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24.05.2013 03:59
rebounding ability Bibainamu antworten

> The first 295 Bryant put the ball came to rely on screening anti-run ball again ready to go centerfield Basket (). WWw. quANBEn. Com YE Feng considered quasi-point first step to the basket stood bit off cover. They collided in the air a sore throat, loss of balance YE Feng thrown out of the court Bryant very high in the air, lift his arm elbow after being shot in the top YE Feng throat. YE Feng sat ground clutching his throat, but the referee whistled for a blocking foul scene booed everywhere. YE Feng swallowed a few mouthfuls of spittle stood up and did not cause illness. Barnes was rushed explosive temper Kobe Bryant hit with chest loudly asked him what was not intentional. Bryant and Barnes tall top two heads together face to face similar mouth also fast fast ...... field encountered a combative thicker confusing. Both players rushed before the collision of passion of the two opened. Three referees after discussion decided to commute. After a slow motion replay Bryant elbow action significantly lift the Clippers backcourt ball but Barnes also eat a technical foul free throw 53 Fisher ratio 50. Saw the film fans in the audience was another boos. YE Feng Thibodeau to go for a change of Morrow. His wrestling is not serious neck just endured. Thibodeau benched him rest for a while in order to put pressure on the referee. Clippers offensive play xìng happened. Smith Road Carrefour cover break caused by a foul fans in the audience cheering along the Clippers backward one which is the series for the first time since the beginning. Clippers players how to use trash provocative Kobe Bryant elbow to hear the fans but the people see clearly. Black elbow is Kobe a big label from 2000 to the present by his elbow had too many people that he had suspended five times because of an elbow. For the evaluation of the foul Buckley is (). "Some might say that such a fight is for Kobe Bryant played very tough team victory is true that he has not afford to lose." Smith made two free throws 55 to 50. Lakers Kobe Bryant around shouting offensive Barnes said: "come ah garbage and then try out the pork!" Bryant Barnes ignored his eyes only change to accelerate toward the basket ball Clippers inside break. Bryant Barnes, but not out of the leg of the elbow against a breakthrough when given from the side of the thigh about two bust Bryant also has physical contact Bryant fell to the ground. Barnes, of course, before the basketball foul fishing in the arms. Barnes came referee the ball to the referee look innocent hands spread out as if it was a good steals the same. He has been toting a technical foul referee does not immediately give him a second or Barnes would fouled up. Only sentenced Lakers ball. Bryant hearts feel a little pity. In the end who refuse ah Nima Clippers are a team of garbage. Barnes then go referee a vicious provocation,Oakley Active Sale, said: "The best jumper or I do not poke your rotten egg." Bryant issued outside the ball hit the ball off the dribble Barnes. Barnes does not jump turned toward Bryant nakedness on hand poke action is very fierce. Barnes's hand does not jab but Bryant did not see him jump only hand pressure to continue shooting and missed. Carrefour grabbed rebounds after. Clippers quick attack a pass to Smith Smith passed the ball to throw off the latter Moreau basketball forward Trevor Ariza. 57 than 50. Bryant anxious next turn forced jumper third shot Barnes did not scare him reach the ball hit. 57 than 53. Fought more than two minutes each side score two goals 61 to 57 is still not opened. YE Feng,Jordan 1 Sale, replacing Barnes strengthen the attack. Carrefour to the upper right side of the cover YE Feng received a basketball throw Ariza. The ball into the hands of him took a step foot on the break line of area carrying Odom took two steps toward his hands inside the ball jump (). Basket others are hiding him jump directly into the opponents body this play is likely to cause destruction. Light a foul against him can also be easily created 2 +1 dodge shots if basic went into the game. Odom once again taken a foul to YE Feng pulled down his free throws. 63 than 57. Lakers big Pau Gasol passed the ball after chasing a few steps to the high Ariza latter shot wide. Gasol offensive began to become critical moment of hesitation. He is not qualified leader only suitable when the underboss. Pau Gasol had 22 points at this time has also cast a lot of baskets. Despite his time in Memphis is the absolute core of the team scoring no more than 20 points over his heart if too many shots to tears subconscious telling myself that reduces the passing shot. He is not as dominant inside O'Neill prefers to coordinate the offensive game scoring over 40 pairs of him is top days. YE Feng attract defensive pass to Smith shot the ball blacksmith. Lakers offensive positions outside jumper Fisher took several Carrefour around the front half of his own this