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24.05.2013 03:23
everyone can feel the air dull antworten

The ninety-sixth chapter after the army at this moment, even if Li Jiayu do not shed rearing their own nineteen years of Xijiang River City,oakley for cheap, also had to pull on the peer, rapid getaway. Those bugs behind, absolutely not make fun of, perhaps Li Jiayu's strength can beat one or two heads and two Takahashi Sako, but if a ten head, head, Li Jiayu will die without the burial ground, not to mention the worm surge of the worm is thousands or hundreds. A burst of cold wind blowing, everyone can feel the air dull, every breath, feel an unpleasant stuffy feeling, even can smell strange xingsao taste in the air. In order to save the spirit, in order to compete may encounter the swarm, Li Jiayu had already cancelled the horse to a walk. Mom. I can't move. You back to me......" The team ran a mile, the sister of Yang Xuyan, a eleven - two year old girl turned pale and pleaded. "Oh, you silly child, hold on a minute, mother back too many things, not back to you......" Middle-aged women pant like a bull a fat, some distressed to see the daughter, but incapable of action. Yang Xuyan one family, from more than seven in the morning the clock will climb up, all the way to the west to busy, has now gone seven or eight hours, there is no rest period, with just one run, these people had no strength, where still carry a forty or fifty kg child. Unless, the preparation of a few jins food away, but the food is the priority among priorities, where willing to throw away? Because of city outskirts of the rural, the Yang Xuyan family child some more, cousin cousin like to have three or four, in addition to my cousin is a young women in their 20s, others are under thirteen years of age, the body of bone are weak. Eight countryman countrywoman, dragged three or four children escape, one can imagine the difficulty, the helpless, the forehead is full of sad middle-aged man some hope to see Li Jiayu. In his eyes, Li Jiayu be equal to anything, fighting capacity and terrible, if Li Jiayu would help him hug daughter, should be as easy as blowing off dust...... Not the village people to be insatiable, but they are really tired of going to get on the ground, hand carrying a bag, behind the backpack together have thirty or forty pounds. "I come, * * *, the elder sister to hold you go." Li Jiayu does not have any representation, he faced the middle-aged man desired look does not make any response,Nike Air Jordan 2 UK, but Ran Hongxia is different, she is honest, warm-hearted smile, pretty face glow with a sun sun light. Ran Hongxia was born with a kind of appeal and affinity,Nike Air Jordan Womens Sale, not only let everybody loves her, even her own is also very helpful, she unlike Li Jiayu only cares about their own people but to stranger indifference, on the contrary, she always in the premise conditions permit, as far as possible to help vulnerable groups. So, Li Jiayu would often taunt dyed red hair right, justice spring, but they are two concepts of life who to who wrong, really bad comments, after all, two people will insist on their own in the future days savoir-faire ideas, take our own road, the final achievement legend. "Sister you on the morning......" The little girl was Ran Hongxia >

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