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24.05.2013 05:21
he really want to sleep together antworten

After the meal, about good meet the factory up to Sogang University tomorrow,Nike Air Jordan 8, and then Chu Xiang and they file out,Air Jordan SC 1 UK, everyone ran back home. Looking at Chu Xiang, blue moon go figure, Li Jiayu do not want to know this guy Chu Xiang is certainly run to Lan Xiaoyue home to go to bed, just do not know whether the couple will sleep together, the dragon of the prostitution, Chu Xiang has a long pedigree, must be a * * goods, he really want to sleep together with the blue moon, will use his thirty or forty cm high stick blue moon into blood, also don't know the blue moon will not be Chuxiang stabbed to death, even if she is afraid very difficult deformation division, or to cancel the Chuxiang size, more terrible is Chu Xiang's amazing endurance and physical strength, this guy's a hair, at least to dry for seven or eight hours now, if an ordinary woman, must be dry dead alive...... "Hey...... Sun Yat Sen villa said she wanted to talk to me tonight, but now also didn't see her figure, I'm afraid she will put me to the plane, Chuxiang said she followed her husband to return to her home, also don't know how she is now with her husband, a good relationship......" Li Jiayu was a little worried, don't look at him the battlefield, often harvest, in fact he is still at Xiao, Xiao fine heart very erratic, subtle, no man can set in prison she, let Li Jiayu again how love Xiao Sun Yat Sen villa may only touch wall and back, but did not dare to she is strong...... The thought of Xiao Sun Yat Sen villa's husband, Li Jiayu full stomach uncomfortable, life Xiao Wanqing is the spirit, and the Sogang University team lost, and later went to Guangzhou, and then settled down in there, never never Nanning, so, she told her husband have never met, perhaps her husband old in the died in a corner. But this one is different, Xiao Sun Yat Sen villa with Li Jiayu to the Nanning, she will face his former husband, even if she doesn't love her husband, but also to be together with him, after all five or six years is not a short duration of time of the marriage and love, can be lost. "Well, there is nothing to worry about, Chan and queen as in Sun Yat Sen villa beside, she help me look at the villa, but also do not have to worry about that man will make a bad thing......" Li Jiayu thought was not wrong, at the moment of the Xiao Wanqing home, the pink room -- "Sun Yat Sen villa, we between husband and wife, even half a year did not get along......" Jiang Minghui eyes stare at his wife, she is buried in the winter clothes, wear cotton-padded jacket, dress, all from the cupboard and turned out, while Jiang Minghui behind wife watched the slim and sexy body, and the skirt with white legs, and buttocks plump, he felt his face hot, can't help swallowed spittle, the body seems to have an evil fire in ascension. His wife, more beautiful than ever, beautiful and delicate, beautiful be struck with fright, just like the moon goddess...... Feel Jiang Minghui's blazing eyes, Xiao Sun Yat Sen villa face quietly back, coldly looking at her husband, said: "half a year? Should not be so long,Air Jordan UK, if I'm not mistaken, you outside and three unrelated woman, a nightclub girl, a >

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