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24.05.2013 02:43
those who had years of dust antworten

This suddenly appear white hair mangabey, cold and picturesque, but who is Li Jiayu? Calling moon pill for more than a minute, Li Jiayu's heart is like a roller coaster, up and down, change radically, he thought he would still like the previous rebirth as heart as cold as ice, in the face of anything besides. Return to the he nineteen years old, is no longer dark summoner, no outstanding strength, heart seem too more and more back to when I was young, sensitive, but also full of vitality. "China Xiaolu!" To recover the moon shot Li Jiayu went to the first thing in front of Hua Xiaolu, squat on the floor, put her hand in her arms, but she was pale, left leg was poisonous spider barb stabbed wound bleeds black blood, gas spread, let she originally pure white thigh with a black! She's a goner, if it is not adhere to the number of seconds! "Jiayu...... Jade is better?" Hua Xiaolu slightly and pale lip, tired but stubbornly opened his eyes, looked at Li Jiayu like nostalgia, with all strength: "you, you must be very have a headache, i...... All around you...... You know, I'm very vain, is wrapped around you, because you are so provoking love, I want to take your hand,Air Jordan 5, and take you into the grass, let the woman I envy...... Don't be sad, for me, die beside you, than to die in the insect mouth they are lucky enough......" You are out of your mind. Why do you want to stay? You little a little anthomaniac will die? Vanity value a few cents? Handsome not handsome also cannot eat when the meal, Mr. a fart to use? And I'm not handsome ah! Motherfucker, dead who also don't you die!" Li Jiayu crude for breath, those who had years of dust-laden memory bit welled up in my mind, it was almost forgotten memory, for Hua Xiaolu is not in the past few months,Air Jordan Store, but almost Huangruogeshi for Li Jiayu! He still remember the girl called Hua Xiaolu bold style, when freshman party has announced that Li Jiayu is her dish, who also can not tell her rob, make Li Jiayu embarrassed. He remembered, Hua Xiaolu all day not to mind taking the trouble to haunt him, occasionally in the dining hall out to send him to do lunch, even tough to the male dormitory guitar on his love for Li Jiayu! Can say, Hua Xiaolu is the most headache for Li Jiayu, although Hua Xiaolu want him when the sexual partner, but Li Jiayu to Hua Xiaolu as a very good friend of the opposite sex, are not willing to see her to die. "Dark octopus! You idiot return Leng dry what! Quickly I found! Have a look the eight poisonous spiders have brain nuclei! If not, you're dead!" Be full of excitement. Li Jiayu against the dark Octopus yelling, dark octopus is covered all over with cuts and bruises, but after hearing the order immediately bulging eyes, stuffy track: "this...... This search...... I'm to blame. A lack of...... Make beautiful female...... Poisoning......" The speech,Coach Bags Outlet, Kuro Aki only nine tentacles act together, to be cut into pieces of poisonous spider brains inside search. Poisonous spider fluids are usually with poisonous, but there is a saying things, poisonous spiders brains do not contain toxins, but the heat-clearing and detoxicating, nourishing the body, myogenic check >

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