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24.05.2013 05:10
but she had no trace of effort antworten

The 317th chapter in Platycodon grandiflorum was the good vision, Yanzisu shame, want to put behind the Li Jiayu away, but she had no trace of effort, soft Jiaoruan, where also pushed open? "Yo,Nike Jordan 6 Sale, Platycodon grandiflorum, good evening......" Li Jiayu is some to embarrassedly smile, crafty, at this moment he distress to the pole, but he can say what, LiQuCiQiong, suppressed along while just hold out of such a "good evening". "To, sorry...... I was abruptly, disturb your good, I, I go outside......" Platycodon grandiflorum also embarrassed ear a burst of burn and scald, conscience, she is just a little, my sixteen years old witch, very little of that knowledge, even the occasional and Li Jiayu playing kissy-poo didn't dare to let him half a step, make so, offbeat make this can increase interest between husband and wife in the given Platycodon root great visual impact, make her be confound at. If someone else doing it that way, it is nothing...... The problem is, the heroine, is a Platycodon grandiflorum like men, one is the big sister of Platycodon grandiflorum respect, the key is, this two people or uncle sister-in-law relationship, although Li Jiayu already told Platycodon grandiflorum, but see below, Platycodon grandiflorum was shocked, like when see st a centipede as the king of eyes wide...... "You go, don't mind me......" Words haven't say that finish, Platycodon grandiflorum was like a ghost chasing, quickly ran out,Air Jordan 6, leaving only Li Jiayu and Yanzisu blankly staring in the air cushion bed...... "Jiayu, you, you don't do bad things, go with Platycodon grandiflorum explain......" Yanzisu low sighed, looking back, eyes floating on a layer of dense fog, like going to cry. "There's an explanation...... She saw the truth......" Li Jiayu said some chagrin, finally have a chance with the hall sister-in-law Wushan * *, but the girl is be inopportune or inappropriate Platycodon run to disturb, now, was the perfect atmosphere are Platycodon grandiflorum messed up...... "That, that you hurriedly finished, finished, the hall sister-in-law to explain things to her, she just seems to be very disappointed......" Yanzisu biting her pink lips, some chagrin whispered. "Well, that sort of thing is not to be accomplished......" "You get a move on, you can only insist on for ten minutes......" Yan Zisu is aware of Li Jiayu's ability, after all, the Linchuan times, Li Jiayu is such, although Yan Zisu did not completely satisfied, but psychological pleasure is greater than all. "Okay, I will as soon as possible......" Li Jiayu is somewhat reluctantly agreed to a sound, he was ashamed of his own fate, a fighting force, but in love but was rebuffed, even the bed are provoking ridicule, even the hall sister-in-law are unable to meet, this lets him too much to handle...... Li Jiayu continues to infringe upon the church's small flowers, gradually, the hall sister-in-law mildly muffled up more and more gentle, hair dancing, Yan Zisu's face was full of colour, not how long, she gave high sobs, weak, could not the slightest effort. However, Li Jiayu has not let it fail, still full of vigor and vitality...... "Jiayu,Coach Kristin Clearance, have almost twenty minutes."

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