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> When riding stadium Dwight Howard's heart is very complicated his move first goal is intentional and Clippers YE Feng has also teamed up but because of his team's interference transaction failed (). wWw. QUAnBEn. cOM heard that the Clippers do not want to send Carrefour Howard scoffed he felt himself the Clippers did not look much better than Carrefour. But this season, Carrefour of n-thirds vote in the league in rebounding he scored the Clippers do not want to deal began to understand the reasons for Carrefour. Carrefour teamed Paul Gasol Clippers also very tough inside he felt the pressure. . To the Nets every night before going to sleep after lying in bed yy Howard must own the Clippers beat in the finals to win the scenario. The advantage is that if the Nets win he would be the team's championship lead people will say that he brought the Nets better than a supporting role in the Clippers and YE Feng, he hopes to be on the same height. Worldwide more than 200 television stations broadcast live on the game's odds of winning the Nets most people's minds than the Clippers think they Yipin. Nets popularity has exceeded the Miami Heat last year,Nike Air Jordan, there are people regretted losing the finals this year they completely become a joke to introduce big players do not pay attention bench while a typical failure. But against the Nets basketball team has been recognized by the people. tn * t radio commentary is very optimistic about the Clippers Barkley said before the game the Clippers a lot of good things. espn "Magic" Johnson is also possible that the Nets win two reasons First, Howard is the league's best center two is also the All-Star guard in addition to Wal-shot. Almost all aspects better than Curry,Oakley Radar Online, Tony Allen. Johnson felt Tony Allen's defensive ability has been overestimated his defensive attitude is very good, but undeniably obvious defects tall swingman on the body can be restricted ordinary. For tall or will suffer. He can only rely on each other to prevent the kind of defensive way to defend the ball very hard to ensure continuous physical exertion xìng the Clippers he averaged only 21 minutes playing time will not be the weaknesses exposed. Farm to see the Clippers lineup "Little General" Avery Johnson realized that the Clippers is to strengthen the horse attack (). As a result of the deployment had to be changed before the game if the third pitcher easily teamed YE Feng venting afraid to pay a heavy price. He told the players a few words. Nets also played Howard, Humphries,Classic Coach, Butler, Trevor Ariza, Walter. Clippers sent Paul Gasol, Carrefour, Wright, YE Feng, Curry. Wright off the bench all season to get into the playoffs after not much playing time a bit surprised now suddenly be arranged. Also very excited. He can replace Hill, Barnes became only the third ball because he Marketer stunt height 206cm height advantage there. Thibodeau told him to have the opportunity to sell must resolutely but also to ensure the hit rate. Thibodeau arranged Wright and Curry points out two bottom corners. Two inside the two 60 and 45 degrees will be able to move so that the presence of the formation of dislocation. Nets' defense to break compressed so they dare not defend the penalty area line. Howard and YE Feng prodded. Asked: "Today, Smith and Tony Allen how not? You do not intend to defend the?" Ye Feng smiled and said: "Yes ah I'll main you have to do to prepare my heart will not polite." "Me, too. "Howard Road. His heart pounding a few Feng Ye main defensive barrier as the low pressure on him last one is not small. We also understand that the Clippers explain the main intent of this game is also worth seeing the fans love to watch Star Biao points just made partner YE Feng sent pitcher can play amazing power. Howard jump start of the race easily won big Gasol awarded the ball over half Wal Wal quick dribble Howard ran out of the periphery of the low 亨弗里斯拉 prepare cover. Humphries has not come on suddenly step start Wal change to break it. His speed is the fastest in the league, one of a few little slower Curry was too lost. Curry defense very hard, but hard and can guard are two different things. If Smith may immediately but today is up against Butler ran along Wright did not realize that Wal-break reached the inside wall up against the wall to attract large Gasol defensive Howard basket ball after violent hands Buckle score ()! 0 to 2. The main point of attack is the Nets Wall and Howard Butler and Trevor Ariza general attack against a good breakthrough is success. The next round of the Clippers need to change defensive strategy. Clippers Clippers offensive Curry dribble offensive players are YE Feng opened by large Gasol ball screens throw off Butler. Curry passed the ball to the right 45 degrees YE Feng He bypassed the cover to chase the ball against Butler. Clippers' lineup has changed tactics to adjust the Nets can not be easily teamed. Howard Butler Gasol with the big main anti Feng Ye. Butler eager to get the championship he played all the games than before are fierce close combat Curry chose pass the ball a little too slow Feng Ye can not immediately get rid of the ball and this position is also too far away from the restricted area. Butler's strong body is not so easy squeeze open. No good chance YE Feng Shan hand ball towards Curry hit a sign. Three years, any tactic they can be used for a signal to indicate if the new line-up takes a long time to learn to adapt to these secret codes that is not easy to change the lineup because naturally there will be a long time with understanding. Curry ran towards the direction YE Feng YE Feng Shan hand ball saw the opportunity to move simultaneously passed Curry Curry stood blocking the ball to the inside wall breakthrough. Butler quickly rotations Curry what level players are also very clear that the Nets can not relax. He also averaged 15 + Gasol came easy this year's state Dayong Curry Carrefour reduced playing time and shots in case the data is still 13.8 points 2.6 rebounds and 4.3 assists. YE Feng, a block that is split in the library just ran toward the inside behind such moves seem strange not empty when pulled. But Feng Ye do not need to rely on long into the air when the basket on the line. Curry attracted Backdoor after defense did not shoot the ball jump was divided back Feng Ye. Wall physique is impossible to stop the ball YE Feng. Butler turned around and then anti-Feng Ye. YE Feng foot restricted line when the ball has turned to jump towards the middle sat two fake air escape cover (). Butler's endurance capacity can not and he began to have fallen compared to YE Feng