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hated by his stare he really is antworten

> Two hundred and eighteenth chapter Thibodeau are worried by practicing on the trampoline YE Feng practiced obsessions normal shooting he can not cast into better adjust over (). WwW, qUanbEN, cOm CIC remained stable. Dropped into the third arc also began practicing the same location always makes perfect. After a month of training he is getting better. YE Feng ended September 13rì Gifted rest for two weeks and also participate in the team's preseason training camp when the players will begin joint training. In the summer league Curry and Thornton have a sè play Curry won a 3 +1 contract Thornton is awarded a 2 +2 contract. Read Thornton summer league coaching staff are very impressed after YE Feng perspective. Thornton played better than Curry averaged 20.8 points to become the first of all rookies. Many players at the last moment has finally found a club. Iverson 3 years 10 million pay cut to join the Rockets. jīng Ming Morey Iverson could attract box office promise to let him play off the bench while starting to Brooks sent a team has no position in Alston traded to the Thunder for a two two draft picks. Alstom only $ 5.25 million a year contract he will not hinder the Thunder's long-term plan to build team if Watson was traded Alstom can also serve as a good substitute Ross. Adelman and Yao Ming can quell Iverson is a problem past rì Larry Brown spent much effort just let Iverson temporary compromise; Nuggets have to rely on George Karl's prestige to quell. No experience of the piston Curry flew right Iverson Mozhe. McGrady comeback this season, but no one should expect Allen Iverson and Tracy McGrady teamed vain though picking up a championship season, but has no popularity in Houston. 13rì Byron Davies joined five years 43 million last year for the Cleveland Cavaliers for the non-guaranteed contract. Davis did not regret the season out of the contract mainly he thinks there are promising Warriors season,Oakley Polarized clearance, but he was wrong now there is no team willing to give him a salary Knight is already the largest party team. All this is in order to please James (). As we all know he likes Davis introduced last year Mo Williams just Davis substitute. Will soon have to start busy. In order to maintain the best condition to save energy campaign practices Saixibodu rejected the European teams play preseason games in Barcelona invitation. McKee, Carrefour, YE Feng three are training for a long time other players to find their own assistant coach had some training and then ran to the European tired. 14rì late Allie children and Feng Ye invited to participate together in a Los Angeles sports talk show. Clippers has been a recent focus of the media. Interviewed two people in the news all day every television station is wanted in addition to training, but YE Feng dumped outside simply does not show up his training is also enclosed reporters were unable to enter the arena. Los Angeles sports talk show's style has always been to ridicule fun xìng. Moderator Adam met YE Feng introduced: "Ladies and gentlemen into the day we went to the two special guest one pair enviable couple nba youngest boss Allie children. Stirling also changed alliance to change the Clippers history of the youngest scorer - wolves Feng Ye! "the audience went wild applause. They shook hands and sat on the couch moderator. Adam asked: "two past year have not been able to attend the Los Angeles television program recording a very exciting sport you choose me why this show is it?" This issue is very tactful cited guests that the quality of their programs height of radio advertising. Allie children, said: "We are come to you afterwards a few years ago you said Clippers jersey degrading alliance." Audience laughed a few years ago Adam had indeed talking about the new season of dressing rules take Clippers make fun of saying "degrading Alliance players can not wear clothing such Clippers jersey." Adam said: "I apologize for the time it is now the Clippers have been the pride of league teams in Los Angeles." "Thank you, we are here is to hear these words. "Allie children laughed. Opening the audience have applauded good atmosphere (). Adam was the first to ask Allie children. "Manchester Miss Lin you are already the owner of the Clippers last one to make a lot of amazing things will be team players from the team completely rebuilt after the transaction resignation came without head coach Mike Dunleavy experience when you think of the Clippers Thibodeau season can play so good? "Allie children, said:" These things are to be expected because I believe he can play pretty Clippers record. "Adam and look to YE Feng asked:" You bear season a lot of pressure that people are guessing why you would leave the Lakers to the Clippers because of your relationship players live at home caused a lot of the boss questioned the face of these questions is how you deal with? then we are all the things you are Curious But in an interview, when you say little about the affair now revisit these feelings then