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24.05.2013 03:50
passed to the left corner antworten

> YE Feng put the word do not know how James choke Jiecha it. wWw, quaNBen, COm "puppet", "son" James least favorite two words. Brown in the team really Huan look at his face sè, and people around the world are saying he was Stern's godson. He likes to give the star treatment alliance, but not like to be said to be only now because of Stern's achievements. Cavaliers starting lineup, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Ben Wallace, James, Mo Williams, Deron WESTERN. Clippers starting five: Gortat, Smith, YE Feng, Wright, Lori. Gortat earned ball victory, the Clippers win the ball. "Big 2, Zydrunas Ilgauskas now almost does not jump up, scrum just upturned toes, he can occupy the Cavaliers starting, thanks to the experience and stability in the cast, he is the league's smartest post player one with a very understanding and James. Lori up ball, pass to Smith, YE Feng like Smith ran the ball through the cover into the third line from the left, Valor Feng immediately blocked the takeover his way, the action is very fast. could become fourth best defensive player, he is not a vegetarian, he excellent defensive ability is mainly reflected in jīng quasi anticipation and highlight a card capability, and extremely excellent complement anti Awareness As long as blocking the first step, let YE Feng could not accelerate, will be able to disrupt his rhythm and he just break and passing two choices will not be easy shot beyond the arc-thirds vote. no ball space, YE Feng want to go back inside the body to protect the ball movement, but squeeze does not move, Wallace's strength was stronger than he, transported〗 〖moving ability and wingspan is not bad, although this state of decline for two years, you can thin dead The camel is still bigger than a horse. Feng Ye the ball and passed to Lori. Lori Gortat cover by pulling away defense, from left breakthrough, Igor Ilgauskas standing inside, from the Lowry two steps away outburst not anti-vote, the opportunity has come out, Lori jump stop just wide, James grabbed rebounds after Knight attack to the front, James catch up, YE Feng stopped in front of him breakthrough route. the teams to deal with James, generally relying on the front of a card bit by extension resistance of his speed back to interfere with a person, such as the Prince in 2006, Hamilton's top ten this, in 2007 the Ministry of Bowen Ken, 2008 Pierce, bō West cream Garnett, and both are so beat the Cavaliers this year, the Clippers let YE Feng and Smith teamed up, but this trick up on failure, Knight has increased attack routine. Moweilianmu Adams cover by Zydrunas Ilgauskas go to the restricted area, the other guard, after bypassing the West after baseline screening Wright, cut along the right-wing flash-point line to the right 60 degrees. Feng Ye positive confront James, can not be taken into account edge of emptiness, LeBron right oblique, West only rely on a screening there will be a third empty when jumper. Ocean. Feng Ye catcher James single defense, let him turn around, using cover, Wallace up against, or using the same method, let him accelerate. Feng Ye the ball and passed to Lori, to the low to the ball, the ball reached his hands, or not, or whether it is James Wallace, are the anti- back of the body of the master. league YE Feng strong upper body strength than the few people who can have two knights, and today he has no power advantage against James Wan Feng Ye two steps, first to shake his right shoulder, to the anti- direction turnaround jumper, this trick is difficult to pull dry cover, after the jump, but he clearly saw James big hands near his ball will be judged out of this cover, relying on superior aerial ability ball gave highs Gortat, attack time is running out, Gortat's interference in Zydrunas Ilgauskas missed a jumper, James and ahead stations scored after offensive rebounds. knight attack, relying on the cover Guards interspersed with anti-run, pulled the neutral, and just the same tactics, Mo Williams 60 degrees beyond the arc on the left side received a pass from James, come in quickly before anti Gortat shot hit. Ocean. Williams The three-point shooting as high as E, had to prevent. Clippers scored twice by the same tactics, poor start. James did the main, the Rockets defeated the Knights began to study how other players without the ball to get empty when tactics have been effective. now simply by "blocking" to defend James, less useful. James even if no points, but also to help the team, he was a good organizer, but you no matter what he can not. Feng Ye have to focus on him. Clippers Wright in the field, but only one-third of firepower, not easy to run out of space, the Clippers perimeter players shot YE Feng offensive to attract double teams need today is not Knight YE Feng will be double-teamed, the Clippers will show out the shortcomings of the offensive on several routines, a pick and roll, it becomes a fighting each other. Lori's high cover break through YE Feng, James does not takeover. Lori positive dumped inside the restricted area, ducked Ilgauskas capping the ball and missed, Wallace grabbed rebounds after. Thibodeau see this situation headaches,Coach