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get angry distal dislocation antworten

> Four hundred and seventeenth chapter halftime nba official forums a lot of people in the evaluation of this match comments (). User "joken" says: The Lakers have the league's best team, but twice sent a team to the true core of Gao Neil times should be considered if the Lakers do not know what time I want to bring Kobe Bryant to play and now he's still like a rookie. If you give the Wizards Nick Young, Bobcats Eric Gordon scored so many shots they may not be less than Kobe Bryant. Netizen "Bryant back kowtow" said: Congratulations clicking here Clipper II really put Paul Bryant Anti dead. Bynum only shot five times in the league can look anti-death two players only Kobe he was elected the best defensive season without a burst is very unfair. Netizen "Iron Man" relatively brief message he said: Kobe is the real Iron Man. "American sports" expert evaluation contest Picasso said: "Feng Ye have reversed the people's understanding of basketball a lot of people do not think before passing play cool crazy shots now not many people think so (). Team basketball victory personal heroism. Feng Ye can score, but chose to pass this very rare. "pseudo halftime Lakers coach Brown's tactical arrangements remain" Bryant - fight "certainly possible that this is true Lakers coach arrangements. The problem is that the Lakers this season,Nike Air Jordan 6 UK, the slow pace accustomed to half-court offense and defense are not good at using rapid counterattack score. Contrast "Jackson" at any time using the triangle offense although slow pace but relies tactical advantage inside scoring is not a problem to rely on a strong defensive advantage without worrying however Brown abandoned the triangle offense he had in Cleveland used instead of the "star Dangdie mother "tactical system Laker obviously not suited to this course can not blame the players themselves to their original intention of trading the team is to serve the triangle offense rather than Brown's lame tactics. No tricks no offensive defensive advantage. Smith III first attack on the break caused Bynum third foul Brown was forced to be replaced inside the Lakers suffered a break foul trouble can no longer resist the Clippers' attack. Lakers offensive or Paul with over half the ball to Kobe and then we watch together. Even the Clippers players are sensible to make room to watch Bryant singled Tony Allen. Arena basket blacksmith issue again crisp sound Gasol brothers Kuangqiang rebounds. This 比赛锡伯杜 let Gasol brothers to play more strongly Carrefour lot less playing time two brothers and a third did not finish YE Feng Feng Ye have got two pairs of assists over 10 again. It was a fantastic race third Bryant almost swept all the shots just as the Lakers beat the Raptors at the same time he was how different is this how a vote cast how how biased. This section Bryant opening 11 consecutive shots did not hit the last paragraph of Section II plus performance even hit 16 iron to create a personal career "brilliant" record. Prior to Bryant's record for the longest continuous blacksmith 13 two years later he still continues Bryant alliance active first iron God's "honor." With the game blacksmith Bryant's career total to 12,262 times this season will surpass Jordan nba history blacksmith himself then raise a total list (). Currently maintains a continuous shot is not a single game in the highest number of players is Tim Hardaway December 1991 9rì that game against Minnesota, but no one can be directly laid Hardaway transcendent "Iron God" status. That game from start to finish Hardaway 17 consecutive shots without a ball "accidentally" drill basket nba players and this is the highest single-game record of consecutive blacksmith. In one sense more cattle Hardaway Kobe is Kobe entire shot 17 times in less than one time almost more than him. When Bryant hit when cast as a Clippers assistant coach sitting there Hardaway Shuangshoubaotou shouting regret. "Heaven ah! Why can not you let him miss two do?" End of the third Clippers 95 than 61 leading 34 points. Bynum and Mike Roberts are toting four fouls Murphy fouls three times. Surely someone would think that Bynum is caused by premature four fouls the main reason behind the Lakers big score four fouls then Bynum who is causing it? The answer is obviously continuous blacksmith let Bynum Kobe grab rebounds How can people stand to smoothly every time a good position to rebound opportunity? Besides outside Bryant, Metta World Peace can not stop YE Feng, Smith Bynum foul on the inside of the impact will become inevitable. Speed ​​boat deliberately break even fourth foul committed by the Lakers two six games is also very likely. Bryant shot 11 three 33 beat was 22 iron his paranoid trend for the game can not shirk its responsibility despite scoring more than YE Feng, YE Feng but he had separation of the outcome of the contest. Some people say that the old Bryant perspective from which more experienced older players should be more to help the team knows how to play. Kobe is the older