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now called the strongest since antworten

\> Two hundred and fifty seventh final chapter than 138 144 Western Star team defeated the Eastern Star team played 31 minutes 4 YE Feng went 4 2 2 free throws scored 10 points and 15 rebounds and 10 assists and 3 steals and 2 blocks (). wWW! Quanben! CoM one get three pairs Xiboduma replaced YE Feng Dirk Nowitzki and Kobe Bryant to leave the scene to give him the time and opportunity to compete for mvp. In the help of his teammates played in the fourth quarter 22 Dirk Nowitzki shot 13 three-pointers in two free throws 4 6 6 34 points 5 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 steal more than Bryant's 31 points and 4 rebounds 1 assists. He should be grateful that this Nash Nash sent only four points a game-high 14 assists. Sure enough, after the game Nowitzki was elected to the All-Star mvp trophy to stay in Dallas. Nowitzki consecutive years in the All-Star game, but until this year for the first time to taste the taste of mvp. Wade is the best performance of the eastern 28 points, six rebounds,Coach Bags Outlet, 11 assists and five steals; Bosh 23 points and 10 rebounds, 2 assists and 3 steals; LeBron James 25 points, nine rebounds and eight assists and four steals. But losing data again beautiful and can not get mvp. Poached Kidd Mavericks Dirk Nowitzki is difficult to get a championship YE Feng to help him get a mvp think it should be. YE Feng is not totally harvested he was Michael Jordan after the second race in the All-Star players get three pairs of data. In the 1997 All-Star Saimaikeer Jordan hit 14 points,Coach Bags Online, 11 rebounds and 11 assists in three pairs of data. Coincidentally then get three pairs of Jordan also did not get mvpmvp Jay is unknown. Royce. Many network evaluation. Favorable and unfavorable. Some people say: Feng Ye selfless help Nowitzki took mvp personal data also played a beautiful (). Some people say: yīn insurance Thibodeau deliberately let the fourth quarter Bryant let Nowitzki grabbed Bryant mvp impact beyond the Jordan. Some people maintain their neutrality black who has never known. Said: What kind of grab mvp rob you ah. If fans can grab mvp history that is certainly the strongest fans. In short end of the All-Star Game which is recognized relatively jīng color one All-Star Weekend. 17rì inside the Clippers did not clinch a pioneer 18rì back to back upset road loss to the Utah Jazz. All-Star players leave too much relaxed state was not able to get back in time winning streak ended. Rì trade deadline approaching this time there are a lot of teams traded reinforcing the lineup. February 14rì Washington Wizards and Dallas Mavericks completed a blockbuster involving seven players will deal Mavericks Josh Howard, Drew Gooden, James Singleton, Quinton Ross to the Wizards get the Wizards Caron Butler, Brendan. Haywood, DeShawn. Shidi Sen. February 18rì Cleveland Cavaliers Washington Wizards and Memphis completed a three-way deal involving six players got Antoine Knight. Jamison (Washington Wizards) and Sebastian Telfair (Memphis) Grizzlies Drew Gooden (Wizards) Wizards get Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Emir Pride Zimonjic (Knight) Ayer. Thornton (Memphis) and a future first-round draft picks (Knight). Butler and Jamison were sent also means the Wizards prepare for rebuilding their fancy Ayer. Thornton future. The introduction of the "big z" is to clear cap space this season without Arenas Wizards have been unable to advance in the playoffs, one step closer to give up altogether. The Cavaliers got the inner strength after Jamison has improved. In fact, this does not change the nature of Jamison is offensive players can not improve the Knight weak interior defense. Grizzlies only advantage is reinforced the inside with a strong center Gooden experienced hands there is a cast (). Milwaukee and Chicago Bulls completed a two for one deal the Bucks will Joe Alexander and Hakim. Warrick has been sent to the Chicago Bulls John Salmons. February 19rì Boston Celtics and New York Knicks completed a five-player deal involving the Knicks will slam dunk king Nate Robinson and Marcus Landry has been sent to the Boston Celtics Ai Di Howe Beale. Walker and jr Giddens three angles sè players. Chicago Bulls and Charlotte Bobcats completed a 1 for 2 deal Bulls sent Terrence Thomas got the Bobcats Philip Murray and Assi. Workers. Utah Jazz and Memphis Grizzlies completed a small trading Jazz will Ronnie Brewer to the Memphis Grizzlies got from a protected first-round draft picks. Grizzlies transactions strength has been improved significantly. Final maximum transaction time appeared. Houston Rockets, Sacramento Kings and New York Knicks completed a three-way involving nine players get blockbuster deal rocket Kay Martin (King) Hilton Armstrong (King) Jared. Jeffries (Knicks) Joni. Flynn (Knicks) and 2011 and 2012 first-round draft picks to protect xìng (Knicks) Kings get Carl Landry (Rockets) Joey Dorsey (rocket) and Larry Hughes (Nick