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24.05.2013 03:48
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> Nash speed dribble bottom line, pulling away Chalmers, Morrow up against, Nash ball to Richardson, who empty cut layup. wWw, quaNBen, COm93 than 83. Chalmers ball over half, YE Feng observed location inside lob to Stoudemire hand when they were touched, Richardson steals the sun attack ability. Nash in the box before, passed Richardson Road, Barnes stabbed in the back on defense a little ball in hand, Nash is not perfect, he has averaged 3.6 turnovers, the field of his personal a mistake there. Chalmers picked up a basketball, hands high throw to the front. YE Feng from the low back to the last one and a half Stoudemire together, just easy to launch a quick attack, Stoudemire defense is not active at this moment revealed no, he was in YE Feng side, but did not back in time to recover as unresponsive as put YE Feng pass. Suns back against people only veteran Hill, he knows one is difficult to guard, chose to gamble try steals. YE Feng gave up the ball, handle the ball left alone thrown out, pound rebounds, bypassing the Hill, right hand received a basketball, basketball fill into! Although the missed dunk opportunity, the ball is still very beautiful. 95 to 83. He do not want anything to do bold action, enjoy the play, with the "Prince of Tennis" to explain, almost into the "realm without me." Suns still looking for opportunities to take advantage of post moves interspersed, YE Feng became responsible for defending the pick and roll after Nash. Nash can become superstars, is acquired by effort, passing awareness. His physique is hardly any advantages can be said to be the 96 most slag a golden generation, so Iverson quickly became leader of the stadium, he sat for a long bench, played four seasons gradually host. Nash's primary means of attack is shot, after he reached the inside as Parker, Allen Iverson, who has the power, in the face YE Feng defense,Classic Coach, he was not strong cast, the separation of the ball, hit the ball outside Stoudemire Chalmers missed a jumper. YE Feng-bit cards in the first basket scored after offensive rebounds. Defensive Nash, he just anti-basket is enough, is not out of the basket with the defense. Thibodeau mix of defense is to help arrange YE Feng brush data, opponents shot just does not enter, he is very easy to grab rebounds after. To the offensive end, YE Feng singles Stoudemire also missed jumper trip, the sun quickly hit back, Richardson into threes. 95 to 86. Section two sides also ensures a high hit rate, but was soon Clippers Suns thirds vote cast fear, even if not directly formed YE Feng assists, two can pass on the outside of the air when. The second half, the Suns to a single anti-YE Feng, YE Feng causing three Suns defensive foul, free throw line, six penalty 5, after which he was thrown into a two note in the cast, single scored 14 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists, including an offensive rebounds. His data unknowingly reached a staggering 54 points, 11 rebounds and 9 assists and 2 blocks from his first three pairs of only a single assists. Clippers 104 more than 90 leading 14 points entering the fourth quarter, Nash has scored 28 points and 15 assists, the sun five players in double figures, he was a man of brilliance YE Feng overshadowed. Only three of the Clippers scored in double figures, Wright scored 13 points, Morrow 12 points, two threes stunt have been fully demonstrated. Not only as long as the play will be gains in other areas, YE Feng has seven assists are passed directly to his teammates hit three points, to 14 points ahead, and his teammates dropped into threes a great relationship. Barnes feel bad today, three outside shot is not, if he can grasp the opportunity, the Clippers certainly leading 20 points or more. Fourth one opening, YE Feng Thibodeau benched the rest, put Gortat, Hayes, Barnes, Morrow, Lori. Sun only replaced Dudley and Hill rest, put O'Neal and Barbosa grab points. They did not give up hope of winning. O'Neal hit Gortat much easier than on Fule Fu, anti-progress inside scoring twice, the second time or dunk with both hands, Barbosa also hit a three-pointer, the Suns played 7-0 fourth wave, began to chase points . Thibodeau presence tactical arrangements, said: "worse one assists, will get three pairs of leaves, although not broken scoring records, but it is also good, while others involve the perimeter defense to pay attention, YE Feng received the pass directly shoot the ball, do not pass up. leaves, you have to pay attention to grab rebounds after. "Thibodeau hopes Feng Ye can play super data,Nike Air Jordan 2, but still replaced him rest a few minutes. Raptors sun is not the kind of underdog, it is difficult to be a hammer killed. Their ability to score super, just seize the opportunity to score a few rounds can be recovered. 