more can admit defeat admit defeat is a good thing perhaps he should play tennis but also men's singles. Basketball game can have many shots for players splurge? Several times against teams who will be shot forward to seize the opportunity to fight back. Kobe Bryant does not review their teammates shot opportunity but strange not guard counterattack. This season, even the fans dubbed "Bryant three nonstick grab the ball is thrown in the passing teammate assists count not cast into their own incompetence" (). Of course, this argument somewhat exaggerated but now the game Kobe only has eyes for the basket it is an indisputable fact that obviously teammates stand a good position, especially inside Bynum was not his passing. Bryant was double-teamed Clippers are reluctant to pass this person he is even more reluctant to single anti-pass. So far the Lakers are still looking for all levels of stability xìng, rhythm, confidence and energy. Lakers coach Mike Brown with the words still in "Search Mode" spake Brown himself blushing they have searched for a year. If there is something the Lakers are stable,Coach Kristin Clearance, then it is Kobe feel unstable. Brown did not know what the Lakers are looking forward to since the "Zen Master" retire they never again played over the beautiful internal and external integration. Previously Jackson before the start of each game will remind Bryant a thing "to paint ball." Brown reminded that it is now "Kobe you have unlimited right shot." Before the start of the season Brown has said publicly that Bryant's field to reduce the time to reduce the pressure on him being such a thing has been said in the season more than once Bryant's time is still high. So far this season, Bryant averaged 39.3 minutes played ranked third in the league. Section Bryant remain present performances. Paul touches on the bench for rest and was replaced by Steve Blake. Paul's role has been compared to Blake and Blake almost a third of even quasi few. Bynum also sitting there now completely rely on Bryant of the Lakers. Metta World Peace presence, but he remained depressed state of the game is the people were unprepared to now there were only two points. Clippers send a full lineup YE Feng and Gasol brothers, Smith and others were all present sitting under it. Lok Fu, Yi Jianlian partner inside Barnes, Thornton, Tony Allen is responsible periphery. Despite winner Tony Allen and Barnes prevent the implementation of the two but then Kobe does not give him any easy scoring opportunities. Thibodeau deliberately so arranged against the Los Angeles Lakers Clippers dominance even more firmly make money and now he is not just a coach, general manager needs to consider this matter. Thibodeau ambitious ** Abramovich he wants to be,Air Jordan Outlet, and even the kind of person in the Sloan Clippers for life (). Thornton and Carrefour provide offensive firepower for the Clippers. Carrefour general performance through three quarters, but began to get angry distal dislocation in the periphery consecutive attack hit two three-pointers. Thornton Bryant also play a bold first step by screening breakthrough singles shooting accuracy and later dumped hit Kobe break from the baseline. Clippers shot 10 to 0 score the shock wave will be widened to 44 points. Kobe Bryant out of anger began to storm. Tony Allen and Barnes when he had a double team changed the strategy of the first three quarters against a single person with a person defend blocks. Metta World Peace can not believe Bryant shot hit the rim will never pass again the rattle rattle sound. As a Lakers legend "Magic" Johnson explained the game was very depressed, but he has also been used to watching the Lakers lost to the Clippers is not bitter proportions. He said: "This season, the Lakers have to change them or at most is probably the first round of the playoffs the Lakers should change coach The team behind Brown did not make reasonable adjustments to the audience fall into the rhythm of the Clippers." Van Gundy said: "Maybe the change of the Lakers players not the coach but 10 years is not possible to consider trading Lakers Kobe Bryant of it? simply does not like what he did not look like a leader more veteran players, he and Feng Ye's the gap is too big. Feng Ye game only shot nine times hit six free throws to get the ball added 18 points of his style of play is more like a veteran of the game he is very reasonable also grabbed five rebounds and 11 assists. change angle think if I had Kebi Ken to Paul Gasol so, then he passes should also assists in eight to. "Johnson sighed and did not speak again. Kobe Bryant from the start of the season 2004-2005 has been a banner Lakers want to trade him is not an easy task. Nor was there a few league teams that can introduce him to mention his trade veto would certainly want to go there with a championship caliber teams. The league has the ability to compete on the Clippers only a few teams not much choice. Even the narrator thinks so certainly not going to put Kobe Bryant When Bass treasures it. <

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