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24.05.2013 03:56
he was certainly a blaze antworten

> One hundred and eighty fourth chapters 33 to 22, the Clippers leading by one on the first section of the book known as the domain name please "Carrefour two points and seven rebounds 1 assists, YE Feng 8 points and 2 rebounds and 4 assists, Smith scored the most, 12 points 1 rebounds 1 assists 1 blocks. wwW! qUANbeN! coM trio score is equal to the Lakers. Kobe 6 vote 2, plus free throws got 6 points and 2 assists, Pau Gasol had 12 points and 4 rebounds. How to deal with large Gasol is the most troublesome problem Thibodeau, this is not withstood Hayes with a force able to get. Gasol in the cast is also very accurate, Hayes and Carrefour are anti-poor, he is 30 today, they might +10, Section YE Feng, Smith's defense on Kobe touches do very well. Tony Allen scored four first quarter points and two assists, zero closure Fisher. Fisher is really old, the pace is too slow, in addition, Allen and height advantage. Fisher watched the performance, YE Feng doubt still do not bring him, even if he came in 2010, in the field can not play much of a role can only be shot. His poor play tough defense and Alan have a great relationship. No matter who is eyeing outside Allen will feel uncomfortable, he always kept moving, stop interfering, to put pressure on the other side. sī the Countrymen Enns said, "egg pain brother" this name is actually tǐng suits him, he can prevent opponents egg pain Ju tight ...... Clippers Lakers mastered life mén. Four rocking debut together, no matter who gave Bryant cover, there will be a dislocation after defender to keep up, there are people ready to defend the side. Bryant had the game in the regular season scored 61 points, his hand coming up will be very terrible, the Clippers need him for special care. Bryant about games, the Clippers four swingman also down. Thibodeau come full lineup, Gortat, McGee, Wright, Morrow, Barea. Lakers play is Marc Gasol, Bynum, Walton, Vujacic, Shannon Brown. Brown is to defend Barea was only jiāo Easy come, Jackson knew Barea in tactical screens can play a significant role in Brown's height is not a disadvantage after the takeover, the speed is also good, better than a single anti-Fisher and Fama Seoul. Lakers keep 23 defense, offensive or twin tactics, the Clippers inside for shock. Lakers Clippers clearly life mén, that is too young post player. Inside the Lakers can be said that the overall strength of the league. Four players are very strong, also sat on the bench difficult to get playing opportunities mbunga. McKee was a small Gasol bullied, his physique can not withstand people. Bynum and Gasol are good small cast, no matter who the high post, the Clippers must have a big anti-out, when the guard is not easy to break through the takeover. Clippers by Barea and Gortat pick and roll attack, but they do not feel good, and into the playoffs, the Clippers players were inexperienced issue came out, they played too fast, Gortat and Mackey has not settled down in the paint, Barea, who on the outside shot, the defense was 122 defense, finally did luàn sets can be useful to the Lakers bench play tricks. Gasol did not get much in the regular season performance opportunities, and into the playoffs, but show strong European players, the team's side, in the handling of the ball has done very well. Six minutes, the Lakers catch the thin 4 points, 40 more than 36. Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant came back, Jordan Farmar, Clippers 5 5 Next, put the four swingman and Carrefour. This is their strongest team available, four together is to limit Bryant. Wharton stay on the floor, unable to put any defensive pressure YE Feng, YE Feng catch has been taken from a high of 45 degrees, squeeze Wharton turned jumper. 42 than 36. Lakers offense, call the left inside Bynum. Carrefour withstood small Gasol, YE Feng on top of a 4-bit defensive Bynum, put him in a perimeter anti-Kobe jiāo gave Barnes to deal with. Kobe Bryant and his first non-alignment, he did not need to chase Bryant it. Bynum's low offensive means, YE Feng is very clear, and together they practiced a summer vacation, Bynum might not get into the basket on the greatly reduced. His personal defense, allowing Bynum not neat turn, after the turn to the bottom line missed a jumper. Carrefour is small Caucasus Rama to high, right emptiness, but fortunately the ball is bounced back in the direction of the YE Feng, he scored after offensive rebounds, took a step sideways pass attack ability, threw the front of the bus Enns, back against Bryant, Barnes took a step, jiāo to chā on Allen. Allen the ball quickly to the inside break, had lost on the basketball into the Jordan Farmar. 44 than 36. They opened the score, Jackson had to admit, the Clippers athleticism is the league, once up and running, it is difficult to defend. Fortunately, their starting lineup defense is good,Cheap Oakley Scalpel, but the lack of a stable shooting point, which makes the Lakers can be arranged at a critical moment teamed YE Feng, emptying others. Lakers offense, Farmar passed Bryant, small Caucasus Rama to high cover, YE Feng with out, Bynum jiāo to music blessed. Otherwise a cover,Nike Jordan After Game Sale, not anti Carrefour Bryant. Bryant won the singles the opportunity, did not rely on the pick and roll, Barnes with very strict, not being swung open, Bryant missed turnaround jumper, Carrefour and control rebounds after. Lakers immediately back on defense, without any procrastination, fear Clippers play fast break. Clippers off the trench warfare. Allen up ball, pass the ball movement of YE Feng, Barnes cover, YE