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> Three hundred and ninetieth chapters nba just entered the shut down period optimistic experts had expected both employers and employees can not afford to hurt anyone, after some bargaining nba new season can certainly proceed as scheduled but now it seems the latest progress in labor negotiations overdue round of negotiations to be dragged in September will begin the final outcome is not known (). Www! QUaNBEN! COM shut down so that basketball enthusiasts summer of 2011 some uninteresting. Owners and players have even met in the street to make a hole sè has been fined $ 1 million in danger. Potential transaction, lumpy's zìyóu player market and rough but passionate summer league are gone. Nba players are feeling really ambitious intolerable have eager to join the semi-professional league in the summer hold friends with the ball now contributes to Los Angeles' Drew League, "the popular (). A time mutually widely read American fans "want to see the players do? For Drew League," the rumors. Nba lockout media said not only did not let the summer league "loss" but fulfill them. Drew League in the end what is the game? Why has attracted so many players? June 1973 Earl Willis established Drew alliance. Created by the early league team players only six ingredients is not fixed. Submitted before the start of the summer league team registration lists before every game, but you can recommend new people to join the team only if he must pass an audit league gangsters, notorious street game even better players will not be allowed to enter the Union . Because this is a "pure" alliance. Although this league level is not high, but small and Willis did not take the vast majority of amateur league street route. Inside the dark side of the street where Willis could not find in the eyes of the market in South Los Angeles basketball as a medium to allow young men and women can learn the true meaning of life is the most important purpose of this alliance. Drew League in Willis seems to give us a correct idea of ​​life basketball concept even this concept does not improve the game but it will accompany you into the high school, college and the community. Willis created this alliance Dino Si Maili is able to grow this league a key figure. As a confidant of friends Si Maili Willis has been supporting the Willis and the alliance. 1985 Willis decided to give Si Maili alliance to operate. Also in that year began breaking Drew League team limit is reached 6 10 12 until today only "20 teams invited to participate in" scale. Si Maili for this league can say that the development has achieved a lot. 30 years ago, no one knew this obscure minor league and no one would have thought it would attract so many nba big players to play the game, but now all this is already the facts. This league is different from the general street basketball league become a communication and a healthy mindset platform. Now this goal has not changed. No matter how big people have to follow the rules to Drew nobody exception (). Drew is the so-called rules of equality and mutual respect. Here are swearing will not let hip-hop music although it is most essential goods even street alliance famous rapper thegame Si Maili entering the league has also been strictly monitored once he will be in the stadium excesses expelled. As strong as Feng Ye must also abide by the rules and not allow the game to become his personal stage. Despite the growing number of big-name players to join so that more and more famous Drew League also has a growing number of fans, but he still insists that 40 years ago created the principle of free competition is still open and free of charge from the fans of basic earnings voluntary contributions. Basketball and interests will be able to see people stripping the purest basketball league so Drew will never shut down. Today Drew League a lot of hot people feel the magic nba players are willing to participate in such an amateur league without any bonus is unprecedented in the history of the limelight long overshadowed Niuyueluoke Park. These final rì associating macho and basketball club lost the use of venues and equipment for summer training, physical exercise may have to find a new venue to consume their own excess secretion of hormones and taste too strong compared to the commercial exhibition here Basketball is undoubtedly the most pure and most make them feel happy most able to disperse the haze shut down yīn place. YE Feng 11rì media broke the news to accept the challenge Durant Durant Harden help Feng Ye win no small difficulty. This day the Nuggets veteran Andre Miller and YE Feng immediately expressed their willingness to team up. Miller's contract for next season will expire young to play street ball he was a normal 35-year-old veteran went to Los Angeles to inevitably reverie is likely to