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24.05.2013 04:53
the vanguard of the line shrinkage antworten

The whole text without advertising the 272nd chapter antecedents and consequences... Good and evil thoughts! The situation became worse, because there is no water and Li Mo Bay, the crack skeleton, two high order zombie leader are free to bring great pressure, vanguard without resist, plus the six head violently to level three higher-order corpse family burst, the vanguard of the line shrinkage, step by step collapse, Tyrannosaurus Rex, sword, fire deities, and Gong is a city master were seriously injured, should not support technology can be good, only afraid early infection ptomaine die! As for those who enter the corpses to sprain, bone spirit crow, regional flowers more needless to say, a breakthrough by large corpse beast bombardment out drilling pioneers camp, went on a rampage, many defense not master all died in these waste resin family hand inside, two eyes normal even Xijiang city are the corpse to sprain into eyes, brains were completely dry! Only by Platycodon grandiflorum, Liu silver yarn, Chan and never could resist tens of thousands of head of cadaveric family siege, plus the six head corpse family will almost worse fate, death, Death Magic knife gas, which death curse hit into the crowd, act recklessly and care for nobody to harvest life, strength the flicker between flesh and blood flying in all directions a lot of inheritance, as is blown crooked straw, have all-powerful! Especially the summoner served in the Luo Peiyang, he and his earth explosive bear hit the magic was dead, all flesh are passing a piece off, leaving only the pale skeleton Zhang mouth...... Numerous blood, viscera, skin, will be a huge street completely covered...... The smell of blood and rancid taste mixed together, makes breathing heavy uncomfortable, seems to lungs hot hot! The most powerful, is a magic sword and Magic Knight Sword two green wool zombie, attack power than pure burst Teacher Wang was opened, the vanguard sent dozens of Super Master couldn't resist, but many people are playing seriously injured! "We have to hold the two zombie!" It is two shout, but Sun Rui and Sun Lu's two brothers and sisters! The two men, in the Anning District and Li Jiayu had once, is a very powerful innate awakening "magnetic field" in control "gravity", later supernatural magic era, two siblings and obtain a mysterious inheritance,Nike Jordan New School Sale, is a master of Xijiang army there after the Tyrannosaurus Rex et al, although the attack force is not strong, but the ability to control field is strong, and his two connected, cooperate tacit understanding, "magnetic field" and "gravity" are superimposed on each other, very powerful! The control field of sun Ruisun dew, a dozen Super Master vanguard barely able to tell the two three or four meters tall green wool zombie match, but the overall situation is still more bad, after all. And how to kill all can't kill all of humanity, and there are only four thousand or five thousand people,Nike Jordan 12 Sale, the war to now have 1/4 the inheritance forever! "Peng" all of a sudden, the gorilla that tower general embonpoint appeared on the battlefield! His hands to pull a "skeleton mammoth", brazenly force,Oakley Squared Sale, moment put the skull mammoth head stock to break into two halves, make a skeleton mammoth uttered a sound anger Ming >

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