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> Finally debut in the race, looking at the audience crowded, YE Feng took a few breaths. So many people watching, if you play well, maybe these people will go online posting said the Lakers should sign me, I had to demonstrate that he can play NBA. YE Feng was thinking, suddenly a sore back, was severely a slap shot. Fisher's strange to see him, which gave him a slap in the face and exclaimed: "You Do not panic! Recall these days to learn things, the training time how to do now how do you train it in defense but Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom. Warriors What these people count? your defense to live them. "Fisher always take care YE Feng, say words of encouragement, YE Feng nodded gratefully, go onto the field. Both adjusted lineup, replaced by several bench. Warriors power forward position put Brandon Wright. Wright is a rookie this year, the first round eighth overall by the Charlotte Bobcats selected. YE Feng one standing beside him, the feeling that he is a freak, this guy's arm is too long! Wright deadpan, looks like a Daitou. His height 206CM, wingspan has reached 223CM, YE Feng arm is longer than the length, but he weighed only 91 kg. Bobcat chips for him to do is to take away the Warriors Richardson, the Warriors are very optimistic about his potential. YE Feng summon the strength, this is a good opportunity. He remembers nothing remarkable past Wright, parallel one. Today, the league but nobody knows it, as long as the beat Wright, his evaluation will definitely improve. Lakers offense, Farmar ball into the front court, Bainamula to high cover charge, and his cast of more than YE Feng prospective, YE Feng then moves to prepare air cutting and scraping offensive rebounds. Wright's speed quickly, is the more astonishing big, keep up YE Feng. As long as someone around to follow YE Feng, will not be back the ball to his hands, his singles are simply not to be trusted. Farmar at the edge of the lane gave Radmanovic conflict points, which in turn shifted the ball quickly to the bottom of the foot Vujacic. Vujacic ball on the third shot, the ball bounced out of the box. Wright upper body strength is poor, 84 kg bench press to push twice and was stuck in the behind YE Feng, but the shooting guard Mickael Pietrus on the rebound position of judge is very accurate, red grabbed rebounds, YE Feng rushed back on defense . Speed ​​is the only magic weapon for winning Warriors, Pietrus scored rebounds on forward pass attack ability, ranging from fundamental post player off the bit. Davis end, the Monta Ellis is the team's first main point, the ball reached his hands, he started for the Lakers the ball on the half-rushed, easily pulling away Farmar. Ellis ready to jump on when the emergency stop when YE Feng jumped from behind, gliding forward rushed past, Ellis response soon, shooting into a feint, watching YE Feng flew from their own side , but he think when shooting opportunity has been lost, Farmar back on defense in place. YE Feng said in the other basket, Bynum back on defense than Xianpao much faster, a few steps over the half, just the distance from the starting jump landing enough jump from the free throw line to the basket, which is what up against a success! It was found that, Barkley was surprised and said: "My God, how far he had just fly?" Smith said: "Sure enough, the quality is terrible." Wright also went to the basket, and YE Feng came close defense, put him outside the region stand in three seconds. Ellis passed the ball outside of Barnes, looking out of the outside cover Ellis Wright stepped forward to help pick and roll the ball, YE Feng rotations a bit later and Ellis. Ellis 2005 second round No. 40 overall by the Golden State Warriors, the NBA The Last of a high school student. His breakthrough at an alarming rate, in a long forest wanton restricted area shuttle, score as cut melon vegetable. Into this season,Nike Jordan Play In These 2 Shoes, he has begun to show the strength of it. Few post players can pick and roll rotations to keep up his speed, but YE Feng is the exception, he bypassed Wright, a step blocked in the Ellis breakthrough route, so he was not able to smoothly into the lane. Is this guy, good fast! Ellis left shoulder Sway ball quickly change direction to the right. YE Feng did not eat fake, but blocking his travel route. This change to the feints, he was Kobe Bryant had a countless number of times, it already has experience in defense, he not only observe the movement of the shoulder, but also pay attention to the corner of the eye to take a step which leg Ellis. Ellis obtained last season's Most Improved Player Award, confidence has been playing out, how can he stand being a rugby player guard, immediately step back dribbling, right axis, made a right hand behind the back dribble action , so that half of the left hand post crotch dribble the ball, and then returned by the left hand crossovers. Two consecutive cross under the YE Feng Huang dizzy, his body slightly right, Ellis immediately taken a big step, from left breakthrough YE Feng. Feng Ye eat a feint to know to be over, he was in Brian Shaw has been clear under the guidance of a remedy, he would be wrong, without the slightest pause, turned to chase