time around outside. Gasol into the penalty area before scraping to a rebound. Then the whole series of the most important turning point appeared. Smith ska bit slow moving too late to rob rebounds and Gasol right foot on the right foot in together affected his slightly off the center of gravity shifted. Carrefour also rob rebounds Gasol hit from behind it. Gasol got the rebound unstable ground clutching his left ankle after sitting places. Pause the game referee blows the whistle. One does not look serious foul Gasol stand up apparently sprained ankle. YE Feng heart very surprised. He felt very familiar with the foul. 2010 Finals Perkins injured ways and this is very much like nothing but hurt his knee. As to who is responsible has not argument was Bryant, Bynum teamed together in the basket. Smith and Le Fuken given not intentionally hurt Gasol they just wanted to rob rebounds. Gasol missed the next game if injuries can be much more serious Bipajinsi sidelined (). Perkins just blue-collar Gasol is the Lakers underboss axis inside the triangle offense. If not he can only Odom and Bynum out when the axis of one of the candidates. Gasol teammate's arm slowly lift one foot off the course back to the locker room. Laker's face sè very ugly wrinkle Jackson's head is a "river." Fans are also quiet. Large screen is slowing mirror Buckley sighed: "It seems to be the series winner of this foul enough to the Lakers life. Gasol looks hurt very badly." Kenny Smith also lamented : "may be picking up an injury like a loss to the Lakers inside generals. Gasol offensive role of a great rebounder also ranked first in the Lakers Lakers are now in trouble." Lakers big Pau Gasol not left anything? The presence of the Lakers bench is hard to follow what bully defensive end as the offensive end is impossible to stand up and share this Barea offensive pressure. Jackson,Poppy Collection Coach, seeking a moratorium only for Bynum. Bynum's post game is not a conventional means of attack in this series, he did not show what the low power he has to play well for Hayes. YE Feng and Odom was living proof that Smith did not advantage. This time to rely on Kobe it. Jackson exclaimed: "You can make unlimited shot Kobe can not win now to see if you do not play by their impact on Lamar and Andrew provocative double cover Derek (Fisher) and Trevor (Ariza) on the outside looking for opportunities vacancy must ensure hits. Feng Ye if foul play low resolute do not give him easy shots. "Because of this situation is reversed both fouls. Lakers angle sè players ability unlike their wages so high Vujacic, Walton is the middle can not do anything Farmar nothing offensive okay technical characteristics. Shannon Brown is playing a flash on the fly thanks to the body Lengtou Qing. Clippers center position are now even take the initiative in the same attack by two cast Carrefour rebounding ability Bibainamu better. Clippers players have seen the dawn of victory. Thibodeau arrangement Tony Allen single guard Bryant got the rebound quick counter as long as anti-death match on Kobe Bryant scored (). YE Feng Lakers played the ball inside the right elbow that Odom had arranged YE Feng Thibodeau was spent away from the Bryant case. Gasol Lakers injury leave may stimulate blood xìng to foul tactics. Bryant took a deep breath moves the ball. Allen pressed Odom made the first defense to cover YE Feng Bynum has conducted a second cover ranging Carrefour to stop Kobe Bryant jump shot the ball into. 63 than 59. Angry Bryant would normally do two kinds of things thrown continuously or continuously blacksmith. The first pair of opponents is a great test for the Lakers is definitely a second tragedy. He is not into continuous cast 10 times more resolute will vote 11 times kind of person. Some say it is great perseverance jīng god. Now the Lakers have been playing inside-outside scoring twice when Bryant tactics. Allen also wrapped screens encountered Bryant could not only put the defensive rotations task to teammate Kobe Bryant will be just a little bit slower shots he played very difficult to rely on the pick and roll to bypass it would be another one to get two shots but This is his favorite way of playing the most appropriate manner. YE Feng also changed the Lakers attack man to man. In another fiercely low Odom's foul to send him a free-throw line. Ariza out of position after a foul with effort also like to interrupt his wrist. Lakers players fight. YE Feng III warfare on today's poor into a rub board Ariza's foul also hit his pitching sensation was gone. After two missed the vote. The two sides have a lot of offensive foul play is not smooth. Odom and Trevor Ariza are four fouls and was replaced Clippers Tony Allen, Carrefour has four fouls. YE Feng III had 8 points total of only 17 points. Bryant has found a sense of sudden foreign investment within the single scored 16 points. 75 to 77 Lakers go-ahead score to enter the most crucial fourth quarter. ! @ # <

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