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24.05.2013 05:16
no chance with their Ji ā o hand antworten

The legendary weapons, even if is the last stage is also very sought-after good baby, the legendary master has a handle using the legendary class weapons, fighting talk can also enhance the half lethal, thus greatly increased, but the legendary class weapons on human camp is extremely rare, the whole China is only twenty or thirty handle it, even if it is the staff as strong as Li Jia y ù dark Summoner that no legend level. M í group 4 * 8 0 six 5 not his weak, but because the legendary weapons mostly is the sword that melee weapons,Nike Jordan 9 Sale, the staff, it is phoenix m á o unicorn horns, staves and dark x ì ng in China does not have the strong, deep, foreign Royal hands there is a lot of, but Li Jia y ù no chance with their Ji ā o hand. Xiao Wanqing had method wing light wand, by virtue of this legendary wand, Xiao Sun Yat Sen villa to become south province of Saint, Himura Ying Jun is the "snow Sakura", a giant of the rumors, is back from the abyss circles a body hand, England the angel Ai Wei is "blood s è rose",Jordan 13 Sale, these two bullwhip very nimble, may be long or short, lethality amazing, is the symbol of Western Europe inheritance. As for the destiny's child, Yang An is not well, good luck is amazing, hand inside "Tianyuan inverse blade sword" and "Dragon Knight" Declaration of the attack force, strong guards, who is wearing a "fate God Kai," defense force is no solution, three legendary equipment, enough to make him against the legendary level abyss royal. Yang Ankua is a legendary level female X ì ng dragon, the day can carry he circled, the evening to ride upon Yang An tactfully as y í n, sometimes also can help him a one-two punch the enemy, so have many legendary power Yang, known as the Chinese second master is not l à ng cattle. Each handle of legendary weapons, is seizes the creation of treasure. With the independent consciousness, can independent growth. Independent communication world law. With unbelievable power, but is such a legendary weapon, it will appear in a few NV's hands, this is enough to let the Nanning officers terrified! Inheritance of latter-day. Most are two or so, occasionally some good luck to reach level three. Four those who is the chosen one, fifty million people only a, natural not to go. So I want to say. The main force at the present stage, but also the level two, level three, the legendary weapons grade six, in many master eyes it is the existence of God, just let them Tu its soft to prostrate oneself in worship! The officers puzzle, even want to break the head, they also do not understand. Why at this stage will debut legendary weapons, this kind of thing is not human can make out. Want to have, or is the destiny give gifts, or you must back from the abyss circles Royal, Royal hands! Ran Hongxia is not four strength, a look is not chosen top NV, so words, the answer is self-evident, her legendary weapons must be back from the abyss of Royal circles hand inside, oh,Nike Jordan New School Sale, how could this be, abyss circles royalty all fierce Weigai world, >

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