Feng Ye still in the air right hand dropped the ball with one hand! 2 to 2. The ball looks very reluctantly cast YE Feng fact is very confident. Lucy Butler after landing heart jump a beat. He has been very hard to Feng Ye still have a way to the ball into too strong. He can only make every effort to play defense if YE Feng always so. He was about 80% off the hook. Wal-up ball YE Feng Nets offensive punch teammates shouted: "Dorell with Alizhakai defense against Butler 32." Teammates understand what he meant. Carrefour to go outside with 巴特勒赖特 and Trevor Ariza on the bit into the inside of the Feng Ye defensive end against the Humphries became the 4th place. Such Humphries to peripheral cover. Wal-break YE Feng a timely rotations. Do not let the opponent easily breakthrough success. Wal-Mart hit a pick and roll was not able to shake out the air when. Rely on speed YE Feng failed to throw off the ball was divided out Humphries Butler then pass the ball. Butler singles Carrefour has undergone several injured after he speeds slower than before Carrefour is quick to show their side is not easily go past year, Butler has become the main means of attacking his crotch dribble jumper made two fake jump shot Carrefour stop interfering in place the ball way off. YE Feng release jammed Howard Walter responsible for helping large Gasol scored easily after YE Feng rebounds. Nets back on defense faster rate than the Thunder YE Feng cover your basketball ran back to the collusion of the library. In Wall's defense Curry ball slowly transported across the top of the arc at halftime this YE Feng to the players kicked the ball into the corners and Feng Ye formed a circle round offensive than this triangle offense easier to manufacture singles opportunities. Butler's pressure again. YE Feng moved slowly dribble the ball right near Butler crossovers when suddenly handed a first step to break his left hand from the left at an alarming rate. Butler rushed small Scattered retreat Feng Ye Qing Huang left shoulder and gently pull back the change to go to the right looks like Butler hurried step forward a small step but there is no fake YE Feng ball from the left towards the left hand a big breakthrough in the (). Shifting extraordinary! As long as the rational use of technology can also play no fancy effects. He hands the ball after a major step toward the basket nba new rules acceleration from a standstill to a step by step so that the ball can be more of this type of player YE Feng more powerful as long as you can to get rid of immediately rushed strode basket. Howard returned to the basket up against the Clippers two players are in the corner immediately to a very large empty when. YE Feng quickly passed the ball with both hands Dorell. 赖特阿里扎 open up against the distance is too large Gasol Wright ready to fully catch and shoot. Ariza did not cover this in mind left corner three hollow network! 5 to 2. YE Feng back on defense after any connection with Humphries when his position is on the 4th digit Carrefour stare Butler This is not a difficult task to let him go pick and roll defense wall is too hard on the bit. Howard also noted that this issue Nets pulled the cover blocking the peripheral wall Wall dribble from the left for a big breakthrough Gasol. Gasol is not anti-big outburst vote as long as Wal-cast basket How many times does the Clippers can accept him venting chose Wal Wal half step off the dribble large Gasol immediately preceding goaltending cast biased. YE Feng rate advanced to the basket stuck after Humphries grabbed rebounds. Although Humphries height advantage, but do not come out to play. YE Feng's rebounding effort and did not put him in the first season, but people often rebounds double sè strong physique of a card is the 4th bit to master if he could become a rebounding machine. Today this defensive strategy YE Feng easily double the number of rebounds Carrefour with out him more opportunity to grab rebounds after. Clippers off the ground offensive YE Feng and other music Fula out looking for a no-ball screens at the top of the arc and the ball pass the ball very timely worried Curry YE Feng direct takeover of threes Humphries. Yue Feng Ye Fula open air when a 60 degree angle from the right side into the three-point line on the side with Butler Humphries dared to go up against the release Carrefour and then into a third if the Clippers would pull big points difference Humphries and YE Feng, YE Feng singled against his distance from the ball to the lower left hand left handed crossovers taken a big step towards the middle right knee bent lift a look at his body back ...... assumed the "Golden Rooster dúlì" posture Humphries rushed pediment jump cover jumping in the air but found Feng Ye This is the real "Golden Rooster dúlì" movement sprang up as a central axis of the left foot feet did not jump set in place this is no longer realistic to realistic fake (). YE Feng jump forward right foot landing hit Humphries. Humphries did not let YE Feng hard foul ball foul is successfully cast out but did not run it. YE Feng get free throws throws. 7 to 2. Buckley praise: "too beautiful! YE Feng fouls becoming more sophisticated technology just did not estimate the Feint few people will not eat if they do not shake him to cover homeopathy can get an easy shot shots I want He certainly practiced this trick this particular action is not what people can fake the need to do a good sense of balance if the move is left walking. "Kenny Smith said:" Ye Feng said he has practiced for nearly This action yoga five years for him is very easy. "will combine yoga and basketball YE Feng also like to thank not add Rilla Wilde the master. Wall Nets offensive lob pass to the right of the latter Ariza lows Howard Warcraft big Gasol ball back singles to the bottom line in the restricted line shaking hands playing cricket turned into one. 7 to 4. YE Feng Clippers attack after shaking hands pulled wide of the high dry he could not guarantee every goal. Then the two sides are beginning blacksmith Wal-break basket not in force. Carrefour dislocation missed the vote Nets fast rotations does not appear particularly evident in the arc of the air when Butler crazy entanglement Feng Ye also played a role so that he can easily break into the low. After attacking the wrong times Nets almost used up 24 seconds pass did not find a good opportunity to catch the right singles Butler Carrefour step inside the three-point line into the emergency stop jumper missed Feng Ye scored again after offensive rebounds. Game started not long YE Feng had already grabbed four rebounds and today he's moving in three pairs of data to go. <

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