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24.05.2013 04:21
178th chapter squeeze meatballs antworten

The 178th chapter squeeze meatballs... Once the oath come unexpectedly blue giant hand, is by the light condensed, like Li Jiayu's right hand extends more than ten meters long, the energy giant hand bigger than talon! "Bang" come unexpectedly hit, immediately let Platycodon grandiflorum thoroughly Meng,Coach Handbags Sale, her body was completely giant hand knead, also had no reaction to come over to be thrown out, like shells generally against the wall, immediately coughed up blood, by not light wound,Cheap Oakley Fast Jacket, if it wasn't for her to hold up the shield I'm afraid, feminine body will be forcefully pinch implosion! See Platycodon grandiflorum was wounded Li Jiayu, Ran Hongxia face a change, no can beat Li Jiayu, immediately drew the sword handle alloy, instant burst of fierce and sharp sword, "sou" ground for a while he rushed towards the! "Come on everybody! Must bring Li Jiayu uniforms! He although there is romance, but just from the blow, in fact play strength but is three only, we can deal with him!" Said Ran Hongxia, companions have awakened, all laid out aggressive posture, especially the two dark lines of Liu Yinsha and Ling Shaoping's character, start faster than Ran Hongxia, a hit large dark curse, weak light bad, another answerer, lightning impulse to the front of Li Jiayu! "Roar!" Li Jiayu behind the demon ghost suddenly uttered a brave soul roaring, set off ripples, waves in the air in a threatening manner, and Li Jiayu also went into a frenzy, the devil's right hand was a beat, like a fly like Ling Shaoping take fly, broke the window glass, directly from the six floor fall, life and death do not know! A second, Li Jiayu has seckill two two in order! "Damn! Jia Yu you wake up, don't let the devil swallowed your heart!" Ran Hongxia the Silver Fangs bite, she see Li Jiayu more than his own, if I never see the skunk, Ran Hongxia would find the meaning of life lost half! Situation is urgent under, and out of Li Jiayu's fears, Ran Hongxia unexpectedly potential outbreak, momentum is increased by a large margin, was winding golden sword Gang winding circle, his sword sword long grass is increased by two feet long! At this moment, Ran Hongxia take death calmly, do everything, the sword seems to tear the sky, cut off the river! She is such a person, once pushed to the most critical moment, will run out,Coach Online Bags, fighting capacity increase of two hundred percent! At this moment, Ran Hongxia's sword idea seems to rise to three low order, enough to sweep all two master, even the gorilla so strong to avoid the edge, dare not fight! The power of the mind is stronger, the stronger the power of! Campsis grandiflora Blademaster dye Hongxia, to Li Jiayu and broke the hitherto unknown strength, even in the face of two blue eyes giant ants when, she also not so rigid! But...... Unfortunately, the strength of a huge gap is not a little perseverance can make up for the! Li Jiayu growled, intended to kill the eyes appeared, shine out right hand again, the huge hand of light such as entourage, faster cannot see, instantly pinched Ran Hongxia alloy sword! "Kara" >

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