layup from the right homeopathic Ellis. Ellis single hand and right-hand layup ball ready when the corner of the eye caught a glimpse of the early jump cover YE Feng, he is not a vegetarian, you know not throw off, jumped up in the air right after doing retracted a lever action again layup attempt to escape YE Feng capping. Ellis miscalculated, YE Feng seems to be the general delay in the air falls open right disrupted his shooting rhythm, he was around the ball underhand from Feng Ye sent out a circle in the basket wide. Wharton won the rebound. YE Feng halftime after landing rushed immediately to the Warriors, directly involved in the fast break. This guy is the man? Wright Warriors post player is the fastest, but he been YE Feng behind them. Farmar ball Zhisai to YE Feng's hands. YE Feng Road, the ball, the defense in front of people is Barnes. YE Feng ball still sucks, he had no confidence in anyone, but once put on the ball, the speed advantage does not come out to play. Plus the usual practice, he in addition to dribbling and shooting,Jordan 10 Shoes, exercise is the most dunk, dunk is his best way to score. "Go away!" Feng Ye Chong Barnes roared,Coach OP Art Online, with only one step to pick up a basketball, full speed toward the basket. Lakers teammates saw him this posture, Dengyuan eyes. As long as YE Feng washed up, that people stop killing, stop killing the Buddha Buddha, if not escape, is likely to cause YE Feng ball butt, but that is basically to take life to defend ...... Barnes played four seasons experienced, and he did not want people to death-defying preseason, quickly flashed a location. YE Feng side flew into the sky, and Barnes passing, a record Shitailichen "Tomahawk" and slammed the ball in the basket heavy fly it. 19 to 21. Boiling audience, fans can turn on the water regardless of Barnes defense, just know that this beautiful ball clasp. Lakers teammates were all excited on the sidelines waving a towel, back on defense when Farmar and also YE Feng patted the hand, the ball is very Tishi gas. Warriors coach Don Nelson shines, he felt that the conditions are suitable for playing YE Feng shelled tactics, if the Lakers do not sign him, then get him to the warriors come, but look at the performance of these two rounds, the Lakers did not seem to not signed his reasons. Smith exclaimed: "My God, had heard his physical well, did not think this is the Fauves, Yi Jianlian, Sun Yue's Vital is also very alarming, Chinese people's physical fitness seems to generally improve the ah . "Buckley said:" No wonder the nickname wolves, this kid cruel. "Warriors attack, Wright came out screenings, Ellis is still attacking the ball, pick and roll again after YE Feng and his place. Ellis breaking ball, attracting YE Feng moved the center of gravity backwards, stop jump shot, YE Feng did not cover that, but the ball cast partial, Ellis shot is not very stable, the ball bounced very far, to the weak side arm moves the Wright Field fishing rebounds. He hopes his first season in the NBA to prove their worth, want to play tougher, we must step up and dunk with both hands pulling, rotations Houfamaer is impossible to stop him. Seeing he will press the ball into the basket, YE Feng from the side up against it. Fully take off, the same with both hands, and firmly pressed on the basketball. The two bodies collided in the air, Wright dominant height can be as thin as bamboo, touched on lost his balance and was YE Feng both man and ball cap down to the ground together. The referee's whistle. See YE Feng firmly landed, it came to the arena exclaimed, immediately after he played a game player to grab the limelight, this ball is too fierce defense, Wright threw seven dirty eight elements, lying while before them. But do not dare say anything to stand up, who watched all feel YE Feng, he was bullied. Wright was sent to the free throw line, made two free throws, YE Feng won the backcourt rebounds. The next game, YE Feng began to reveal defects will not attack, pick and roll high try to vote twice, all missed. But his role in the defense is still very obvious, especially for the protection of the restricted area, he again and again up against the Warriors outside disarray. Ellis is a great impact player, but Kobe Bryant and compared to some of his still tender, being protected under a few times, he grew impatient, a few shots of the timing is not good. YE Feng's defense in the next four consecutive unsuccessful attack, and finally to the basket a sudden, Bynum also suffered a big hat. Wright was severely foul YE Feng, produced a change in mentality, more is hovering at a high, did not dare to punch inside dunk. He did not want to play on the regular season has not opened into the injured list. Section 3 minutes left when YE Feng received his fourth foul of the field, Jackson was replaced him. After he had been sitting on the bench. He did not play enough, whispered to Brian Shaw said: "Brian, why not let me coach and then on, I have to do what is wrong with you?" Blaine Shaw Light said: "You did not find We are sitting in the main field under it? Are you doing well and has no need to examine the coach did not want to put all your weaknesses exposed to each other. "; <

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