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definitely have to retire his ankle antworten

> Three hundred and sixteenth chapter chatted for a while and turn back to the topic of emotional problems YE Feng and Scarlett Johnson discussed the half-hour celebrity marriages (). WWw! QUAnBen! Com two very common language in this regard when the pressure is really big celebrity wedding. It is not all stars are like loneliness at home when otaku house woman. Speaking last two leave each phone Scarlett find other friends chat. If we wait until then a long point of time are likely to pass Fei. Feng Ye have good qualities and people to talk to friends and Scarlett is the envy of many men make things Scarlett is his favorite star. But like go like Ning demolished ten temples do not destroy a marriage. He said the words in the chat is all it will help to continue the marriage. Scarlett had left Allie child sitting beside Ye Feng laughed: "see you talk very happy ah I am sorry to disturb over." Ye Feng laughed: "jealous? She was looking for me to do free feelings consult it because we are a model couple. "Allie children Light said:" I believe you did not jealous. "Ye Feng smiled. He understood his wife jealous heart will say no mouth uncomfortable she occupies yù too strong. In order to "model couple" label even if there is no Fu Xiaoshou Aventure he. Otherwise Allie children should not have to, and his death-defying. There is no "Little Three" is her opponent. The next day the Clippers at home to meet the challenges of the Bobcats. This season, the Bobcats coach Larry ongoing upheaval Brown resigned. Strength squad did not want another serious step backward into the playoffs. They may be the best defensive player Tyson Chandler with almost give away the way to let go of the Mavericks put Felton Jordan said after joining the Knicks are trying to save money out there to send transaction contract Expiring players. Although Jordan promised that will definitely leave Gerald Wallace but Brown has been true always have to take him to give up coaching Clippers media selection Bobcats say things others say he was "senseless" He was almost a heart attack gas. He believes the Bobcats finished down just a disgrace as coach to retire early. The strength of the players left the Bobcats Gerald Wallace it. Lakers hope Wallace can be exchanged with Jordan Artest Artest's contract did not promise too much garbage and there four years people can not afford (). There are problems inside and outside the line of 44 points Bobcats defeat Clippers made 12 game winning streak. 21rì Clippers home game against the Knicks. Knicks this season, has improved record six wins and 7 losses expected to enter the playoffs. Stoudemire averaged 26 points and 8 rebounds, 3 assists and raise a lot of competition season. Raymond Felton after leaving the Bobcats played a career-high 17 data points and 9 assists. Run and gun tactics additive effect on the player data significantly. Hapless rookie Monroe his playing time is not without undrafted Mozgov much. This Monroe played 11 minutes and scored 0 3 vote 0 points, 3 rebounds, 1 assists. This season he averaged only four points and three rebounds in the Knicks are fringe players. Thus a player wants to become a star of opportunities in the piston Monroe how important play out is because of the lack of inside piston Wallace was not any ability to attack him in the 5th place naturally get a lot of playing time. In addition to the Knicks he would definitely starting Stoudemire and Mozgov, Turiaf, Wilson Chandler, Anthony Randolph four competitive playing time. D'Antoni prefers to use experienced, physically strong and offensive means comprehensive Turiaf Wilson Chandler. Bobcats are not afraid of this lack of defensive team easily won the game made a 13-game winning streak. Clippers 122 using compressed defense defense did not let Stoudemire advantage of. Knicks outside shooting is only a quasi Gallinari was YE Feng anti-lived. After the game League All-Star Game announced 2011nba list of candidates. Clippers 6 finalists. Respectively, YE Feng, Smith, Carrefour, McKee, Curry, Thornton. Veteran Jason Kidd and Shaquille O'Neal data does not look into the All-Star race candidate can not be excluded altogether in order to avoid the fans crazy brush votes for the two cases. Nba all-star players of this year's list of candidates, including 120 players including 60 from the east 60 from the west. Partitions have 24 guards, 24 forwards, 12 centers for which 120 candidates voted for by the various media players are elected by a senior reporter. Nba fans can visit the official website of the Ministry of the players in the list of things each singled out two guards, two forwards and one center as their All-Star starter in mind. This time All-Star votes in addition to providing Internet voting (deadline rì1 month 24rì) and paper voting (deadline rì1 month 28rì) two approaches also added the SMS voting (deadline rì1 month 24rì ) method (). 