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24.05.2013 04:45
mammoth skeleton is zombie small leader antworten

The 246th chapter, the 246th chapter corpse corpse disaster coming -- disaster comes of course, the vanguard of the harvest is also pretty impressive, those in the two level of order corpse family at least debut hundreds of head, not a mammoth skeleton is zombie small leader, clusters of abyss demon soul, a stalk magic items, although very low, but something is better than nothing. The vanguard members, to equip is very good, I heard friends a lot of absorbed y ī n soul inheritance abyss Mohun advanced, strength to strive for further improvement. This is the book M í group of 4 * 0 six 5 "s...... Resin group two high order does not appear, so do not feel too much pressure, but the deputy head Li Mo still not assured, if Li Jia y ù adults are free, or go to the north foot is better, once the abyss of circle tunnel have a sticky resin nationality appears, you are a good first time to rush to the scene......" Li Mo then said, someone brought a few pieces of five Yan six s è magic items, all have been cleaned,Nike Air Jordan 14 Sale, do not want to know, this is to a part of the Sogang University. "Well, I know, tough corpse race debut, I will lead to support the vanguard, you go back first." Li Jia y ù looked at those magic items, softly said, if other people, nature of magic equipment is extremely jealous, but for him, the low order magic equipment Buguoruci, he later want to as many bright, after all he's name can not cover. Then the left, Li Jia y ù put those magic weapon dished out, giving priority to the occupation equipment master line, small greatly enhanced their long-range bombardment ability, after all, when dealing with undead corpse family ability, master or comparative advantage. "Master, you're in a daze." The dark Octopus mumble road. "Hey...... Can't sleep sleep ah, somehow static heart not to concise J ī ng power......" Such a long night,Nike Jordan After Game UK Sale, Li Jia y ù and want to find the hall sister-in-law, although two months contract agreed, but tasted the taste of Yan Zisu, how is it possible that Li Jia y ù forget ah, especially when he was a shameful virgin, even if not touch Yan Zisu,Sunglasses Coach Online, told her that a word is good, but yes, Yan Zisu also like ostriches on Li Jia y ù avoid meeting, anyway, she is now with Xiao Sun Yat Sen villa sleep together, never in the evening with Li Jia y ù alone...... "The master went to the Raiders Platycodon grandiflorum mistress and silver yarn mistress, oh, Chan and mistress also good, King NV Sambo, Lu square foot, holy water, whip C à o......" "Come on, now, really not in the mood to provoke them ah, full brain thinking hall sister-in-law......" "Oh, you mustn't master turned the special situation of man ah, otherwise the octopus will be disappointed with you......" "...... Now the corpse and tunnel are so dangerous, the team can hit at any time, you this smelly Octopus also urge you to master a harem, what a knucklehead! Please have the sense of crisis is good, don't flirt with hot chicks chrysanthemum burst hang in the mouth, the reader has an opinion!" "Ah...... So is it serious......" "Hey, you don't bother me, I want to be alone...... Last night a strong push.

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