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but a year later still no boss antworten

\> Article 406 Clippers 160 Nuggets rout than 114 46 points (). wWw, quaNBen, COm been a long time under the H-team single-game 160 points nba this, though not the highest single-game scoring record, but the Clippers did not hit the average per session plus 40 points. Of course, the premise is inside the Nuggets today simply do not suck the fourth quarter 30 minutes inside ...... YE Feng scored a game-high 41 points, 5 rebounds and 8 assists a cap. Amazing stuff, Wright State got 33 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists and played his nba since entering the most beautiful game. Overall 8 Clippers scored double Thornton, Curry, O'Neill, Gortat, Smith, Carrefour also have good performance. YE Feng in the performance of very low-key press conference he said: "Today, this is not a normal Nuggets they did not play a level Nene, Martin missed is our ability to pay would be so this is a main reason for the color of the game but jīng not to be proud of. "Thibodeau special mention Wright and Gortat. "Wright fight like this All-Star, but he must also use a stable state to prove himself. Gortat today's low attack which is pretty unexpected things." Gortat showed sè China Reporters are very concerned about the appearance of Yi Jianlian situation. Yi Jianlian played in the World Championship ** beautiful fans thought he would be reused for the Clippers did not expect the roster of 12 teams do not even have no access. Thibodeau said: "Yi Jianlian is a very good player I believe he can help the team but he also needs to get ready to come into the team and now his tactics against the Clippers do not understand some of the problems with the rhythm of the future he will get the opportunity to play The. "Gortat's defense better than Yi Jianlian also evacuated inside the cast in a very short playing time Rodrigo Tate efficient temporarily Thibodeau will not consider Yi Jianlian played (). Chinese reporters also let YE Feng Yi Feng Ye frankly evaluate his mental qualities needed to enhance this topic has been said two years is nothing new Chinese reporters can accept this answer. There reporter asked: "Ye will fight to get you this season scoring do?" Ye Feng laughed: "Yes I will try to score good feel for the place of his teammates have an advantage I will be willing to pass the ball to them which mainly depends on the opponent the situation. "greatly encouraged by a victory over the team's morale. The next day news reports in addition to the results of each game for the Heat and Clippers also made a comparison. Experts optimistic about the Clippers people some more. Although the Heat starting lineup,Cheap Oakley Fast Jacket, but the strength of the league first touch inside is not very good at playing a strong offensive team may be low but the Clippers can play all suffer tactics. Heat is also very aware of this situation has begun to consider ways to reinforce it. 7rì Clippers back to back against the Utah Jazz. Easy to win the game they did not consume too much physical main players are also confident. This season jazz record 3 wins and 2 losses can only be considered general. Al Jefferson joined to the inner strength has increased, but Mehmet. Okur was injured at the end of the regular season when they could return. So Jefferson top to the center position is power forward Paul Millsap. They are physically strong lack of height inside type. This season also introduced a defensive midfielder Jazz Raja Bell makes up Ronnie Brewer left vacant plus "ak47" Kirilenko star point guard Deron Williams poured strength is not weak. Unfortunately, there is no good substitute or reinforcement only signed up bouncing outstanding newcomer Jeremy Estes small forward Gordon Hayward. Clippers to deal with jazz and evolutions Carrefour, McKee partner inside Smith YE Feng as a small forward shooting guard point guard Jason Kidd (). Bell defense was good but he was very thin in terms of external lines how hard to resist Feng Ye? Smith is also the starting lineup has also increased the 3rd bit impact. Thus if Millsap to prevent dislocation after YE Feng pulled outside Carrefour can only Bell or Kirilenko to prevent the two men are not physically strong enough. Evidence of the facts Mingxibodu plan entirely successful first section of Carrefour Smith scored nine points, YE Feng also has a sè play. Second Team Curry, Thornton, Barnes, Gortat, O'Neal played a beautiful combination of inside and outside the Jazz bench also did not fight back. Jazz also created some problems for the Clippers Al Jefferson 18 points and 10 assists, 3 rebounds, 3 blocks; Millsap 25 points and 11 rebounds, 2 assists; Deron Williams 30 points, eight rebounds and seven assists and two steals off the hook Kidd. This season, Kidd, the data also fell playing time shortened to 28 minutes, averaging 5 points and 4 rebounds 5.5 assists. But the Clippers have not guard attack too sharp, especially jazz beat Elson O'Neill II, Fesenko too easy audience Clippers 