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24.05.2013 05:27
you said that you wanted to have antworten

"Wow, handsome boy became a major general, which is imposing! Even I feel very light on the face, no, I want a better military!" Envy Liu Yinsha licked his lips, said to Chu Taihong: "Chu generals, still remember me? When you come to Guangzhou, a year ago, we feel what is happy, you said that you wanted to have me." "Uh...... You are the Phoenix fairies?" Chu Taihong lengleleng, it seriously looked at from Liu silver yarn, the next moment, he finally remembered who Liu Yinsha is, no wonder Liu silver yarn looks so familiar, she is the club's biggest female best ah guangzhou! Chu Taihong balls immediately to some dull pain, a year ago he in Guangzhou military region there to visit the old general, at night, at his instigation, nightclub to look for fun, when drunk unconscious to be long in coming, Liu silver yarn surprised, thought Liu silver yarn is ordinary Peijiu girl, while the strength of the wine down extravaganza, said to have Liu silver yarn, but her do things recklessly, but was soon in a dish of water to wake up, after all,Jordan 4 Sale, Liu silver yarn bigger, in the middle there have relations, not Chu Taihong can casually kneading. Chu Taihong scrambled to sneak out of the nightclub, on his way back to the hotel...... But out of the accident, the Hummer quality he rode it is excellent, but the good died unexpectedly brake failure, finally falling slope from the road, a Hummer rolling several times at the ramp, finally hit on a large stone. Just a little, you really have to crash, if not for the timely rescue comrades went to the slope, Chu Taihong's life to explain where,Air Jordan Take Flight Sale, but even so, Chu Taihong injury is not a light, lower body at the back, head, are bleeding, had the disease bed more than half a month, at that time, even a urine leakage of urine...... Later, Chu Taihong learned to listen to his comrades, Liu silver yarn is not touch a rose with thorns, she is Kfeu, any who have close contact with her man, will goose, her boyfriend, her husband had been dead grams, him Chu Taihong also is really earth year old ye,Jordan UK sale, live impatient, dare to openly said to have Liu silver yarn, this is not, he will have bad luck, just so a little step on Liu Yinsha's husband...... Chu Taihong does not believe evil, no matter how to comrades, he would break the superstition, in the day that he was leaving the hospital, he went to see Liu silver yarn, the night Liu Yinsha sexy charm to the explosion, Chu Taihong look foolish eye, hurriedly get up, drink side to apologize, Chu Taihong around the globe, what I didn't see, say words must be very agreeable woman loves, but haven't talked about a few words, Chu Taihong felt a shock, head all want smashed through the. Originally, light spin nightclub ceiling do not know what is wrong, even falling down, avoid leaning to either side, Chu Taihong was hit in the forehead, but for his skull hard enough, but soon will die. Chu Taihong head broken and bleeding, but he still brimming with pain, that I was fine, but the next moment, he was holding his stomach pain call up, look up into the liver, beans oozed from his forehead of sweat, in desperation, he only >

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