Kristin, Lori If you can not ball dropped, it can only make Barea play, so might be able to break the Knights defense can be that way, the defensive end is more problematic. Mo Williams face Barea have obvious height advantage. Lori shooting practice is not Well, first it failed. uniform group has rejected a proposed transaction Thibodeau,Totes Coach Cheap, the Bulls play the last game, Hinrich played very general, they are less likely to introduce the big price huā angle sè player on the All-Star break The trade deadline, rely on this lineup to play now, Thibodeau, somewhat dissatisfied, if this lost, YE Feng He wanted to talk about. Lori and Feng Ye did his teammates in Memphis, YE Feng obstruct his view transactions have personal feelings on the inside, the Clippers really need to be able to shoot threes, defense solid point guard, or do Gongshoupingheng. Feng Ye now a lot of pressure, not into the attack, we must defend. game must not lose if the mouth losing streak, and Ai lì children's convention will start from scratch, it's too angry, he also felt a bit ironic, just says James and his one-time, if agreed, James must own attack, seems to have a good pass so than now. coordinate his opponents fear is offensive strike came, and no place to let him make a strong Knight third offense, Zydrunas Ilgauskas to James at a high level do a cover, blocking YE Feng, James go inside break, Smith fully with the defense department to the bottom line, James stop, reverse direction turned away jumper, ducked Smith and his movements are very ugly, horoscopes tuǐ, let defender kind of kick on his crotch impulse which was dropped into an ugly back. Ocean YE Feng anxious, decided to rely on the pick and roll hard, and now someone has to stand up and score when his tee shouted: "Ma Sim, Josh, evacuated inside. "Teammates one will understand what he meant,Nike Jordan 4 Sale, so the effect is certainly not as good as Wallace Smith hit him storm. YE Feng to the front cover by Gortat without the ball on the outside pulling away from James, Lori ball reached him hands, one on one face of Ben Wallace Wallace also has weaknesses as a single anti-defense capabilities so outstanding, the main problem is his body Lou as inside, his actual height is only 201CM. Feng Ye take After the ball dribble to cross under the low projection, stop turning toward the middle, and Wallace opened a half-step distance, fully one-handed jump shot. shot at the moment, he felt a gust of wind hung behind, know bad. James up against, from the back cover off his jump shot James is also very good at filling-in. Feng Ye turned, already determined to attack, it is difficult to see behind the movement, James let Gortat grasp the timing just right. West picked up a basketball, fast counterattack Mo Williams passed quickly under the latter sprinted over half ball, Lori back against the ball foul, and obstruct the Knights of the fast attack. inbounds sent the ball and handed James's hands, he once again break through the cover of Zydrunas Ilgauskas, basket ball wide range of hands suddenly shifted, passed to the left corner of the West . West rely on Wallace's cover, without the ball ran out of space when. Gortat up against the outside a bit slow, the West side of the shot hit the ball this time Smith basket only one person, the Valor with disabilities and James has occupied the inside. Wallace grabbed offensive rebounds. Carrefour is not, the Clippers rebound control gets weaker. Carrefour in stone plinth, afraid of defensive problems. Wallace's ability to score very poor, did not dare shoot at close range to pass a set of Williams James carrying Smith, hook shot. Feng Ye promptly removed from outside the immediate concern, leaping, a big hat to James Hook fan out, Wright picked up a basketball, tightly in his arms. Gundy shouted: "too beautiful, YE Feng also James a big hat. Qiong Bali exclaimed: "This is really amazing trio's physique, Smith also has merit, he crammed James, so he does not jump high, before choosing a hook." Feng Ye crossed the half, but also reach out to ball, very firm. If even the Knights have to beat the future how to deal with that branch there may be of the "Big Three Heat"? Now may be the Big Four, there Mayo. Mo Williams and West is just to help the Clippers are not guard it, think with Wade and James, YE Feng felt scared. Smith high cover, YE Feng ball inside the three-point line, and Gortat stay in the right corner to attract defense. His breakthrough ball from the left, right on Wallace. YE Feng in the running stop turned to the right side, right hand holding his right shoulder scouts, cited Wallace moved the center of gravity toward the middle, he immediately left crossovers pay full start, suddenly go to the bottom line. Wallace had lost, up against a basket Zydrunas Ilgauskas. The game must win! For ten consecutive victories, fight! YE Feng holding this belief, the right-hand single hand ball, to take-off, crashed into Zydrunas Ilgauskas. YE Feng Xiongshou like to see lunged toward you, Zydrunas Ilgauskas afraid, involuntary step backwards a small step, there is no stop position. Bang! YE Feng split the ball into the buckle frame, also 221CM's Zydrunas Ilgauskas knocked over! ! . <

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