123 than 109 to win the game. November 9rì Hornets Clippers on a Shylock. Paul and the Hornets came back to become a strong team this season 4-2, but their lineup is still not a small problem. This season, YE Feng butterfly effect caused more obvious. In his past Hornets, Nets, Pacers,Nike Jordan After Game Sale, rockets carried out a four transactions. Houston Rockets New Orleans Hornets will be sent to the 后卫科里森 Ariza and veteran James Posey rushed walkers. Walker will Troy Murphy sent the New Jersey Nets Nets will Kootenay Lee sent rockets. But now the Nets introduced Louis Scott Ladd Andrew Jordan, Chuck Hayes three inside plus previous team's Brook Lopez,Coach Handbags, Kris Humphries has five inside the ink is no longer needed Philippines (). This deal is no more than fulfilled. So the Hornets did not get Ariza reinforced seal line only introduced Joe Alexander Cerid. Bayless Italian former Raptors Belinelli 76 Willie Greene, as well as the Lakers dj. Mbenga . Rely on the trio's starting lineup is impossible to beat the Clippers serious decline in the state's James Posey went into the starting lineup Hornets Peja Stojakovic Hornets had already spent a superstar salary paid to him. Is the starting shooting guard Marco Belinelli did not fight only shot tall person. Paul expressed this summer wanted to leave New Orleans Hornets remarks. Many experts believe that Paul should not emulate LeBron James leave easily Hornets nba league that would be an enormous harm. Experts say in this year's offseason, many big players have left their original effectiveness of the team. James left the Cleveland Cavaliers Chris Bosh left the Toronto Raptors Amare. Stoudemire left the Phoenix Suns and Carmelo Anthony seems to have left the Denver Nuggets. This seems to have become the main theme of all the nba players are in small cities to complete the migration to the cities and they all want to be able to join hands with other superstars battle. Nba is now a trend towards a tilt seems to have formed a coalition needs at all times for any large transactions heavyweight transaction can occur at any time. And the final result? Wealthy people were getting richer while other teams so they were much frustration. So if you joined the New York such as Paul Cleveland, Toronto and New Orleans city will become the nba these abandoned objects in their lineup has nothing to attract box office star. If nba30 teams fighting for the championship of the situation eventually became Seven hegemony remaining 23 teams useless. This 23 team is difficult in the city where they sell their tickets so that the results generated will be very scary. But Paul has indeed intolerable Hornets team is now very poor operating conditions. Since the Hornets boss George Sheehan with prostate cancer so he intends to sell shares in the team, but a year later still no boss willing to take over (). At present, there is news that officials are considering buying Hornets nba. This approach is undoubtedly borrowed from the practice of Major League Baseball Major League Baseball in 2005 acquired the Montreal Expos team will temporarily remain in Washington until someone took the original city. The nba is also based on this consideration the intention to buy the team the Hornets to stay in New Orleans. Shortly after Paul and his Hornets will become the first team in league history by a team nba official holding in the team how this might win? Do nba official will help them to introduce a big-name players? That is impossible. Hornets are not many left from the reconstruction of close fighting jīng God this season, maybe they rely on Paul, West, Okafor's efforts to make the playoffs but will not go further. The game played only three big deficit Hornets give up the game. Overall more than 92 victory over the Clippers 119 27 points. Posey has deteriorated quickly retired defensive YE Feng easily put him off the hook and scored 31 points and 7 rebounds and 4 assists and 2 steals a cap. Hornets take him no way. Paul The game has also been anti-lived only got 15 points and seven assists and three steals in his first game against Paul Curry's defense is better than veteran Kidd effect. Clippers made eight straight surging. Next game is still on the road in November 11rì Singles against San Antonio Spurs. Clippers in the previous two seasons against the Spurs when they are occupied wind fast enough because the Spurs bench veteran core is also a lack of impact speed advantage they can use each other's defense crushes this season, the Spurs are now different trades and draft picks through the introduction of a lot of new people. Experts are not optimistic about the Spurs think they have lost the core old Bruce Martin also declined after the defense after the start of the new season, the Spurs status is somewhat beyond people's expectations and now they 6-1 ranked second in the West behind Clippers. Thibodeau warned the players to be playing jīng God can not underestimate the Spurs this will not be an easy game. <

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