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24.05.2013 04:39
legend with the end of the world antworten

Charges section (12 points) the 224th chapter fantasy city... An ominous sense of Linchuan County, is located in Pingjiang and Linjiang is, so the shipping traffic especially developed, since ancient times is the military a hotly contested spot, a county's prosperity also count on, but this place has been quite ominous rumors, every year in the river drowned person have dozens of, and those ghost house, the house also meet the eye everywhere, supernatural events are often reported, even those hundreds of years ago left r-point came also from time to time black smoke. It was two or three months ago, an ancient bone pits found in Linchuan County, there are plenty of ancient times aristocrat grave, when archaeologists, historians, professionals from Youzhou and Yangcheng there came, those of the ancient corpses, bones all overnight take wings to itself,Nike Jordan 6 Sale, was transferred to the,air jordan sale, scared many local people are afraid to walk at night. However, all this is not important. For those with no reality whatever spirits legend with the end of the world, it is a group of slag ah, this strange what terrible? Even if they really exist and how, with those very Zerg, corpse, they even the shoes do not deserve mention. "Finally arrived in Linchuan...... Than the impression to a day earlier......" Li Jiayu eyes flashing, in his impression, Linchuan county is a nightmare, because there will be a lot of strange encounter, specific he also is not very clear, because at that time he was just a little minions, can only hide helplessly looking in the crowd inside, looks like the escape team fog trapped for three days and nights are in Linchuan County, also suffered massive dead family, Li Mo, Wang Yang, Luo Peiyang, the gorilla is played almost cut off gas, but the clouds parted, the sunlight down the pole of order skeleton warrior to go, four of them had saved the lives of. In that war, the vanguard of the dead nearly as many as 1/3, including Tyrannosaurus Rex, sword, even the printing of Zhang Yalong was also green wool zombie under head to twist, stomping ground. As for the death of innocent people, there is more than a fugitive since remortgage, as one of the most terrible disaster, the worst degree after Nanning outside in the "black evil worm" battle. "Jiayu, your face is so ugly......" Yan Zisu asked softly. "Nothing, just want to something, whether or not to enter the Linchuan County......" "Why don't you go in? Don't look at Linchuan county has gone,oakley sunglasses sale, but there is still a lot of food and tools, and sleep in the building, than sleeping in the wilderness far more secure......" Yanzisu should be a sound, but her pure heart and spirit, and soon Li Jiayu from the forehead to see what, with great care: "how, you is it right? Prediction to Linchuan there will be dangerous?" "Well......" Li Jiayu thought for a moment, slowly breathed a sigh of relief, soft-voiced way: "well, don't worry about a thing...... Anyway, a group of dead family, my sister and reaching two bright sacrifice, even pole in order to go down the zombie war "Li Jiayu the reason that some be very upset, is the main magnetic field, stress field in Linchuan County of the storm has been thoroughly confused, even the county >

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