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24.05.2013 05:03
juice and blood and bones antworten

The 296th chapter of sudden, in fact, Xiao Sun Yat Sen villa to be too simple, don't look at the entire water y ī n Jiao insect weighs thirty thousand or forty thousand jin, but the water bug liquid in the body too much, mostly concentrated juice and blood and bones, and many die, it is soft and pliable insect skin for an inch thick, visceral is more death, so the last section to insect R ò u only ten thousand pounds over. But even if only ten thousand pounds more than sufficient, the worms R ò u absolute enough Sogang University five or six days of consumption, but the fact is not so good, because the water y ī n Jiao insect insect R ò u, contains too much moisture and colloid, so can't make R ò u dry, very easy on rotten metamorphism, even with ice to freeze would be of no avail. In desperation, Xiao Sun Yat Sen villa had a small part of R ò u to the school, she is willing to help others at one's own expense is not, but R ò u too much and not fresh, even if the bug R ò u completely at Sogang University also could not finish in three or four days, only to watch the insects R ò u completely to go bad. "Y ù, we can capture the water every day y ī n worms to eat ah? You think, water y ī n worm 10 meters long, tens of thousands of pounds of R ò u, one is enough for our university days food, Hei hei,Oakley Sunglasses M FRAME Cheap, river water y ī n bug so much, just catch a dozen, the escape team are not hungry!" Ran Hongxia said excitedly. "Keep dreaming, water y ī n worms and water y ī n Jiao insect is two kinds of biological, water y ī n Jiao insect is paralysis x ì ng toxin, can be used for cleaning out natural light...... But the water y ī n worms is erosion x ì ng, destruction of X ì ng toxin, can destroy the human immune system, inheritance might be little to eat a little, ordinary people have absolutely can not eat...... Purification of my sister and we couldn't clear water y ī n insect toxin......" Li Jia y ù stood up, call deep breath, sighed: "so, water y ī n worm can not become a fugitive team survival food...... As for the water y ī n Jiao insect, ha ha, I have already said, water y ī n Jiao insect evolution body water y ī n worm, at this stage in the river was very rare, we met the head is already luck luck...... God knows what we in the future can no longer be able to meet a water y ī n Jiao......" "Ah? That's too bad. I thought the water y ī n Jiao insect would be as many miles from other insects,oakley eyeglasses sale, did not think of it like a red beetles scarce...... Hey, red beetles also really, why only when the outbreak came, then kill our classmates killed more readily, but now we have enough strength to kill it and eat R ò u, it hid in the insect world does not come out......" Ran Hongxia angrily. "Don't tangle, edible insects cannot be demanded......" Li Jia y ù shrugged, pay no heed to the Ran Hongxia said: "I also t its ng complain about you, now, sit up and take notice of you,Madison Coach UK, you kill a head y ī n Jiao insect also amends, I will not pursue you betray friends for personal gain, and misappropriation of public food justice ch ū n fault, but >

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