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The next two years and antworten

> D'Antoni directed at the referee on the sidelines shouting eat a technical foul, Bryant free throws, 46 more than 38 leading by eight. WWw! QUAnBen! Com D'Antoni anxious, he thought the referee should YE Feng penalty. But the referee did not dare to do so, unless that uppercut hit not just basketball, is 斯塔达玛尔 chin. If the penalty YE Feng, the audience fans will agree, broadcast ratings will be reduced. Many rookie first season for playing time do struggle. If the watch can play xìng very strong, do not worry about it a little. YE Feng just as Vince Carter, the cheers of the fans let him stay on the floor. Sun for several seasons are favorites to win, will not be easily crushed. Trey Nash quickly with a stable living morale. Then he began to play with and Stoudemire's power. YE Feng gotten through to the MVP of power. He went up against Steve Nash, Nash can keep up with breakthrough interference Nash shot, but not guard Steve Nash's pass. Often he did not react, the ball is in the hands of Steve Nash in running away from the hands. Nash might be behind the ball high into the sky could throw, it may bounce pass, or just to send gently around the sun player to complete the empty cut. YE Feng is no way to determine Nash's passing lanes difficult. This is a god-like man. Nash's body is thin, but he is there a way to leading the game. His defense is poor, the disadvantage obvious, people have not asked him to do more. This league, no one is perfect, just like O'Neal will not throw, if Nash is a comprehensive means of attack, but also good at defending muscle hunk, that others do not mix. Lakers 60 to 54 lead six minutes ended the first half, YE Feng single scored 12 points and 5 rebounds 1 assists and 2 blocks, the performance is extremely eye-catching. Meyer Wales in the evaluation of the game, said: "Bryant this year until finally helper, not by trade, nor is it summer zìyóu market, was actually a former football player." Sunderland said: "Feng Ye is born basketball player, before he was chosen the wrong profession, I think God is to hack it a lightning woke him before the start of the race was interviewed Bynum Bynum said YE Feng in the preseason really does not cast, who does not score, the defense is also easy to eat Akira, can not control fouls. just two months, he has made remarkable progress, I want to be him in the preseason to show this level, the Lakers must and his salary will not sign the contract. "Meyer Wales looked half the player data, said:" Kobe II only two shots, it's not that we are familiar with Kobe Bryant, he had the initiative to mate two consecutive creating opportunities for the Warriors is to help Bynum, playing is YE Feng, perhaps it means that he played in the corner sè is changing. "Sunderland exclaimed:" Feng Ye can really score, these games are very stable the last three games, he averaged 25 points and seven rebounds, but if he can maintain this level, the Lakers after the season that he wanted to renew can be difficult. "third quarter, Jackson let YE Feng remain in the field, arranging Bryant ball tactics are responsible for attack, if attracted a double team on the ball. After the start of the game, the Lakers playing positional warfare, the slow rhythm control. And the sun playing with a taboo that must not play fast. Too soon the sun will fall into the rhythm of the game on the bad beat. Varsity trench warfare with the sun, they will spend a little bit, but also more easily and quickly back on defense, to ensure defense system. Bell to continue with the anti-Kobe Bryant's status is very good today, did not rely on the pick and roll, according to the Bell to go to the inside, shooting accuracy the second half first ball. 62 than 54. If Bryant find touch, want to prevent the next he was very difficult. He can ignore the defense in front of someone shines into not mistaken, was 40 points as cut melon vegetable. Today, Bryant finally broke out. After successful defense under the sun after the first attack, he received a pass Fisher, a step beyond the arc in the arc suddenly pull-up jumper. 65 than 54. Sun by a Stoudemire answered with a ball, you can then Kobe Bryant scored again, or Bell's defensive perimeter facing the pull-third, the timing of his several attacks are not reasonable,Coach Online Outlet, but it is progress, people have no way . 68 than 56. This section became Bryant's performance time, he has repeatedly ravaged Bell with a jumper, if Bell Marion came up against out of position, he would pass the ball to low Feng Ye. YE Feng received a lot of easy scoring opportunities, all grasp. As long as the ball is smooth, his low shot is difficult to prevent. Suns Today's attack is not smooth, YE Feng anti Marion was uncomfortable, frequent shooting blacksmith. An empty cut in the third quarter layup, YE Feng has been the cover. YE Feng deterrent in the basket began to appear, the harder his opponent the more soft, Marion immediate concern to the basket did not dare try to dunk. Sun's bench also collective misfiring. Dior audience is almost sleepwalking state, Barbosa feel too bad, he is a ventilation-type player, a good state when the team scored 30 points and help the bad state of the opponent's post player scored 20 