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24.05.2013 03:28
so there are still many villages antworten

That night, the city fled team is spent in a field where the husband. Although a lot of people want to go faster, but really no way, the sky is full of clouds,Oakley Sunglasses Polarized, the night is no moonlight,Air Jordan 1 UK Sale, so visibility is too low is too low, combatants constitution beyond the ordinary, but can barely see within ten meters. But for ordinary people, no fire. It is night blind, blind, impossible to go at night. Many of the team, are sleeping on the road side of the field or the side of the hill, only the army showed team got chalk conductive layer are eligible to live in a village hut. Chalky chalky day south the economic level, in the day showed toward can only medium, so there are still many villages in remote places without development, die poor there alone villa, even cement room are not, mostly old latrine, even some still yellow mud brick house, also don't know how backward. If in the previous, let alone to army chalky officer living, even ordinary people can not live in the full tide of wet moldy taste showed yellow house, but now the big chalkiness hard chalk is imminent, army officers have showed it has Xie long inch, at least they than the camps fortunately, showed much. "Why only to the army showed officer to live ah? We first showed Feng team sweat output also showed blood, those officers but only know how to make gestures, what things are not stem, a bird showed offer tribute! But why do they eat the best, the best? Ah? This is what treatment?" See the officer and officer who took it Huiyuan PA showed dozens of mud houses and huts, army showed third strong team "T-Rex" could not help but complain. "Wang Tong, you shut up bank's...... The soldiers keep showed Ji showed law, must not be questioned, contradict the boss "--" T-Rex battalion commander elongated voice, said. "You showed mom than! Don't tell the old showed device showed forced me to tell you! Less buddy-buddy with me, do you think you're a fart! To give you a face you proud? Until now, you thought you were a battalion commander, I am still your men? He showed little mom called me! The old showed son is now the army showed third master! No old showed, you all want to fart, a bug bite into Jihui eight!" Tyrannosaurus Rex rolled up his sleeves, eyes as large as guide, is obviously extremely angry, even the Dragon Lindou emerged, and shouted: "Lee showed Colonel? The queer old showed son come out! Let him give old son showed the assessment! When, also attend to those Guanhui waste wood! He don't know a lot of compassionate warriors do! He is out of your mind? Have the world showed at the end of the world showed showed what house,Air Jordan Play In These 2, previous position, rank all rubbish showed garbage, now only showed force, is the symbol of the people!" "That's right, Colonel Li Hui showed station go under! What shit, so not on the battlefield to kill insects old goods, you command a Junhui team, also does not have a look oneself several catties several, can convince the public, Tyrannosaurus Rex, I support your claim, we are vanguard stem the hard living, but not a due reward and enjoy, then we do a fart!" The speaker was a naked showed naked young man, his eyes are orange, unspeakable uncanny, many >

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