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24.05.2013 03:43
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> This season, YE Feng has not really "unlimited shot" over, just feel bad, chances general, his first choice is always pass the ball to his teammates, rarely shot more than 30 times the performance. wWw, QuANBEn, Com Thibodeau Again let him unlimited shot, he was wondering how to do. Nash is a very unselfish player, like teamwork, always put the ball first, he was such a player would like to become a partner who shot infinite? This in the end is to attract Nash, or scare him ah? YE Feng some doubts, but multi-shot is still possible, this does not speed O'Neill singles player, he has absolute confidence. Sun starting five, Nash, Richardson, Hill, Stoudemire, Shaquille O'Neal. Clippers starter Lori, YE Feng, Barnes, Gortat, Carrefour. Race began, Gortat jump better than the jump up O'Neal, YE Feng immediately rushed to the inside, Barnes does not stop the ball, hands thrown up front. Fast break in the first round began. Richardson did not think YE Feng will attack so quickly, was opened a two-step distance, catching catch up, and YE Feng ball burst into the penalty area, only Nash back against a timely manner. YE Feng strong play against Nash, just nobody defense almost, YE Feng ball against Nash walked right into the three steps on the basketball, 2-0. He did not directly come to dunks, it has been is to face it. Feng Ye do not want to be too cruel Nash, Nash smiled after scoring punch also. Nash saw YE Feng smile can not be happy, that look as if to say "Look ye bad defense." Stoudemire made Chuledixian ball, Lori desperately around interference, Nash is still firmly with the ball over the half. With Shaq, Nash can not play like before fast-paced offense, let O'Neal ran bang, not reality. Stoudemire pulled high cover, bypassing Lori Nash, from left breakthrough, Gortat a transposition, Nash immediately put the ball back to the highs, Stoudemire ball gently adjusted his ,nike jordan outlet, jump shot the ball into. 2 to 2. Lori fear this transposition. But now no team does not play pick and roll, and as long as a big player will shoot, can make him sick. His defense when fully take off, it is difficult to cover, jump back and do what is likely to be foul. Clippers offensive, Lori up ball, handed over to Barnes, Barnes stood in the top of the arc, YE Feng ran from the side, homeopathic Barnes, who took over from basketball, the ball from the left into the three-point line, Richardson relatively lax defense, YE Feng Barnes did not just rely on speed and physical contact with the cover put him behind them. Richardson's defense this season is worse than last season, it is no wonder the Bobcats would hurry out of his trade team, veteran Hill's footsteps is not up soon, relief of lateral movement is very slow, YE Feng without any false moves, the ball straining forward a beat, step two strides and he pulled away, a 45-degree angle off the dribble, Hill catch blocks less, playing cricket forward. 4 to 2. Stoudemire on the other side of the anti-Gortat, O'Neal wore Carrefour in the basket, we can not go up against. YE Feng with two goals, and my heart is easily the biggest impression. In the sun, the ball is always in the hands of Nash running, other people have to do is pick and roll and post moves. The Nash passed the ball to Hill, who left 60-degree angle the ball low to the ball hanging gave O'Neill. O'Neill Age is great, tonnage was put in there, Carrefour also smaller laps at his side. O'Neal the ball hard to the inside arch of the few successful squeeze a little empty when turned toward the middle hook shot, 4 to 4. Carrefour mannerisms absolutely can not play, right on O'Neal, his heart also produced a little reverence, he just started to like basketball, when the ruling coalition is O'Neill. O'Neill now still have a strong ability to score, averaging only 11 shots, be able to win nearly 18 points, the efficiency is still prohibitively high. Sun traded him to enhance the purpose of attacking positions indeed achieved. But the defense do? To the front, Lori Pointing beat signal, the Clippers want to double the pick and roll it. Swing on the ball attacking people, this is the most suitable scoring tactics, is not to give him the opportunity he denied dislocation singles never give tactics. Carrefour pulled the first three perimeter, blocking Richardson, YE Feng without the ball out of defense, from the right into the three-point line, the ball reached his Lori's hands, Vista Damai Seoul rotations, Gortat has blocked the second, the change to YE Feng had lost Stoudemire, O'Neal can only pull the paint rotations. O'Neal experienced, he knows he is slow, and two steps from the anti-YE Feng maintained breakthrough YE Feng does not enter the basket, 45-degree angle off the dribble, O'Neill see him jump up again interfering too late, just stretched his hands, YE Feng again rub board hit. 6-4. YE Feng dropped back on defense quickly after, and today he's feeling very good. Sun's third offense was not able to ensure efficient, Richardson passed the ball to O'Neill, O'Neill Carrefour under the full top anti missed a jumper, YE Feng rebounds after a good protection. Continuously throw, Richardson's defense actively xìng come up. He has become the league's top defender "hardware", close with anti-YE Feng, but the Clippers pulled two inside perimeter to cover, he can only be blocked behind. YE Feng punch the ball to the inside, O'Neal