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> Two hundred and fourth Zhang Feng Ye did not show grief and loss (). wwW, QUanbEN, coM he said in an interview: "We run the Clippers just rebuilt a year to break through the first round of the playoffs the goal has been exceeded expectations and we have no regrets fighting the." reporter asked: "Do you What is the outlook for next season do? "Ye Feng laughed:" Next season we have to take the championship for the target space is very generous salary Clippers summer, reinforcing the lineup. "reporters were willing to listen to such things can lead to a lot of news Fans will be to pay attention to the Clippers in the offseason trade market operation YE Feng side just add your fill component helper definitely have the opportunity to impact the championship this player is the best point guard. Rockets and Nuggets series has separation of the outcome. 4 to 2 rocket successfully cut and old foes Utah rendezvous Western Conference finals. Rockets lineup restraint Brazilian Nuggets Nuggets center Nene not guard Yao's turnaround jumper on the 4th bit Kenyon Martin often flashed on the fly right Scola also no advantage. Ron Artest and Battier two together can be somewhat limiting Carmelo Anthony. Nuggets only advantage Billups only the 1st bit stronger than Brooks and Alstom's portfolio but this alone is not enough. Competition Rockets bench overall dominant,Coach Satchels Sale, especially inside. Nenad Krstic, Landry finished blasting and digging Jinpeiteluo Kleiza. Outside Weaver, Alstom is better than a jr. Smith. Originally Nuggets bench inside important "Birdman" Anderson became the fifth rocket inside the Nuggets off the bench to send two large cap. Rockets not only broke the curse of the first round as long as the Jazz beat old rivals have a chance to win a championship (). Regular season wins over the Rockets Celtics have other Eastern Conference teams rocket afraid this is the best opportunity. YE Feng did not think Yao Ming emperor to abdicate finally actually made suggestions such an effect. Sometimes a small change can lead to a series of reactions. YE Feng cherish selfishness off McGrady Yao Ming is not recommended. If early trading Tracy McGrady and piston transaction or whether it is just for two people and bulls to rocket will stronger. Wizards and Cavaliers Eastern Conference playoffs enemy encounter played very intense. 3 to 3 into the grab seven war. The two sides failed to beat his opponent in the away games against the Wizards disadvantage is more than a home-court advantage knight. Can generals overthrew emperor was the biggest surprise in the second round. Magic and Celtics matchup has ended. Magic 4 to 1 promotion Garnett Celtics defense lost a big problem this year and went outside Tony Allen and James Posey Celtics rely on Pierce, Ray Allen two veteran and will not Rondo is shooting to beat the Magic. Howard dominated the game off the hook Perkins Turkoglu, Lewis,Air Jordan Outlet, Nelson also has a sè play. Eastern Conference finals upper hand rest for a long time to wait for the Magic Wizards and knights winner. Clippers players were on holiday everyone has their own arrangements. Barnes ready to go to Las Vegas to play YE Feng asked this guy to do together is gambling gambling addiction. Past history has been, and now has changed dramatically YE Feng originally bring championship Lakers Clippers go to the black gambling Feng Ye have no faith guess. He had to finish the Celtics and Lakers are not familiar with gambling by the Union other than the team found that there will be trouble Barnes refused the invitation. May 17rì knight than 91 102 at home to beat the Wizards to a total score of 4 to 3 qualify for the Eastern Conference finals. LeBron James scored 33 points,Crossbodys Coach Bags, 11 rebounds and 12 assists in three pairs this is the fourth consecutive year in the playoffs Knights eliminated the Wizards called nba a great tragedy. There Cavaliers inside the Wallace and Varejao solid defense "big z" Ilgauskas cast outside contributions have Mo Williams, West, Pavlovic, Wally Shakespeare g other group of pitchers after all, is stronger than the Wizards a chip. Holiday two days Hou Yili children in Los Angeles to be boring proposed travel plans in advance. Wait until the July weather will become quite hot as now go to Europe (). They just come back before the start of the NBA Draft on the line. Allie children laughed: "The first station to go to Spain you? Then visiting Europe a month should be enough." "Sure." Feng Ye promised. Just finished the playoffs he could not immediately put into training unless crazy. Allie children and then said: "For the Paris said it wants to go with us." YE Feng mouth fell open. "What?" Ellie children chuckled: "You really are a bit annoying her ah joked she followed the two of us to play what?" "I do not hate her just can not stand her eyes when speaking tone and you did not find her What can be said that the performance is very sè love you? "YE Feng said smiling eyes of a blind learn to Hilton's tone took a long cavity and said:" Oh ...... beautiful cookies. "Allie children laugh . Like a good night on the same day two of action packed salute off. Allie children's