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23.05.2013 10:36
and some have been half sink antworten

The 157th section Lantau and Murphy gang in civil strife? Zheng Bao is afraid of conflicts occur. His hands are in recent months has pieced together, each other is only a simple partnership, he was leaning against the strongest was regarded as the shopkeeper. It's hard to say what happened next,Air Jordan 2 UK, each had a conflict. On the outside of the people came in: "outside the shopkeeper......" Have a terror of color, it is impossible to say a word. Zheng Bao scolded, know that things are not small, quickly put the waist Dao hang. Surrounded by aides under ran out. Zheng Bao saw his most fearful sight: the fire trail smoke a road in the sky like a meteor intertwined, constantly toward the Tung Chung falling. The boats in the harbor and beach house is burning. The black fire in the sky flying a terrible zing,Nike Jordan Big Ups, from time to time falling down, fire and explosion enveloped the Tung Chung port. Zheng Baoyi time to even think that I was dreaming, I stopped. "Boss, what do we do now?" Asked about acute. Zheng Bao's one Zheng, this just suddenly: "get in the boat." he waved a hand, take the lead in Chung Hau wharf East ran. Zheng Baogan's murder and burn do things offensive to God and reason of the sale, sometimes also thought of "hell" that sort of thing. He did not expect his living will see the road to hell - Tung Chung terminal over the charred bodies, collapsed houses. Can be seen anywhere around a twisted black. Not a house not on fire, even the Zhanqiao also burn up. I looked everywhere in the water there is a burning ship, and some have been half sink. On the top of the head, the rocket issued from time to time terror screams, toward the ground suddenly fall down, every rocket fell to the ground so that Zheng Bao quiver, some people simply lying on the ground, and feet climbing it seemed to be away from the terrible air death far. A pedestrian is easy to rush to the beach, Zhanqiao has burned all a hideous mess, Tung Chung mouth vessels did not fire in the anchor set sail toward outside. His aides surrounded him find a boat, all flurry and confusion of the put him on a ship. "Fast, raise anchor. My banner hanging out "Zheng Baoyi Deng upper boat, did not finish their appearance image, a stack of sound under the command. The chaos, all people as long as their escape thoughts, if not to put the boat to reach the bright bright status, stabilize the heart, the "big help" instant will be gone. Looking out of the Shi Zhiqi telescope, the rocket bombardment of port is very effective. A burning ship in the bay of the tactics of the best show. Through the smoke,Outlet Coach Bags, he can see many boats competing to export to flight. Some of the boats on the pirates have fire, fire edge to edge. "Report to Commander: most ships began to run off the enemy." Shi Zhiqi said the "fully satisfied or contented, pirates have collapsed in the Tung Chung outlet." Standing beside him female communication soldiers quickly record of his command, and then ran to the walkie-talkie hand -- is actually a walkie-talkie. Shi Zhiqi ordered: "to launch 100" move up the mountain on the Rockets general can't carry on.

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