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24.05.2013 04:31
value is far more than the purple antworten

Charges section (12 points) 202nd chapters offer full alms bowl full... How will the Dark Knight "is how you will be you" Su Lihong gasped, like thunder like screaming, she died unexpectedly when people actually is Li Jiayu, you know last night she also with Li Jiayu a few strokes, though defeated very embarrassed, but also not Li Jiayu was seckill. She managed to bring a little self-confidence, fantasizing own future adventure, can turn to suppress Li Jiayu, but now -- fuck that over the past twelve hours, the strength of Li Jiayu rose to this extent, no, maybe not soaring, clearly is she shows his real strength, move out dozens of zombies, which also includes a head of the abyss fur seal,Coach Bags Online, this record, Su Lihong ask do not, even if she is again strong ten times, may not do as she watched Li Jiayu stared, but see that she was seen as a deep hatred guy couldn't look at her, with a diameter of the dark octopus, shocked at the Su Lihong squad all eyes, at those body parts to go. "I wipe...... Yu goddess "" God the same attack power, God as the perfect gas......" "It was Li Jiayu, the city is the most popular and most mysterious......" "Last night she did show mercy, or else, let alone a green was broke his neck, even the Soviet team has to die......" More than a dozen young people shocked, although had seen Li Jiayu's ferocity, but that is not the real thing to learn, practice, and now Li Jiayu on the battlefield performance, it is hard to deter this group of young people, so that they dare not flower of Li Chia-Yu mouth. Walked slowly into the abyss that broken head next, Li Jiayu slightly bent over, put a soul flame that brown charge in the hand, in this way, he has four souls flame. "The abyss that carrion although not humanoids, unable to give ordinary people acquired inheritance, but it gave the Orcish warriors pour also quite good, as soon as possible to urge a 'monster soul variable', small increases in combat, can even let them directly to the......" The corpse and magic weapons, soul flame are rare good stuff, do not know how many insect crystal precious, take those two higher-order zombie leader soul flame, value is far more than the purple beetle insect crystal, change five or six purple beetle, is a pediatrician, even for a very low order insect crystal is also not uncommon. Why would so precious soul flame. Not only because it can inherit the nature gives ordinary people, even his successor also can through special means, absorb the soul flame inside of the memory, the fractured pieces of soul, not only can let oneself upgrade faster, and even directly to the soul flame which contains skills. As we all know,Oakley Sunglasses Monster Dog Cheap, ghost Yang spirit inheritance knowledge are not complete, for example the wind a toss about, he only so several recruit attack means, such as fire musket guns fireball is relatively weak, as to what the meteor rain of fire, fire rain falls to pieces, he couldn't understand, because of the inheritance of memory these magic blurred,oakley sunglasses outlet, simply cannot read. However, the soul of the flame is not the same, if the wind Liaoyuan >

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