4 minutes to play, the sun will catch the score within five points, then, YE Feng returned to the field, while playing along with Carrefour, Wright, Barea, plus Morrow, the Clippers still retained four a stable point shooting. YE Feng is not, the Clippers offensive weakness, and now the players he has already produced a strong dependence xìng, others singles ability are not strong enough. O'Neal also immediately replaced the sun, put Dudley, do not give the Clippers play fast break opportunities. Nash, Stoudemire also remain in the field. There is the possibility of winning the sun, it is impossible to go double-team YE Feng, emptying others thirds vote, and if the inside and outside of the Clippers opened, they will be no chance of winning. Sun choose to let Stoudemire single anti-Feng Ye. YE Feng turn around the ball, turned and not the hook Road, Dudley grabbed rebounds after the sun hit back, Stoudemire hit a jumper, get personal section of the field 31 minutes, will be sent out to thin 3 points. Suns fans began to cheer the home team effort. Field, Hardaway on Thibodeau said: "You let YE Feng break four minutes, can not play big, in case the sun reversed to win, would be too embarrassed. Earlier if he had been hit, we may now have to win the match. "Thibodeau Light said:" I believe Feng Ye will not let the sun comeback, he rested for a few minutes to restore a little strength, should be better able to ensure efficiency, and now the sun will not be double-teamed him, uncomfortable with the Suns instead of us. "Feng Ye did not live up to the expectations of Thibodeau, half a minute later, he singles Stoudemire on the right, 45 degrees distance shooting rub board. After only 20 seconds, he turn around and play Stoudemire drives to the basket, resulting in a foul, two free throws, Stoudemire five fouls, the sun had substitutions, came in Amundsen. After only three minutes YE Feng feel once fell into the doldrums, three shots, only grabbed three rebounds after. 4 minutes 16 seconds left in the game, YE Feng high pull-jumper, get personal first 60 points of the game, both sides will be widened to six points. 3 minutes and 27 seconds, YE Feng low to attract a double team, pass the ball back to the highs in assists Carrefour jumper. This humble jumper to help him complete a triple-double feat. 2 minutes 58 seconds, YE Feng grabbed rebounds after a pass backcourt attack ability, assists Barea layup. 2 minutes 34 seconds, YE Feng singles Stoudemire right, hit the turnaround jumper to give the individual first 62 points. 2 minutes and 11 seconds, YE Feng through screens, high pull-jumper, individual first 64 minutes. After a minute and a half, Nash led the Suns played 6-0, the shock waves will be worse again narrowed to thin 4 points. The final 22 seconds, the Clippers the ball, in order to retain hope of winning, the Suns used foul tactics, YE Feng sent on the free-throw line, made two free throws, YE Feng scored 66 points and win the match. Richardson third shot forward, Le Foca people, YE Feng grabbed rebounds after retaining the ball in the arms, the Suns finally gave the Clippers 131 over 125 to win the game. YE Feng played a luxurious data. Overall race 38 minutes, 39 cast 25, Trey 2 in 1, 18 penalty 15 free throws, scored 66 points, 16 rebounds and 11 assists and 2 blocks super three pairs, such data hardly bring people back to the 6,70 NBA, with only 39 shots to get 66 points, with remarkable efficiency. Clippers record over the western sun ranked ninth in the distance one step closer to the playoffs. This is the first career assists YE Feng double, but also get high scores in the case of complete, he also broke his own breath record shots, shooting record, record single-game free throw attempts, free throw records media after the game ...... exclaimed, NBA to regime change. Look in league history, there has never scored more than 60 points can win three pairs, YE Feng has created a new record. The only close to 60 points three pairs of the March 1968 19rì76 people against the Lakers, Chamberlain will display his most wild side out. The audience under the H-53 points, but grabbed 32 rebounds and 14 assists. This data has been super shock known as insurmountable. YE Feng confused now has three pairs scoring record by 13 points. After the terrorist three pairs of records mentioned, people will always remember his name. In the field, YE Feng reporters were put up around. The reporter asked: "Ye, you know how to break a record?" Ye Feng laughed: "I know, in the fourth quarter rest, I knew their own data, the game I want to help team win, did not expect to be labeled as such. "reporter asked:" You never assists more than 10 times, but in this game up to 11, how do you do it? "Ye Feng laughed: "The sun sent teamed me empty when too much, I put the ball in the past, others dropped, and so have the three pairs, I want to thank my teammates, especially Morrow and Wright, they dry too beautiful, there Carrefour, without him to help me cover, I can not play so well. "Reporters also interviewed Carrefour, Carrefour excited and said:" I do not know how to describe this game, YE Feng is a great player I think he has the qualifications and history compared to those superstars fact during the intermission,Jordan After Game Sale, we have suggested that his own attack, we will give him cover, if he did do it, might be able to win 100 points, because Suns no way to get him, but he chose to pass, as he did not want to be selfish person and I think he did get 100 points greater than he led the team, did not let us be on the pitch background, we are a team, and perhaps in the future, he also had the opportunity to break the scoring record. "surrounded by reporters, YE Feng, who returned to the locker room, relying on this game, his position in the league will certainly shift! <

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