Feng ball into the three-point line, Bryant rotations, the two finally on the bit again. YE Feng Yun ball to the lower body of a step back, almost never met Bryant, just rub a bit, Bryant did not like the foot slipped out of the same root, when it fell stumbled Feng Ye. YE Feng referee blew the ball butt. YE Feng threw the ball side, went to the sidelines technical Taiwan cause, ask to see the big screen playback. He now has fame, into ordinary players such theories, certainly eat a technical foul. Playback of the lens on the big screen, YE Feng back just paste it into Kobe Bryant is still moving backward, and is obviously toes point backwards they want, there are diving suspect. The referee can still upheld. Audience ball mí were all quiet, the ball clear tendency Lakers. So the referee decided that no one way. Lakers won the ball, passed Farmar Kobe Bryant break through the cover back to the high limit Bryant Barnes want to help YE Feng, high leakage person. Small Gasol hit in the cast. 44 than 38. Lakers not the kind you can breath killed the team, Thibodeau is very clear, the Clippers can now look to lay offensive ahead now come easily. This time depends on Feng Ye it. He is the second of the main points. YE Feng Barnes gave the offensive end cover, YE Feng catching the ball right on the Bryant. He will not because a foul was shackled hand and foot, and anti-Kobe Bryant fiercely fight to the inside, then pushed a few inside the restricted area, back out of power, the right hand turned the ball into the bottom line. Bryant an outstretched hand from the waist like Pirates of the ball YE Feng, YE Feng turned and moves very suddenly, full power, fell to the ground to the top of the slip out Kobe Bryant one meter, the referee did not blow the whistle again, Bryant anti-human obviously when your feet are still moving, this is a large gap between the two forces. If we blow YE Feng, that Bryant really want invincible, he can hit lows against all persons six guilty. YE Feng turned to face frame, fully take off,Coach Bags Online, dunks with both hands into the box, and a chin-up baskets are pulled xiōng department, fiercely waving fists landing. 46 than 38. Same two points, YE Feng score gives the visual impact is too great, the Clippers ball mí are crazy cry cheers. After landing he clenched his fists and looked up howling sound, very Tishi gas. Buckley cried: "beautiful. Wolves dunks! Peter Pan flew." Smith Khan said: "Peter Pan fly is not to say such a law ......" Bryant from the ground up, the referee did not go to the theory, go directly to the Clippers halftime. By anti-open dunk, he felt humiliated, but one on one, he did not anti Feng Ye. He became even more depressed, he did not mō offensive to the ball, Jordan Farmar was Allen lateral passing shot down, the Clippers steals. Allen is forgotten the pain, or would like to show jumping, he turned and saw a Farmar's position, there is a certain distance, and immediately jump into the box split button with one hand! 48 than 38. Lakers request substitutions, put Paul Gasol, Lamar Odom, Trevor Ariza, replaced Bynum, Marc Gasol, Walton, in addition to Fisher outside the main have been starting to field. YE Feng immediately and Smith transposition, anti-out of the perimeter, to keep up with Kobe Bryant waved toward shouted: "comeon!" As long as he has the opportunity, it is necessary provocation. Bryant has not desperate to go it alone. For the championship, in order to win, he told Jackson compromise. Would rather lose the data, but also to help the team win. But YE Feng provocation, he was certainly a blaze. At this time there is a big advantage of Gasol playing inside, and Carrefour is responsible for defense, rebounding on the bad, the Clippers bad attack ability, has a series of chain reactions. So not really want YE Feng and Kobe rivalry. Even if the game were to take this series, Bryant 50 points, he had 20 points, the Clippers can cut, he is also very happy. On the surface, he has to pretend an avid singled molecules, yòuhuò Kobe Bryant offensive, but he only anti-jumper, Bryant break it, Smith and Barnes are subject to anti-complement. Said to be singled out, in fact, is the collective defense, ball mí are hard to see these things, look at the data will only feel Kobe really was Feng Ye defeated. Paranoid "Peter Pan" Although aloof, arrogant, character can not be called good, but, and abdomen black "wolves" compared to, or seem very simple. Not to mention Bryant, even the "Zen Master" not now feel YE Feng received the evildoer. Watching the performance on the field, as if Kobe Bryant is the newcomer, YE Feng is playing a 10 years veteran. His attitude and age totally inconsistent. The Lakers, he faced the media always holding Bryant, now completely changed as a person. He had to say, do, and play on the pitch, get together is horrible chain of dollars. The outside world will think this is a credit to Thibodeau, but Jackson and Divac YE Feng familiar feel, ideas are certainly YE Feng thought out. Lakers pass inside, Gasol missed jumper again hit Carrefour, YE Feng Chong grabbed rebounds. Offensively, YE Feng low to the ball, singles Odom, ball retreat, Odom step forward the pace a little big, YE Feng pulled the ball right now, turned extraordinary big step into the inside, Gasol low air trolley escape into the hands of basketball. 50 than 38. After landing, YE Feng side was Joseph while back on defense, rushing around Bryant smiled and said: "defense is too lax, and you want me to take 80 minutes? Oh, I forgot to give 83 points to break my record." Bryant two eyes sparkle, finally jī anger. ! @ # <

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