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24.05.2013 02:56
and those of the rotting pork mixed together antworten

The most let Li Jiayu speechless is, some pork stalls lay several dead, all chewed up badly mutilated, arm, ribs, visceral fall in pork stall, and those of the rotting pork mixed together, resulting in a very chaotic visual effect. Who would have thought that such a day, pork stalls is not only the pork, there will be human flesh? In times of peace,Oakley Oil Rig clearance, pork is ten dollars a pound, in the market can be seen everywhere, and pig meat is a shortcut to get rich,Coach Purses Online, do not know how many people support, at the same time is also the most widely sold pork meat, being made into a variety of delicious, pork, twice-cooked pork, braised pork, pork braised in brown sauce, fried meat, potatoes piece of oil over meat, many pork dishes by human love. Now, standing at the top of the food chain no longer appears to be human, but human flesh for food! Pork, chicken, what seems to be no insects interest, human has become hot demand, where there is person pork flavor, there were bugs appear! It sounds quite ironic...... However, I think it wouldn't be anything wrong, the reality is the reality, in peacetime and disaster time, always follow a rule, that is the law of the jungle. Even in times of peace, human beings do not have captive pig dog, their meat as food, they are small, they do not fight, they have no wisdom, so in humans, they are inherently should be human slavery, swallowed, but in the pig dog inside the eye, humans did not like a worm the butcher demon. So, in Cataclysm, the human become the belly of the spirits of the dead insect was consistent with the laws of nature, to which day human strong, will still because of the lack of food and killing insects,Nike Jordan Flight 9, put fresh insect flesh as food, you come to me, playing awfully, war will last forever! However, these are not the concern of Li Jiayu, he now walk quietly in the vegetable market, with many cover, the vegetable market in the obstacle avoidance with worms eyes, still bugs slack period, and the food market bugs rarely, but Li Jiayuzhen did not want to provoke a crowd like that. Bug hunt. When the path fish stall, Li Jiayu to the fish pond, fish disk inside glanced at, but see the inside has already filled with rainwater, a different color fish still full of vigor and vitality in the water swim to swim, they must feel very fortunate? Because of the coming cataclysm, fishmonger dead fled, never mind to realize these slaughter fish, that should have been on the day sold was made into fish soup fish alive today, they are relative to the many died in the insect mouth of the people has been very lucky, at least they will not be eaten, but only because one day, die or starved to death. The food market, a quiet, only Li Jiayu and the mummy that micro not heard footsteps, as the dark octopus and Li Jiayu into the summon space, no way, who let this fellow wiggle it too loud? You can hear the chicken duck calls, but they are still kept in cages, no way out fooling around, or already filthy >

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