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24.05.2013 03:42
already covered with layers of insects antworten

The 154th chapter... Golden Dragon shadow Li Jia s è y ù and Ran Hongxia Shuangjian combination, it is carry all before one,Oakley Sunglasses Fast Jacket, not a few minutes to kill more than 300 head bugs, including dozens of order two such results, enough to let the army there people are terrified, even if the change is the gorilla to, may not be able to do this step. Starting on the ground, already covered with layers of insects. Especially the remains of colorful centipede, just like a train like, side by side in the mud, looks very spectacular, if unknown people suddenly see, might think themselves into the old train recovery plant that is twenty meters long colorful centipede body, either all black smelly, either with a sword scar, some even directly on the skull fracture, the body is a high-speed rotating dance twisted R ò u chip too horrible to look at, however...... Li Jia y ù and Ran Hongxia again how powerful, in the large field with two thousand long worm, is still somewhat small. Large insects, up through the Li Jia y ù side, even through the willow silver yarn, Ling Shaoping, through the Yanzisu, Sun Weiwei, and the defence the back those strength low ability to fight a group,Jordan Big Ups Shoes, Sogang University is better, the unions are already stretched,Coach Handbags, some do. The death toll, quickly to increase soon, hundreds of casualties. There are several combat consciousness difference combatants, are positive with amoebae, just be on terms of intimacy, the overhead but flying insects from sulfate a string of strong corrosive liquid, immediately won the bid, "grow" out rotten black smoke, the body also quickly melted like corrosion, high light sh è. The snowman, finally melt even the bones are not left, is bug terrorist lethality may only need to blow, can let the human relax a dead man. Ironically, the combatants are above the level of higher order, even had a two lower order series mage, he if the reaction is fast enough, absolutely can use sand shield sulfuric acid bugs to attack block, not only save themselves, a few companions can even save next. Unfortunately, life only once, they were no longer a chance. "Insects, worms, is full of bugs, this how to kill to end......" Some fear people feel numb scalp, eight hundred people in the face of more than two thousand worms, one can imagine the pressure, insects like inexhaustible locusts, kill a head and more came, as if never cease, anyone can raise a heart to. Battlefield casualties have appeared at the rear, while the citizens more needless to say. The amoeba, poisonous spiders, blue beetle is nothing, but the sickle beetles, insects, ticks the Dragon sulfate high maneuvering x ì ng bugs are a small part of crossed the line, just flies to two kilometers outside of the people there for a time, people who suffered quite appalling attacks, a potbellied middle-aged people of sulfate corrosion of adult cadaveric water, a youth was sickle beetle harvest head, a young children are flying louse up the sky, biting into a piece of broken R ò u, with the half body straight.

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