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> Third Battle Finals moved to American Airlines Arena Miami home (). For the Clippers good news is that Miami fans lack passion poor reputation. While Miami home slogan was "incandescent" But in the regular season home atmosphere rarely appear when intense scene. Heat fans always like to be late game open play when not present. Their last moments in the game is still sitting in his chair watching the home team did not stand up to back cheer **. Some media analysts say the fans here just like the big scene. They simply can not afford the regular season hanging appetite only to the playoffs, finals when these fans will become more proactive for the Heat refueling. Results into the playoffs as the Heat to the Finals Fans mentality are still not changed much from the game before the start of this deserted scene outside the arena can be seen (). The Finals Heat lost the first two games at a disadvantage makes a lot of fans lost their enthusiasm for a cause which is deserted. Another reason is that football more popular in Miami. Miami Dolphins snatched some of the limelight. See a movie people will be familiar with the team for the Miami Dolphins right is to make Ace Ventura to help find the mascot "snow" that teams ...... interview before LeBron James said some envy Clippers home atmosphere called "coalition unique fan base." Away campaign is now home to Miami Clippers Staples Center arena tickets are sold out one day before the Los Angeles fans are even willing to be at home against the big screen for the Clippers, then refuel such treatment will not have had the Lakers . Wade said that although there are some shortcomings Heat fans but he is still very loved these fans. I'm afraid this is just talk. Some teams in the nba's home when the home team is behind. Fans often still cheer for the team with enthusiasm. But in the Miami Heat fans behind in their home often appeared very quiet. Heat players make this apathy is very disappointing. Miami home is only one unique advantage and basketball nothing but their beach! Meandering scenery,Nike Air Jordan 5, rich tropical Miami's South Beach! Miami is a famous tourist resort eat, drink readily available. It is an incredibly beautiful beach to relax more. Also this resort city's nightlife is very rich of many regular season to play in Miami are very poor state of the team this is the gift of worship. Previously have had other teams in Miami "Lost" precedent. 2006 NBA Finals. Mavericks took a 2-0 lead to Miami, stay in a hotel near South Beach. Players with a kind of relaxed state of mind to holiday in South Beach Miami and ultimately result some play two straight sets. Mavericks coach Avery Johnson was aware of a problem ordered to eliminate this "vacation mentality." Temporary replacement of a 25 miles away from South Beach, the hotel occupancy. And to prohibit players families and friends to travel together. Nevertheless they still lost the next two games tragic reversal. Favorable situation because of factors outside the Clippers do not want to lose the first thing is to stay away from Miami Beach. And arrange for players and families and friends of the hotel so you can live in different minimize trips (). Thibodeau also repeatedly warned the players. "Come here to play the regular season. You can enjoy a lot, but in the finals had to just concentrate on the pitch this season is almost over after plenty of time to play." Lixibodu in the locker room before the game and asked, said: " forget that we've won two games now! make today as the last race to fight in order to win we are the champions lost this season we've got nothing to hold such an attitude to desperately understand me? "" Understood! " YE Feng lead shouted. As long as the game will get the Clippers won 3-0 lead never team 3-0 behind in the case of the championship is definitely comeback Shoudaoqinlai that if the Heat win this there is hope. Not an easy win before the Clippers both strength close to impossible to be sure the next game the Heat players will not find it feel comeback? In 2006 they were 0-2 in the case of successful comeback over the Mavericks. Wade was the Mavericks lost in the first calf sharp break O'Neal inside must be strong players withstood O'Neill Dampier, Diop bad pick and roll defense was Wade random breakthrough. The difference is that now the Heat did not attract a strong defensive attack the hero inside of the year O'Neill also won the Clippers array. Heat inside the only star Chris Bosh is a pseudo-giant he scored two double data weaker than the Clippers are just the star inside Carrefour singles Mackey and Gortat also no advantage impossible to attract double teams. Thibodeau Kidd starting the game did not arrange to send Curry to strengthen the attack. Curry and Thornton location features some overlap two ball as only one person can attack another person shooter from beyond the arc when the pointing a bit wasted. So it is still a good starting arrangements Curry. Miami Heat coach Spoelstra locker room talk alone