rebounds . Sun by Nash and Stoudemire could not attack struggled to recover the score into the fourth quarter, the Lakers was leading 21 points. Ahead of the game into garbage time, the final four minutes, both sides have replaced the main, Lakers 118 more than 104 successfully won the game. Nash played 38 minutes, scored 21 points, 13 assists, Stoudemire has 25 points and eight rebounds. Marion played disorders, 13 from 4, 2, 1 free throw, had nine points and 10 rebounds. Lakers Kobe Bryant is the best performance, the audience 14-20, Trey 4 2 6 5 free throws, scored 35 points, 5 rebounds and 9 assists, YE Feng scored 24 points and 8 rebounds, 2 assists and 3 blocked shots, Austria Dome also has 16 points, seven rebounds, Andrew Bynum had 13 points and 11 rebounds. Four consecutive games to play sè, YE Feng further consolidate his media darling status in the locker room after the game he accepted an interview with reporters. Answer the question or in the past that set, about feelings, evaluation game, scoring on his own play and so on. Only a reporter's question more innovative. He asked was: "Lakers this season's salary over the salary cap, the luxury tax is triggered on the edge of the end of the season, you will become a limiting zìyóu player can not be paid if the Lakers and you renew, do you can accept the midlevel exception left in the Lakers do? Los Angeles, I think this is all fans of concern. "Ye Feng smiled and said:" I have to do now is to win every game, as to renew or to leave, the broker will help me think. "obvious to all Lakers salaries risks. NBA regulations, the Union for 48% of total revenue was "salary cap," 55% of total revenue is triggering the luxury tax line. Figuratively speaking, there is a season of "salary cap" is $ 35.5 million, the luxury tax is $ 40,670,000. If the team is to ignore its existence and cross it, will suffer severe punishment. One punishment that money is not returned to the custody of the players, and (according to labor agreement, NBA players every year to 8% of salary into an escrow fund to ensure that income does not exceed the players union agreement for 57% of total revenue .) is penalized two teams in the top 55% of every dollar spent, but also to pay a dollar luxury tax. If the team is more than ten million U.S. dollars, it would also have to pay ten million U.S. dollars of tax money. It made two free throws in parallel, very powerful. If you exceed limits, not only the boss to spend more money, it will affect the team's unity and stability hearts. This season's salary cap is $ 55.63 million, the luxury tax threshold is $ 67,865,000. This season, the Lakers payroll has reached 67.63 million U.S. dollars, just to avoid the luxury tax. Lakers salary tension caused by the culprit is Kwame Brown, in 2005, the Lakers signed a three-year $ 22,680,000 Kwame Brown, this is a disaster xìng signing, by contrast, La Mano Abramovich, Wharton are nothing of the contract. Searched the entire solar system, still believe Kwame Brown can lay the basketball only three individuals: Brown's parents, Mitch Kupchak. The first two people can not give him $ 20 million, but after a can, and Kupchak people in the capital for fear of being snatched this honor, acute non Chennai to send Caron Butler and Atkins, the relationship between wages Brown Go to Los Angeles. The next two years and a half,OP Art Coach Cheap, Brown gave the Lakers fans endless pain, this pain comes from You know he will not play basketball, but had to pay to see him play basketball, and then by his ridiculous show anger mad. But Brown is not unhelpful in the Lakers, at least he has created not into the history of the NBA slam dunk and layup into space record for the most, for the dedication of a lot of funny videos youtube material, be worthy of basic annual salary of $ 8,000,000 per year. Salary is not difficult to infer from this end of the season, Vujacic, Bynum, YE Feng trio certainly has a will to leave. YE Feng together if you want to leave and Bynum, the Lakers up by five million trade exception to sign him. YE Feng only two choices, Chi Diankui renew the Lakers, or enter zìyóu market, as long as the other side to open the full midlevel or more large contracts, the Lakers have no ability to follow-up. This thing seems very contradictory, YE Feng play sè but affect his future contract. In fact, this account Lakers uniform group already clear enough, and YE Feng has also been aware of problems to be faced. NBA teams want to trade a player in front, usually give him some playing opportunities, facilitate their brush out beautiful data, increase transaction value. In the game against the Clippers, YE Feng had vaguely felt something was amiss, he was the host too fast,Jordan UK sale, too smooth, too. Today, facing the sun, Bryant feel good, after playing second still willing to give him the ball, which is more strange. If it is not ready to take him as a bargaining chip, it is trying to do his training as a future core? YE Feng understand that if he can get in exchange for Pau Gasol, the Lakers executives will never stingy. Change in the environment, so I do first, I can play as much as I please? I have got to find ways to continue to progress ah. YE Feng vowed in his heart to work harder. ; <

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