you can talk about? "YE Feng said:" Actually no feelings. we just know when she is not the Clippers boss feels right, we became good friends later became a couple and we can not be separated in order identity problem we protest so it does not matter how the outside world go its own way to let others go play. "audience laughed again. Adam asked: "Now you and the Clippers signed a new three-year contract only 25 million many people protested that this is far below the standard of your question you asked two as this what you want to explain? You only first two season should be no doubt that the top level salary. "Allie children, said:" It was a war of words for less we want to give him the maximum salary that does not exceed the luxury tax has no effect on the team, but before signing or There are a lot of people say he is the Clippers small business owners. Later we believe even signed a big contract that says we will still say he had a suggestion that people do not like to say? do not think so? would recognize Since it is from the boss's perspective to the problem of course bring low salary for next year's zìyóu market preparation. transfer market next year we all know there are a lot of big players and we proved that the Clippers season there is a the strength of the team championship fight! "sent the audience screams (). Americans like to make a fuss in the program surprisingly consistent lipped as practiced the same. Adam asked: "Ye Are you satisfied with the team's lineup also do? I hope next season to have big-name players to join." Ye Feng laughed: "I have nothing Kidd came dissatisfied Clippers this season goal is the championship and I have said this season, but if someone is willing to Clippers next year then we will undoubtedly become stronger. took the championship I would not be satisfied I will work hard to build the Clippers dynasty! "audience We applaud to YE Feng and age, this is quite confident declaration. Adam asked: "If James, Wade and others out of contract next season the team to Los Angeles, who is the core it?" Ye Feng laughed: "Of course, even if I was Michael Jordan comeback Clippers play the core is my new season I will continue to prove that they are worthy of this title. "Wade and James say that perhaps would not consider listening to the Clippers but he would say. He did not want to go like the Heat as James grabbed his boss's name is very strong, but Feng Ye do not think he can have to have to win. His goal is not just the championship would also like to become the league's best players. Adam asked a few questions about the game teammate YE Feng and Allie child is fluent inflow. Program group that is looking for them in the ratings Chen has improved a lot. Adam later said a sensitive topic. "This season, the Lakers have also been reinforced with Artest Lakers next season,Nike Jordan 13 Sale, definitely more on the defensive when you approach this What do you think you?" YE Feng said: "That is a good reinforcement Taisi Special is the name of a good perimeter defender feels hated by his stare he really is my best defense in the league one of the players in addition to defense than the offensive end he can help the team can take advantage of a strong body thrown three breakthrough Rockets could get inside of the championship is mainly outside Yao is him, if not Auburn Hills events banned for a year that he might be able to have been selected for the All-Star (). Lakers season is our biggest competitor I am convinced of this,Nike Air Jordan, although Lakers stronger but we also have Kidd on the Lakers next season I still have confidence in victory. "Adam, the conversation went back to Ally children and YE Feng relationship. "Now the two is the famous couple lived together for a year but has not heard the message of marriage in this regard have anything to do?" Ellie children do not know how to answer YE Feng laughed: "We are feeling very stable this is the key to proper time we will get married. "Adam YE Feng never filed a sex scandal thing. "A lot of beautiful women like you are willing to throw herself but you never budged even scandal did not pass out. Asked Manchester Miss Lin is how to seize your heart's like you have a lot of wealthy people like bachelors specificity is not easy to do. "Allie child smile:" I do not know maybe it is attracted to each other to understand he is a very disciplined person. "Adam and look to YE Feng asked:" Tell me why? " YE Feng said: "The reason is simple my idol was Chamberlain." Adam thought he got it wrong, but nba Chamberlain famous Playboy YE Feng actually filed Chamberlain at this time people are very surprised. "Ye Chamberlain and you are now doing two extremes ah, but you is not a wrong name?" The audience laughter even sent Allie children also did not think he would be so answered. YE Feng smiled and said: "I did not name my idol is wrong he is the nba Chamberlain scoring me very interested in him for his autobiography, which is why I value the love select specific reason." We are waiting to hear him Why is this explained? ! @ # <

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