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24.05.2013 03:35
beginning only smoke every day dozens antworten

The 133rd chapter survival problems... Various behaviors of eight earthquake blood demon, it is becoming too, beginning only smoke every day dozens of people, and later her appetite for a time to grow, the pawn to those left behind the vulnerable groups, is now rampant and clinking, even all of a sudden the police five hundred or six hundred people were killed, it is provocative red Luo bare, positive forces people to declare war, hatred, no one does not want to kill them, but the problem is...... Demon blood is too cunning, haven't seen her true colors, because all seen her true people, are dead. And worse,Crossbodys Coach Bags, she seems to be hidden in the six hundred thousand people inside, as an ordinary person, let the army has great capabilities, it is extremely difficult to put her out in the face of this difficult situation, Lee and the head of the gorilla can be at a loss what to do, only to notice the following people strengthen prevention, then slowly find the way to deal with the blood demon. "Hey...... It is a rock and a hard, light is the insects under our breath, and the hidden forces led by the fallen angels look at fiercely as a tiger does, and now run so special suck human blood demon, who knows she'll grow to the point where, she might one day run to suck me have high-level blood......" Colonel Li is really the mind is very confused., burdened with great pressure, in the face of chaos and bad situation, he really felt exhausted,Oakley Oil Rig Outlet, a splitting headache. At this time, six hundred thousand of the escape team are ready, once again on the new way of escape. The citizens of many big events that happened last night, some people just smiled and groans, some personnel were not related to their own, the rest can only numb to, in fact they can have what reaction? These days, they have suffered enough, and faced death threats of all kinds, all who die every day, every day to see inexhaustible death and killing, vaguely, they are on the others died some bored and numb. Now, people are concerned about the safety of life, just as well as the problem of food and clothing. Security issues, they are incapable of action, only by the army and their team of the civil power, so they can manage, also is only the food and clothing, this several days, the temperature at night as in the past to cold, but also a step by step downward trend, now at a minimum temperature was only four or five degrees, according to this way down, perhaps in a few days or 10 days, on the evening of may be below zero, it can be really cold people do not pay these days, do not know how many people cold have a fever, whole body limp, but each team had some water mage and therapists, but common cold can have a fever down a man. As for food...... Have started to get nervous. The journey, and the night against the cold, the body will consume a lot of calories, so people eat fast food, some are not fully prepared for the public,Oakley M FRAME clearance, with the food will be exhausted, it is going to face hungry predicament. Although this way, a way to Danzhu town and Pingnan County, but the two local food remaining less and less, and >

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