luggage is just one packet Feng Ye bring a few pieces of clothing on the outside to buy a height of two meters to the person wearing the clothes is not easy. They want to take the night flight to Spain after 12 hours from Barcelona. Plans out there to watch a football match Barcelona's La Liga. Allie children do not like football but want to feel the atmosphere along for the ride. Another Feng Ye also ready to watch a basketball game where the Barcelona team to support Navarro is now Spain is still in the league acb. Gasol brothers, Luis Scola, Calderon, Fernandez, who are from there will not be low level. Such as watching the game to play two days and then take the train or other public transport tour Spain. YE Feng Navarro advance to a telephone call. Navarro also very generous to the airport to pick up the start of the tour for the two of them also advance to help set a good hotel accommodation. Sitting in the car Navarro said: "If you have time, then you can accept what the interview there are a lot of your fans know that you come they will be happy (). You can actually beat the Lakers is a miracle." Feng Ye Light Road : "That's because Paul Gasol injured otherwise it can not win. Spaniard very powerful no loss is the only international arena and the U.S. team to compete you have any candidates can give the Clippers recommend?" commended Spain Basketball let Navarro listened feel very comfortable. "There is a candidate that he has in the draft you can sign him." Navarro said is Ricky Rubio. Talented young players. Passing, defense, rebounding is superb as the "Golden Boy." He became famous very early age of 16 in 2006 led the team to win the European Championship victory over Russia than 110 106 maddening game 51 points 24 boards 12 plus seven steals to help lay the basketball prodigy this position. That the tournament won a total of four pairs and two second triple-double of the entire tournament in scoring, rebounding, assists and steals deserved to be named the most valuable player. YE Feng laughed: "We have long been concerned about Rubio as long as the Warriors will be pumping in the first three in the sixth or seventh place, but he has a contract and You Tute be selected even if it is difficult to draft landing nba right now? "Navarro nodded. "That is a question you target next season is the champion of people need to be able to play immediately." Requirement in Feng Ye past Rubio Spanish club to pay about $ 6 million buyout amount of Rubio's salary is less than $ 500,000 which is obviously let the young Golden Boy unbearable. The nba league team in order to introduce the players required to pay the amount of its buyout of the former owner can not be more than 500,000 U.S. dollars which means that if You Tute not agreed to reduce the cost of the buyout will need this huge gap Rubio own pay. To buyout fee he can fulfill two-year contract in 2011 before landing the nba. Clippers Rubio can not wait patiently for so long and he had shot the shortcomings are not allowed. Stay Hounawaluo take them to the Mediterranean Sea. Navarro said the beach there are many people here who like to walk along the sea walk ten kilometers sport outside early in the morning there are a lot of people jogging along the beach bike. YE Feng sigh indeed have had the Olympic movement has been integrated into the Barcelona local people's lives (). Street artists performing countless tourists coming and going very busy shop. Walk visiting the city will be very tired but Navarro said it a distinctive flavor to truly understand a city that is the best way to go in order to truly appreciate the customs. YE Feng think this is absolutely known as "runaway." Many of the city's architectural spectacle Barcelona is Gaudi sites studied architecture all know that this is a man of God, built a lot of weird house La Pedrera Gaudi Park Bharat's family have a sign xì Barcelona ; ng construction Sagrada Familia, etc. ...... YE Feng physical not a problem but a few kilometers away to Spain where the musical fountain plaza watching Allie has not tired children need him carrying it. "If Paris visiting her eyes like Bigfoot certainly masticate." Ellie children laughed. Hilton has a pair of 11 yards of the giant feet and always wear high heels. Navarro visiting for a few hours off to play host to eat seafood is very famous in Spain to take them to a famous seafood restaurant has been scheduled before the money is not good or queuing. Dinner YE Feng asked: "Juan I now encountered a bottleneck shooting method I mastered but little means of attack can not break teamed with each other can break my foul shooting touch in this respect do you have any good suggestions ? "Navarro said:" You are too highly of me I did not think you progress so fast. continuation feel need to practice your ability to fight much better than I have strong singles I can not give you a break-team suggested. If in the case of double teams against the fierce score I suggest you look at Europe's street ball. "YE Feng Yi Leng. "Europe's street ball?" Navarro frowned: "You do not think that only the United States of street basketball, right? In Europe, there are many powerful people."! @ # <

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