordan Big Ups Sale, also very easy. He was a trick, turn around and squeeze the two, turned toward the middle, one hand dumped. This move easily hit twice, Jamison projectile velocity is too slow, cover less than YE Feng. Lakers defense for Iguodala, YE Feng Lian screens do not have, brought low, the body shipped back twice, turned fadeaway, 45-degree angle and into the rub board. Kobe Bryant is not just the new season feel good, feel Ye Feng is also very impressive, and his fadeaway Iguodala also cover less. YE Feng tall barefoot with 203CM, shoes 205CM, Iguodala only 198CM. One can not restrict the Lakers an anti-YE Feng, YE Feng third singles Iguodala, turned resorted to the "Golden Rooster dúlì", stand on one foot on the ground, put Iguodala shake up, then caused a foul , the ball went into the free-throw line is also made two free throws. 8 minutes time Bryant got 10 points, YE Feng has scored 19 points. Bryant is the star of the play, YE Feng is playing God state. Brown can only request for the suspension, and the Grizzlies as not to double-team selection. Double team is dead, do not double-team is dead. Clippers players are distance, as long as the double-team, there will definitely be apparent when the air, this is no answer. YE Feng dominance getting stronger. Brown's idea is not the average person can understand, after a pause he chose to let a single anti-YE Feng,Air Jordan Store, do not double-team. I do not know that he believes the players, or too stupid, maybe the game he wanted to "deliberately lose." Low main anti YE Feng who replaced Jordan Hill, outside Iguodala. The result is the same, YE Feng chose low attack, the ball hit the Hill face frame, cover your ball first, nobody came to see double-teamed, and turned face up attack through the central, left foot step taken, right knee bent, and is the "Golden Rooster dúlì". Hill did not know against which the ball jump and not jump. Just pause, Brown asked them not to just jump, try to interfere with YE Feng shot, but do not jump and less interference. YE Feng almost feet off the ground on the back shot, shot quickly, shooting arc is also good,Air Jordan Big Ups UK Sale, hollow network. This is an action YE Feng holiday practicing for a few months, count last season during training exercise, already has nearly a year, practicing the pinnacle. In the undisturbed case he shot have nothing to hesitate, still guaranteed hit rate. Hearing his personal attack Lakers beat crying, in addition to Bryant, the Lakers have five major players try to defend Feng Ye. Lawson also misplaced defense of Feng Ye are easily scored twice, stature gap is too obvious a dead end. Bryant is not anti-YE Feng stamina to stay put because the offensive end, but according to this trend continues, Bryant etc., how useless. Section 39 vs 27 Clippers 12 points ahead, YE Feng individuals scored 27 points, 3 rebounds and 1 assist. An equivalent of the Lakers scored. Even Van Gundy could not stand up, puzzled and said: "Brown did not know how to think, is still insisting on defense, this is simply just want to get 100 points YE Feng ah." "Magic" Johnson also said: "Ye If you keep the front handle, the Lakers do not double-teamed, I am afraid not only 100 points, which is really terrible performances. Lakers offensive tactics are nothing, that is Kobe Bryant's singles, and today he feel good, the first section 15 points, but go so Biao Lakers bound to lose. "Section Clippers put Hinrich, Roy, Thornton, Yi Jianlian, Marc Gasol. Lakers put McRoberts Troy Murphy, Metta World Peace, Meeks, Blake. It looks like the Lakers bench is not bad, but the fight is a tragedy, this way, people are more puzzling situation. Metta World Peace in the second lineup initiative to assume responsibility of the score, or the blacksmith of the task. 4 1 vote, will soon help the Clippers team opened the score ...... after playing half of Feng Ye also rude, continue to attack, the Lakers finally started double-teamed, outside Harrison, Thornton, Carrefour hit three three ball, YE Feng Chong also grabbed an offensive rebounds, tipped score. Points difference widened to 25 points. YE Feng II there were only seven points, but sent out four assists and grabbed three rebounds. Half got 34 points and 6 rebounds, 5 assists and one steal, once again approaching three pairs. Clippers 74 more than 51 leading 23 points. Intermission, two narrator talking about Paul and Bynum, the two appearances on behalf of Denver and 76 people have played a beautiful data, the Lakers has become the de xìng. Van Gundy said: "Kobe Bryant said that this season will increase pass, and teammates running, do go early? And Bynum, Paul not better now running strong lineup? Previous Randolph, Conley is not bad this season, I think Lakers should put into the playoffs as objective. Nuggets Rockets rise circumstances, I think they want to get into the playoffs is not easy. "" Magic "then I do not know how, then, as the Lakers legend, he is unwilling say too much bad things about the Lakers, but in his heart, but also that the Lakers really sucks, like it takes time to rise again, nearly 10 years are difficult to drown out the Clippers. Bryant's xìng lattice him very well, if you have been winning, better said. If you lose, Bryant will be impatient, will be unhappy, and led the team with irritable discontent, the formation of evil xìng cycle. The Clippers, as long as the core players are still YE Feng This is a strong team. YE Feng before Johnson can pick out the problems, and now he almost could not pick up any problems. Start the second half, the Clippers will come to the bench, Gasol brothers there, storm inside, outside is Barnes, Lamb, Hinrich. Faced with such a good opportunity to chase points, the Lakers did not actually an advantage, in addition to other than Kobe Bryant, the Lakers other players hit rate is very low. Hill, Mike Roberts, Jamison also not guard Gasol brothers low storm. Gasol is underrated big star, it is clear the Lakers. But Gasol was only the Lakers bench, near the edge, now also played well for the Lakers some unacceptable. Until the third quarter last three minutes, the lake under the leadership talent in the Kobe Bryant hit a wave of 10 to 0 offensive high cháo, will be sent out to 12 points, let the game again has some of the suspense. Of course, this suspense is not reversed Lakers win, but to play a few minutes YE Feng play again, and finally etc., how. Many fans are shouting the name of Ye Feng, YE Feng hurry hopes on it, the Lakers let them intended. If YE Feng half had been sitting on the bench, the game is boring. Results Section YE Feng played six minutes, easy to pack up Jamison and Hill composed Lakers inside. Iguodala's defense a little better, but the Clippers a pick and roll, you can let YE Feng formation of dislocation. Final 117 than 93, the Clippers victory! <

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