2011 All-Star Game hosted by the Los Angeles Clippers and the venue is shared with the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center arena. Union publicity stunt is able to stop the Big Three wolves at home won the All-Star mvp trophy saying it was all-star mvp YE Feng get the best opportunity. Current record of 11 wins and 2 losses Lakers lost only two games ranked second in the West Lakers nobody here is concerned. Media completely tendency Clippers Lakers record regardless of how they are the city's second. Clippers schedule is very favorable. Later, at home to beat the Hornets, the king. Hornets edge uninterested in reconstruction. King is bad team can not give any trouble making the Clippers. 27rì away to beat the Clippers Phoenix Suns. Nash did not Stoudemire averaged 15 points and 11 assists also led the team to play the beautiful game the sun would be difficult to make the playoffs. Turkoglu transfer the sun continued to decline after the state averaging only nine points and four rebounds 2.5 assists and can not make up for Stoudemire left vacant after the 4th digit two is simply not a type. Before the sun managers also hope to Clippers trading Marcin. Gortat. As long as the sun can get Gortat than willing to send Nash pick any player for the Clippers. So no deal reached. In addition to the sun than Nash did not the Clippers can see the people are all bad contracts. In Feng Ye were past the sun and the Magic big deal. Now I am afraid that the Magic did not Gortat Hedo Turkoglu, Richardson also can not go to the Magic reported. Magic take no chips themselves inside the sun moved too rotten to go. Howard was still feeling hopeless champions move downtown. The biggest advantage is not just the Clippers lineup and squad harmony. Nobody trouble Barea was sent away a lot of players feel that this and several Barea and his teammates in the locker room for trouble. Unity is the coaching staff stressed every day things. In order to remain in a strong Clippers players are very honest even if it is little friction does not lead to great conflict. Clippers made a 16-game winning streak that people are beginning to discuss the Clippers will start breaking season winning streak (). At this time the main rival Clippers Heat have lost three games were lost to the Nets, Grizzlies and Mavericks. But Miami is not the strongest team play suffered injuries Wade, Mike Miller into the injured list opponents chances. Heat transfer Bosh after play is also disappointing that he did not play the "Big Three" just like a good standard angle sè players. Clippers Curry sprained his ankle injury sidelined two weeks Yi Jianlian therefore need to enter a 12-man squad. He will start seeing nbdl not go reported. No. 1 team in the regular players leaving Kidd a Tony Allen cameo again. This is the third time since Curry joined the nba ankle sprain his ankle very fragile now the problem is not serious in the future is likely to become a serious hazard. YE Feng remember 2012 because of an ankle injury Curry missed a lot of game state also began to decline. Team and his renewal of these things need to be taken into account also. November last game of the lack of a library Clippers lost away to lose the Utah Jazz. Deron Williams and Jason Kidd off the hook Tony Allen No. 1 position to play a cameo in general only got 6 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists audience also appeared four turnovers. YE Feng consecutive 30 +'s performance after the game was finally terminated in Millsap, Jefferson, Kirilenko three more successful in his defense so that he scored only 23 points and six rebounds. After the game,oakley sunglasses, the coaching staff that the Clippers need a point guard suffered injuries if not better once the No. 1 position was injured lineup will be a problem. But the coaching staff does not regret let go of the Chinese guard Jeremy Lin. Jeremy joined the Warriors salary became Lori field 10 minutes off the bench, averaging only 2.6 points and 1.4 assists while shooting less than four offensive end he did not help the team almost the same role in the defensive end can not see the impression Warriors has been no defense ...... Utah became the first successful team was blocking the Clippers applause was regretted. YE Feng touches can use just normal to look at a defeat would not lose a whole season every game has jīng color play is impossible. Spurs clinch into December Clippers, Denver (). Tim Duncan plays very brave to play the Clippers had the feel of this brave King not only got 11 points and 5 rebounds, 3 assists and play the best is Gary Neal and George Hill,Air Jordan 4, two bench had 16 points, respectively, and 17 They help the team hit points last a Clippers 101 over 87 to win. Nuggets lose more happy they beat the Clippers have heart disorders as a fight scared. Nene comeback inner strength slightly enhanced to Kenyon Martin is still injured list. He paid after joining the Nuggets missed dozens of games each season 2006-2007 played only two games on the season is also easy to make money than robbing a bank. After this season, the Nuggets can finally throw away a big burden. Nuggets summer with a big contract from the Knicks hired Al Harrington averages dropped to 10 points and 4.5 rebounds and 1.4 assists this also let George Karl disappointed. He played 23 minutes against the Clippers was 0 5 6 3 free throws to get the three points and five rebounds off the bench to lead the second direct their arms. December 6rì Blazers beat the Clippers away win easily. Blazers two core players Roy and Aldridge played very badly to get a total of 21 points. Aldridge is inaccurate shooting 3 of 13 shots to get 14 points Roy is knocked out by injury. Originally wounded regression Roy led the Blazers preparing something big this season. But people soon discovered the familiar seem quite right Roy. Then came the American media have been drenched field Roy final test results almost let all the fans whom tears. Roy's two knees have no meniscus. Without Roy alone is a strong knee is difficult to display their skills. He averages 12 points and 2.6 rebounds plummeted to 2.7 assists. This is no way to lead the Blazers to win Roy Clippers. Portland also has pulled out of the actual competition of the season into the playoffs even if I'm afraid that is a tour. Increasing the patients can not say this season most Chinese fans regret things back after Yao Ming played only seven games was injured ()! He played 18 minutes, averaging 10 points and 5.4 rebounds to win. According to the latest news reports espn Yao xìng a stress fracture of the left ankle is still difficult to set the return date. Feng Ye know that Yao Ming will definitely have to retire his ankle can not support his huge weight. From entering the league until now he has large and small hurt 18 times. Yao Ming was found xìng again stress fracture will not only involve his future prospects in the nba is more important is how long rest after his injury in the absence of the development of the game as they are and how much insurance-linked. At present, "Houston Chronicle" If you do not have news that Yao Ming will be sidelined for surgical options to convalesce for at least 2 months. This will likely trigger the "insurance policy" Yao if absent for more than 41 games in his salary will be 80% of the insurance company paid. Nba league in accordance with the insurance company the insurance agreement, once signed a player when the season missed 41 games in a row will trigger insurance claims agreement which is also known as "41 market terms." Once triggered this clause absent players after injuries sidelined screenings every insurance company will pay a 80% wage and the team only needs to support them by 20%. Yao Ming will certainly trigger this clause regardless of whether his season-ending injury insurance company will pay the wages of Yao Ming. Back in the early 2000s when Grant Hill had also injured during the magic trigger "41 Field clause" for the Magic lead to the insurance company sent a check worth millions of dollars in claims. Rockets only likely to get the benefits of next season, Yao Ming can choose "medical retirement." This means that even if he was normal for a new season, but this part of the contractual salary salary will not be counted in the total amount of salary more rockets will not be paying the luxury tax. As a rocket into the next season began rebuilding it. Bad luck is Yao Ming, the Rockets had to give up Luis Scola. This season, the Nets Scola averaged 18 points, 8 rebounds,Oakley Squared clearance, 2 assists mix very moist. The Clippers next opponent is the biggest one of the season nba dark horse - New Jersey Nets! ! D @ T <

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