show a good contract expires after next season, the Clippers want to move. YE Feng also join one of the nba players there before being traded to the Cleveland Javier. McKee. Mackey had left because news broke and Feng Ye and now they are not high-profile joint rumors proved unfounded. There retired players, "cat" Mobley he has been living in Los Angeles feel really ambitious to participate in the Drew League has played a style still got 37 points (). Now he did not want to make up for the nba and YE Feng teamed regret. Media speculation began to reap the wind Bryant YE Feng's team, Ross,Oakley Polarized Online, DeRozan, Walter is also prepared to participate in such a group of players in this game is to get the two gathers it became an all-star game showdown. Jennings Bryant also want to challenge the team he joined YE Feng said in an interview wearing a read, "Nobody likes a snake" t-shirt open provocation snake refers Bryant. Hot game also let Drew League found his opportunities Smalley now actively looking for a big arena began to take over the game in order to accommodate the growing number of fans want to see the players play. TV will be broadcast live on the game this summer espn idle several local television stations are interested in broadcast Drew League game. Smalley has repeatedly said that it is not for profit but too many players want more people to see. Smalley also "build on the progress," and another one amateur league Goodman League in Washington this weekend to organize a similar nba all-star game of the match. But obviously accounted for Drew League against the wind if the two sides could turn into a massacre Drew has been determined to include participating YE Feng, Durant, Miller,Cheap Oakley Fast Jacket, Kobe Bryant, Jennings, DeRozan, McKee, Harden, Nick Young, a group of big names such as Wal-Mart. The Goodman League invites players include Michael Beasley, Tyreke. Ace, Thailand. Lawson, DeMarcus. Cousins,Nike Jordan Spizike UK, Gary Neal, Donte Greene, Sam Yang and Josh. Selby et al. That game plan carried out in August 20rì tickets already in the net selling standing tickets for the stadium to watch the game on the sidelines of $ 25 will require $ 60 seated. August 13rì team finished the game both sides espn live "Magic" Johnson and Jeff Van Gundy explained. Battle of the locations from the dowdy Charles Drew High School Basketball Hall moved to the ucla university arena. Arena was packed. If you want to watch will have to honestly stand on the sidelines and is likely to have stood in front of a full step back to folks. This is not no luxury Staples Center and complete supporting facilities the only attractive only basketball (). This day belongs to Drew League home game of "liar two teams" on the usual team roster to ensure fans knew no one. But today is clearly different players played when everyone scared out of his chin and then send a strong representation cheers of excitement mixed with several more swearing. Many came from the field watching the people feel that the value of! YE Feng at the forefront of fans towards the sidelines waving his teammates, including the Raptors power forward Ed Davis, the deduction will be DeRozan, knight center Javier. McKee striker Craig Smith, Minnesota Shinco place show Derrick Williams Rockets Terrence Williams, Bucks guard Brandon Jennings, "cat" Mobley, Nuggets Andre Miller, Wizards Nick Young and Clippers 60 Rookie Isiah Thomas. "Liar two teams' opponents is a famous American rapper Tyler formed called" goham "team. Taylor joined immediately after using their good reputation and popularity in the nba nba attracted a large number of players to join. goham team since the All-Star lineup Minato. Joey Dorsey, Joe Smith, charity World Peace (Ron Artest), Wesley Johnson, Shannon Brown, Austin. Daye, John Wall, Thunder less Durant, Rose Harden. There Lakers' Kobe Bryant is not the only team in this nba star only Taylor. Artest was renamed. One could say, "I hate Artest" But they can not say "I hate charity world peace." From this point think this is really a good name. goham players played when fans in the audience is like an electric shock as they knew it would be against the star of so many people thought the arrival of all-star players and goham more. Just look at the list of appearances will find that this is not an amateur but a real deal nba league contest scoring, mvp all came. And LeBron James has also joined the league at the weekend in Washington Goodwin played two league jīng England match will be played. Every corner of the stadium to be filled. The organizers had to put off the final goal and inform the fans are not allowed to go away and then come in the arena. The arrival of many nba players Drew League Star overflowing extravagance. Drew a spectacular all-star game is about to play! <

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