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24.05.2013 02:50
beautiful things of all kinds of food antworten

Indeed, Li Jiayu had almost forgotten the taste of the snack, now suddenly see the supermarket a superb collection of beautiful things of all kinds of food in the limelight, packaging, potato chips, cookies, cakes, milk tea, roast chicken, hamburgers, milkshakes, fruit juice, fruit, ice cream, although the air mixed with the rich smell of blood, but Li Jiayu still feel oral and,Coach Purses Outlet, there is a glut oneself with delicacies. Three two drink a bottle of coffee, Li Jiayu don't mention it again from the counter and picked up a bag of pickled chicken, tearing open will go into his mouth, whether his side lay half have been eating rotten corpse, chewing gulps, eat a mouthful of oil flow, slowly way: "oh...... Is this smell, haven't tasted, although not as good as red beetles so juicy meat, rather than 'mayhem' so refreshing elasticity...... But, I want to relive the taste for a long time......" Xiao Wanqing and Ran Hongxia look a bit strange looking at Li Jiayu, a time did not know what to say. Seeing so many nasty corpses, also smell so strong bloody flavor, this guy, this behavior is different from ordinary barbarian can actually calmly eating? Already a yellow bile vomiting all light blue moon turned up her eyes, one's face turned white., she looked at the residual corpse of minced meat offal,Coach Kristin Online, and looked back at the supermarket door insect body, finally looked at Li Jiayu chew lips, heard him bite chicken bones "pa" sound, throat an acid, but lie retching up on the ground, also said: "Li Jiayu was hesitating in speaking...... You are a rough neural? You drink coffee or something even though, but you actually eat salted chicken...... Disgusting, don't you think this time, eating meat is not suitable? Don't you think chicken like those are being ripped flesh as nausea, a piece of human flesh, with the blood of the......" Chu Xiang, wind, Chen Kun and several had a hard so long also very tired, just want to bring some snacks to eat, but they heard the blue moon left a "sick", "human", the right sound immediately no appetite, and even has a faint sense of nausea. "Not the body just, it lay the corpse, I eat my flesh, each one minds his own business., peaceful coexistence, what good nausea?" Li Jiayu lifetime with undead mix for a long time, have to ignore, the scent of what be accustomed to, so he is very ordinary, in the days of famine, there are many hungry people directly kill and eat human flesh, and even some organization, specialized storage flesh sausage, sold -- but this heresy organization usually soon was completely destroyed, no large-scale military city will allow the organization to survive, even Li Jiayu out experience when they are touched several waves of human slaughter group, but they will be very tragic Li Jiayu summoned demon animal swallow usually. This is called by his coin, repay unfailingly! "Hey...... Many words I do not say, blue moon, you really are too fragile, motionless on the nausea and vomiting what, psychological quality is not good,Crossbodys Coach UK, others say it is indifferent, but you are the deformation of division, one day you will be on the battlefield." Yes, I am. I'm a >

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