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24.05.2013 03:17
that oneself do not have what access antworten

"Wolf nucleus? -- all the boys eyes emit light,Nike Air Jordan 1 UK, excited, they had to admire the school guard at the red-roofed beetle insect crystal, one can greatly enhance the strength of arm, instantly become Hercules, but they also know that oneself do not have what access. The first text} now, they only need to guess it is possible to obtain a more precious than red beetle insect crystal nucleus, it is just pie in the sky ah, you know half of the increase in Tu is much more useful than its force strength, at least can run faster! The students excited, a cry: "up to thirty meters!" "Forty meters......" "Forty-five meters is the limit......" "Fifty meters, up to fifty meters!" "Sixty meters...... At most only half the size of a football field, no more." Even some classmates to guess seventy or eighty meters, however, these students are Lu à n guess, because they are combined with the actual situation, after all, Jiangfeng physique just than ordinary people prefer a little, and Lin Zhibin is the J ī ng exhausted, sweating back faster dehydration. Admittedly, Jiang Feng is vice president of the student union known as the prestige, won the students respect,Jordan New School Shoes, Lin Zhibin is also the muscle R ò u raised a meter of eight men, but two of them and then how are ordinary people, ordinary people with ordinary people shackles, no matter how hard can not be beyond the normal range, no matter how hard could not better than inheritance -- the students like to. Even if they are two extraordinary play, even if they were two best, even if they burst potential, probably only two times the level reached the normal people, which is forty or fifty meters...... "You guess me down...... Then, Yan, Lin Zhibin, you begin!" Li Jia y ù expressionless face, patted two necks, indicating they can act. "Drink!" Yan and Lin Zhibin make the knee off the ground, tiptoe and palms limbs stretched, rickety straightened his back. This posture, extremely difficult! On the back of carrying one hundred and twenty pounds of body weight of students, in their eyes, simply do not focus on the soles of the feet, but also pressure the whole lumbar bone very uncomfortable. This position for strength, almost no less than stand with arms to walk, even worse than one-handed push-ups. One-handed push-ups, ordinary people have someone to help balance the body of words can do seven or eight to forty or fifty that really makes the old life! Jiang Feng this is the first time to do the death crawl, his hands are trembling, lose a bit can not climb up,Oakley Holbrook clearance, while the next Lin Zhibin is unbearable, he hold a. Gas, elbows, staggering, almost fell to the ground. "Go back, you back one hundred and twenty pounds of students, even if is not climb step also consume a lot of energy." Li Jia y ù voice ringing in their ears. "Good!" Answer Yan and Lin Zhibin by common consent, red face, very heavy to move limbs, slowly crawling. At this time, many students stadium watched over, looked at the lawn like crawling two people, and at the silver flashes of Li Jia y ù. "Huh? Li Jia y ù? He is the master will drop from the identity, run with those of ordinary >

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