to encourage him to find James the game stand out offensive seek to maximize the full strength. People can see James slump not play full strength. Fight Wade, Bosh fight, Mayo fight, Haslem also fight! Other states are good and bad people but very focused. May be present, but often gives James "distracted" feeling. Before the game against the Heat have a lot of negative news media and even spread rumors that James and Wade in the locker room two conflict-induced internal strife (). Now, they say James Wade in the face sè to see: "Look! Without me you will not do!" Someone said James is not one player can win the finals! Others say James and Wade would give up the right to compete for the leadership of this year's championship! Heat did not play poorly infighting James Wade is really really unhappy in my words to him after the game that some excesses. These things are very unfavorable for the Heat. Spoelstra and James into the corner of the light: "LeBron I do not know what you're thinking, but now you have to let yourself become more focused on those who do not care about the news and evaluate external factors should not be from your choice with Dwyane (Wade) alongside the moment few people promising you would not be able to live in harmony. How many times have you and Wade generate friction and dispute? never had! ye have been good friends, good brothers do you have common ideals all the way to the finals to win four games as long as you can together proudly won the O'Brien Cup .. This was not the discouraged when you have to understand that when you and Wade teamed Heat is invincible when our team is invincible! You can not suddenly disappeared! "James just nodded his head did not refute lifeless lifeless. He was not a man to his passion rarely in this series under verbal guarantee that what does not make sense. Marbury had boasted that hit China nba first defender result cba to go. If you rely on to ensure the Clippers would not be able to beat Feng Ye got the best record in the regular season will not have reached a 2-0 lead. Spoelstra made to do this no more to say. Although he was in Miami coach but not to criticize James, James too much control. He hid the hands of a few players still need more players to adjust themselves to the scene. Both players start playing after tnt announcer chatter enumeration Clippers Buckley good and unintentional irony James two. He said: "I believe that the Big Three should be dissolved, especially James and Wade both need to attack the ball to each other like a breakthrough not play full strength. Insist on running away together to share the ball not as a change in energy defense, the paint can be evacuated good center to the Heat certainly will be stronger as the Clippers like Carrefour, McKee is a good player on the field without the ball right of each of them quietly won two pairs. a ball Team rebounding game has become very easy (). "Kenny Smith said:" Clippers inside several players are indeed very powerful strength than their fame, but after the end of this season, the Clippers will also face a Carrefour puzzle, McKee,Oakley Oil Rig Outlet, Gortat three contracts will expire in the next year they have to be completed in February next year for the renewal of rookie post players now are especially valuable to get all three of them certainly leave a big contract this summer O'Neill retired Yi Jianlian is completely zìyóu Clippers need more people to seek inner reinforcement in zìyóu market lineup, but they can renew Yi Jianlian Yi Jianlian only do bench difficult as Carrefour, McKee so to help the team next year for the Clippers is a hurdle if a good deal in 10 years they will be a strong contender for the championship, but the Clippers' salary when space is not well-off in the summer as they are now big players in 2012 if re-introduction -2013 season, they are likely to become a luxury tax team. "Buckley shook his head and said:" You are wrong I think the Clippers summer signings zìyóu market will be very well thought O'Neill opened a head Clippers veteran certainly not unusual to take the championship. "first player to stand on the field Clippers five people: McKee, Carrefour, Smith, YE Feng, Curry. Heat substitutions. Joel Anthony, Chris Bosh,oakley outlet store, James, Wade, Mike Bibby. Game Mike Bibby sè can not only play the ball dropped into third organization is also very robust Chalmers played two have failed to score double game was on the bench. Bosh first is to strengthen the attack the two games he is not a good substitute field effect and the Heat need him to fight against the Clippers two inside. The Heat can not lose it. Split ------------ ------------ busy seeking votes confused Zhang became the second time actually said more or listen to friends that I knew was wrong a ...... morning, as early as 9:00, noon each chapter is the fourth chapter of the. Pass to fifth place too happy! Thank you for your support to continue seeking votes! I hope nothing will later variables. (To be continued) <

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