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> 95 to 74 road victory over the Clippers with 21 points. WwW. QuAnBeN. cOm to the fourth quarter, some of the 76 people disappointed fans leave early. Lost the game, proved a complete failure 76 summer signings, the Clippers are the big winners in the summer transfer market. YE Feng 27 shots 12, 9, 6 free throws, scored 30 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 steals and four blocked shots, he hit 15 iron, 76's formation is not easy onrush insider attack. And rocket battle over the future, YE Feng in steals with experience, saw an opportunity to turn around when the person with the ball when ready to take the first step to look at physical contact, upset the rhythm after the opportunistic hand. YE Feng-face or rarely attempted steal, rob, it might be too off. Elton Brand performance can only be considered quite satisfactory, scored 16 points and 7 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 blocks. Such data certainly do not deserve his share of the huge 82 million contract. In the game, he looked more like a rookie than YE Feng, low hit by storm several large cap. Iguodala even worse, the second half completely mad, only 2 of 11 shots, plus free throws by 8 points. Javier. Mackey played the best game of individuals, had 18 points, nine rebounds and three blocked shots, Smith also has 14 points, five rebounds and three blocked shots, and today the Clippers sent a total of 11 to 76 people remember big hat, cap the home team dizziness vertigo. Thibodeau's fame played out, people are starting to believe that the Celtics Big Three together after one season to win the championship, losing in the league standings first defense is to his credit, and now he also put This impregnable defensive style brought Clippers. Clippers offense is not good, not much point of attack, but the defensive to the counter attack too sharp, often able to score easily, and is to end the fighting with the dunk. When interviewed, Thibodeau very modest, but touted YE Feng lot. "I arranged a tactic, it must be someone to perform, the opening 76 of the defense is very good, but fortunately we have a super team scorer, he has a way to lead the team out of trouble. There he is, we have a chance to overcome any ball team. "reporter asked YE Feng, he said:" Tom is a great coach,Nike Jordan Play In These 2 Sale, and now he proved himself, he not only good to build a defensive system in the quake has also done very well, it is obvious today we only let 76 people get 74 points, which is a great victory. "reporter asked to foul on Andre Iguodala, that foul counted in the YE Feng, because he was off from behind, a dangerous action. His hand to cover the ball, and it did not blow foul. YE Feng sighed: "I did not mean that foul, and I Josh, Javier have this problem, probably too much to jump because of it, saw someone wanted to cover down into the restricted area, I did not think Josh will During that time off, and then coming together, but fortunately Iguodala right, it is indeed very dangerous. "Iguodala where is all right, almost hung up, because the body than normal well before survived. YE Feng's words sound a little threat meant, then a player to dunk Clippers restricted weigh again take action to avoid serious injury. 76ers game is indeed not a few dunks. 23rì, the Clippers back to back away to the New Jersey Nets, YE Feng Yi met. They are not on the bit, but still was a lot of hype out. They chatted for a few before the start of their Star game in New Orleans did teammates, is an old acquaintance. YE Feng suggested he play tougher, especially on the defensive end, do not be afraid, a little hard to have committed a foul, as long as self-confidence, the fans will be on him greatly changed. Yao also said something similar before, Yi Jianlian can listen into how to go do not know. Yi Jianlian Green Arrow gum pocket, asked: "Come one? Advertising you do, do not eat it?" YE Feng took the gum, Khan said: "I usually eat ......" You really should thank I shot this ad if it will make you be scolded worse, endorsement fees will not make much of. YE Feng thought. After the start of the game, you know in your own words YE Feng Bai said, Yi Jianlian play like a big shooting guard, and always at the periphery swinging screens Ends stood still did not move. The lineup for the Nets, Thibodeau sent Mackey and Carrefour together starter, Smith served as the 3rd place, YE Feng No. 2 position, point guard or Lori. When the defense 32 defense. This arrangement of the lineup, the Clippers height is assured, Smith perimeter defense Yi, YE Feng marker Carter. I do not know Yi Jianlian is not too bad points, the Bucks backcourt when there are two mad mad suddenly cast a malignant tumor, to the Nets, and ran into Harris and Carter, they occupy the ball, will not be easy let go, you throw all my throw, I brought you over and then throw throw, expect Yi Jianlian themselves to compete for the ball, it can be difficult. Rookie of confidence is very important, Yi Jianlian full time wasted. If he was chosen to go solar year, the Warriors team that dislodge bombers, would surely be a lot better now. 32 defense in limiting breakthrough has a good effect, but also to limit the threes, Harris suddenly not enter inside, the strength is greatly weakened, can only guarantee the counterattack