Adams) Knicks get Tracy McGrady (Rockets) and Sergio Rodriguez (Kings). McGrady Rockets finally got rid of the first salary in exchange for a good potential rookie scorer Martin Flynn reinforcing the fragile back line to speak of actual Flynn does not have much potential for the Knicks is to find him too much water before they agree to the transaction. If you select the Curry estimates that nothing will be put. The main achievement is the king of low-income energy Landry Larry Hughes, Tim Dorsey is the only other head cut off. Knicks Madison introduced his contract expires only for the Knicks can empty out 20 million salary cap space from out of the luxury tax and have enough money to attract zìyóu market "big fish" (). From this point we can also see the Rockets manager Daryl Morey is a short-sighted guy only momentary interests fundamentally re-thought after the end of this season, there is a large market in zìyóu as. There are a lot of teams attempts and Clippers traded goals include McKee, Gortat, Morrow, Barea, who took out the chips but they do not like how the Clippers will rely on this all turned fourteen go to a championship. 21rì Clippers defeated the king. Martin King is to facilitate Tyreke away. Estes bit rookie averaged 20 +5 +5 data comparable to the year LeBron James already has the ability when the boss. Landry to the king as the starter after Jia Kasi than three together give the Clippers made some trouble. Curry is the one singled out in the Ace Ace can not win Gongshoupingheng library can only shoot. But winning is still lack of good strikers Clippers Kings inside is also very bad not guard Feng Ye and Carrefour. Clippers home to meet the challenges of the Charlotte Bobcats Michael Jordan also went to the Los Angeles site to watch the game. YE Feng after playing first greeted the sidelines and Jordan Jordan somewhat awkward first thought is that this guy does not play gooseberry audacious irony I wanted two. Unexpectedly, YE Feng laughed: "Michael, I am in Philadelphia and gas, but you said those words in mind particularly afraid you hang up say forget it I had forgotten." Jordan really afraid when he mentioned in an interview these give yourself an ugly thing now relieved smiles: "You boy also really great set Bobcats Clippers than not I recognize." "Bobcats will make the playoffs this season, I hope you get better results next year." " You can also play well. "Jordan stood up and shook hands with him took a look at his back as if pointing successor to the introduction of infinite reverie people are wondering when to scrape together the two of them went to the Jordan before the interview when they are not willing to lift the Feng Ye. YE Feng also noticed this trouble too stiff and Jordan is not good to say these words only finished on the warm-up went to the (). Surprisingly this Clippers lost again 92 to 96. Bobcats lineup now called the strongest since the construction team. Starting with Tyson Chandler, Gerald Wallace, Stephen Jackson, Eric Gordon, Raymond Felton bench also has Boris Diaw,Air Jordan 10 UK Sale, Tyrus Thomas, blue-collar Diop, the Hornets turn to Derek Brown, piston forwarded by Mohammed et al. In Brown's tuning outside line defense are guaranteed. Increase is mainly due to more than Jordan's "fake son" Gordon this season, averaging 18 points and 2.6 rebounds, 3 assists and 1.2 steals look at the data and Mayo, Rose, who also compared favorably sè. He can suddenly be able to throw the ball is the main attacking players Bobcats beginning of the game he injured Bobcats lost a lot of games. Five Bobcats starting players playing very out sè bench did not how substitutions on the 4, and those firms Clippers defense. Gerald Wallace is rarely able to resist uncomfortable YE Feng's small forward most of the time he touched that players can jump in other locations outside Carrefour Chandler is anti-death play Stephen Jackson Barnes or Smith do not lose touch. The 2nd place Gordon and Gordon Curry is the same type of experience more than a year and a more comprehensive means of attack and the Clippers bench is somewhat similar to the Clippers Thornton did the same advantage. Kidd is a big name Felton said running speed of one hundred meters meters astonishing 10.3 seconds Kidd afraid of this type. No injuries Competition Gortat lineup inner strength also fell back. YE Feng only got 20 points and 8 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 blocks Bobcats use defensive severed his links with other players so that he fell into it alone hit rate is not high. The game once again exposed his problems hitting striker fatigue, no extension of the team he can play pretty tough defense, but encountered a super striker and his role inside the team will play a discount. Unless a breakthrough low and then learn to use more sharp pace attack otherwise he is not the best player. After losing the game to the Clippers have lost seven games can not break the record was beaten a question mark. ! @ # <

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