experienced, I can see a breakthrough line, but he is too slow, especially lateral movement, so that no lightweight sliding. YE Feng passing, into the inside. Veteran Hill up against the other side to the basket. YE Feng jump to dunk the ball with both hands, Hill jumped on the side pulled his one, destroyed the dunk. His body in the air, tilted in favor of the right hand hit the ball out the ball into the referee whistle, 2 +1. Physically strong players in the basket easily play 2 +1, because even hard foul, it is difficult to disrupt their rhythm. YE Feng and his teammates tapped his hands and stood on the free-throw line in the penalty also. 9 to 4. Sun attack, escape cover by Lori Nash, or to the inside band, this Gortat worry Nash makes a bit slow with the defense, Nash did not pass Stoudemire, a variable speed reached the basket, on their own basket of. 9 to 6. Sun offensive efficiency is not low, but they are not guard the Clippers' double screens, Carrefour advantage of relying stature who did not stop, three involve defense, saying that the withdrawal should be put O'Neal inside. Both sides tried several times to iron, YE Feng again bypassing Stoudemire on the right 45 degrees off the dribble the ball into. 11 to 6. Stoudemire defense has been very positive,jordan online sale, but bypassing Gortat blocks need time, only by O'Neill. But this tactic is to play the sun's Achilles heel, it is impossible to defend YE Feng O'Neill's. YE Feng has had 11 points, Phoenix coach Potter thirsty, had a bad premonition, sun now lost three of the best defensive players, their trouble. Previously may not be able to prevent death Marion YE Feng, but his interference, or at least reduce the shooting, but for now the yù YE Feng is. To have such a fight, etc., how will God knows YE Feng. Nash up ball, still rely on the pick and roll, Gortat rapid rotations, Nash put the ball quickly back to the highs, Barnes let up against Richardson, Stoudemire passed Richardson , YE Feng supplemented defense, which in turn passed on the corner of Hill homeopathy. Suns interspersed moves very beautiful. The bottom line out of the room, veteran Hill third jump shot the ball into! 11 to 9. Hill rarely thirds vote, a maximum of twice, but vacancies still dare shot. YE Feng missed jumper trip next round, O'Neal scored rebounds after the sun is down the trench warfare. After several passes, Nash outside shot is not forward, music Foca with O'Neal, grabbed backcourt rebounds. His attention fully on the rebound, as long as the ball pops determine the direction of quasi almost certain to win, O'Neill is also a cloud. Carrefour grabbed rebounds a landing, immediately throw the ball forward field, a mass attack ability, YE Feng was almost down, Richardson single defense. Come on, before you slam dunk king, now only become the background, so you can see I am most familiar one move. YE Feng mind a good plan, dribbling into the third line from the right, the left hand crossovers change to accelerate delivery, Richardson one to keep up, he immediately pulled the ball right, big step turned extraordinary , into the basket, the ball further leaps. Richard body react quickly, and turned to keep up, but jumped too late, the two collided in the air, YE Feng gently pressing Richardson left shoulder, right hand buckle heavy ball into the basket ! Richardson unstable ground, staggered Zuodao the ground, slide the bottom line. Referee whistle, still have sentenced Richardson fouls, jump when he has a reasonable collision zone, and 2 +1. YE Feng penalty also in 14 to 9. Nash looked YE Feng, I feel very surprised. They played a few games last season, had to rely on his teammates passing attack of Feng Ye actually improved to such a degree. Some people say that now play like Kobe Bryant YE Feng, Wang yù attack the ball very strong, yes. And YE Feng and Kobe Bryant is a difference, and that is play. Bryant has always been known for offensive means comprehensive, but the heart never enough, dare to shoot at each location. When he was a rookie in the key events, critical moment would dare to continuous cast lore ball three consecutive three non-stick. Many people say he finally put an end to the game, but he, as a substitute, a rookie, dare to vote at this time and voted two three nonstick have confidence to continue after the vote, which shares the determination that he eventually became the root cause of superstar. YE Feng different, and now in addition to his fast-break style of play a little fancy,Oakley Sunglasses Holbrook, the rest of the time play is very simple, either you defend the ever-changing, and I will rely on the pick and roll a trick play board. He did not bother to practice fancy stuff directly into a return to the realm. YE Feng increased shots, learning object is Tim Duncan. Duncan's play full of wisdom is very low key, more fans than Kobe Bryant, the number of occurrences in the media less than Kobe Bryant. If we say that Kobe is hard-edged sword, Duncan is an epee no front. Epee no front, the most delicate work. If Duncan shot 30 times a game, but also can cut a high score. The two sides engaged in a fierce exchange that sun scoring points are scattered, YE Feng Clippers in addition to outside, the only cast Carrefour got two points. Section conducted a half, YE Feng is a record 45-degree angle to play board hit, the score 18 to 13. Look at the situation is not good, the sun was suspended coach Porter request. <

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