scoring efficiency, Carter is only used in the perimeter jumper to again and again attack the basket. Nets can still attack, the defense is worse. YE Feng per catch is very easy, you can pull-shot, break more easily,Coach Bags Sale, as long as a cover, always a step behind Yi Jianlian with anti-, YE Feng basket can be washed easily score the ball, he suspected Yi intentionally to it. Clippers 99 to 87 victory over the Nets, will extend winning streak to six games. YE Feng scored 41 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists a cap, almost a man to get the Nets. Rookie sibling competition is also very attractive, Nets center Brook Lopez played out sè, many singles in the low Carrefour, he got 18 points, but only grabbed three rebounds, eight points and 12 rebounds Carrefour's data seems to be better. This game is a new attempt, Carrefour responsible anti-human, Mackey played in the same basket as Camby is responsible for filling-in blocks. Inside combination of both of them will not have been ringing off the hook. Today, the Clippers received official forum is completely covered. Fans are beginning to recognize there are two teams in Los Angeles. And others treated differently, YE Feng is now out of the airport, there is a driver pick Stirling home, take him directly back to the villa. Mei Mei went to sleep, the next day there are people preparing food. I recall that he had just joined the Lakers, their every day to a nearby small restaurant to eat, or eat fast food,Coach Poppy Collection Clearance, quality of life is really a world of difference, and now he is like a wealthy young master it. Out of the door, there are maids passing asked: "Yep, you up? Lady in the living room, breakfast should give you get past it?" "Get over it, thank you." Maid smiled, and walked away the. From the room to the living room, YE Feng met a lot of people feel today, people will look at his villa eyes are not the same, to see Ellie children, smiled and asked: "Early ah, today we look at how my eyes a little strange? "Ellie child threw the magazine to him, smiled and said:" Probably because this magazine, right? 2008 attractive actor on the list, you are eighth in this survey, but the results of their female xìng, very authoritative a magazine. "YE Feng took over looked, above his Wolverine movie posters, as well as a few together and Allie child street shooting. Some photos are, he does not know when to be shot down. Made a star, his judgment reduces the paparazzi. He has transformed the corner sè, no longer a thing of the past in mind. Magazine called him off the court, exudes a unique oriental charm. Xìng envy of most women is his loyal, though popular in Los Angeles, but he does not have any scandal, and Allie out almost all children. Stirling a double into right. And there are notes, YE Feng nickname "wolves" in life but it is a rare good man, and as such it captured the Clippers female captain's heart. Allie children laughed: "You too good public image, you really do not understand so many fouls on the court, why are you nice things that people say." "You're also very good ah. Princess, people like you are not in Los Angeles Many do? "YE Feng sat beside her, took her hand and said:" For example, I. "Now they have developed a habit in hand, watching a movie, but also against each other lying on a bed talking, relationships and nearly a lot. Allie children laughed: "You're a strange man, a woman outside you do so much good, but why look for me." Feng Ye believe in fate. He felt that God let him come back to this era, not just to play basketball so simple, Allie children encounter such a talk to the people, but also help each other, is fate. If he side with the magic sword, maybe beep will sound. YE Feng smiled and asked: "What do you talk about where we are inappropriate ah?" Ellie children lazily said: "age, you just born, my age is already six times that of you." Feng Ye Past Age Bi Yili children more, do not think that age was the problem, said: "We want to be together for a long time, so I one hundred years old, when I'm your age, but bigger than six percent." Allie children asked again: "I do not want children in the future if you can accept it?" Ye Feng laughed: "Never mind, I shot" Wolverine "in Hollywood, when Pitt and Jolie met, they have more children, there is Empty go to their homes, like what to tuck away in a smooth coat. "Allie children laugh. They are happy to talk, maid brought the breakfast, the two topics bad to continue, had to wait for people to go, to eat first. Because he said to tuck away other people's children, Allie children laughing most of the day, good atmosphere, have been destroyed. Feng Ye come to experience a little later to talk about feelings to deep, not just joking. 25rì, the visiting Clippers vs. Hornets. The game Paul Lowry pack a meal, hit 35 points and 11 assists and four steals super data. Clippers rookie who is collective misfiring, change will not play, and how to vote how biased. YE Feng played a few away, but also a bit incompatible Staples basket, scored 24 points, shooting only Sicheng. 89 to 104, Clippers game winning streak was ended. Despite losing, or the applause of the audience gave the Clippers. They have a good record, losing a few games, all is on the league's top teams, glorious defeat. <

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