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23.05.2013 10:30
more than three hours of conversation antworten

The 132nd section counterinsurgency Ji letter around for somebody to talk alone. They talked for several hours, the team not a leak all talk about again, indigenous cadres also drew on a lot of people. Liu Yichu also called for a talk, in more than three hours of conversation, he felt he was made a difficult work. Ji letter talk is very polite, but the problem is very sharp. And can quickly grasp how some small details and inconsistency in pursuit of the question. Especially in the logic control, than the average person to keen. This guy deserves to be read law origin speak really careful. Liu Yichu finally finished his tea, sweaty from office came out, almost to collapse. Do not know this guy will write what Liu Yichu in the report would like to know what other people talk, but no one would tell him -- who also don't want to be involved in this matter too much. Besides the conversation is not open. This is a basic principle of the Commission of inquiry. Investigation team to go back after a few days. Liu Muzhou call him from the Lingao radio. "Your boy is slip by." Liu Muzhou said to Liu Yixiao on the radio,Nike Air Jordan 8, "but a Senate reprimand letter is unavoidable." "Denounced letter is what?" "Is wrong, negligence on your committed summary, and tell you to take the matter seriously: you made a mistake." "That sounds okay." "Not so cheap. The letter is to be placed on the personnel file. This is a small stain, Captain Liu "Liu Muzhou complained,Jordan 10 Shoes," I would receive a letter -- it is thanks to you. "" I don't want to get into this "hate hate Liu Yixiao said," I will arrange work began to suppress bandits." Don't worry. You have to pay a check in to the Senate tomorrow before, of course, in check the glorious message and I got." "You are an able man is always busy." "Well, don't bullshit. The formal notice you: the special investigation team headquarters will send a counterinsurgency experts to Danzhou. The bandits affairs you listen to his arrangement - you have to help." "Understand." The Committee submitted to the Senate's advice is: take the main responsibility of leadership Liu Yixiao,Women's Jordan Sale, negative secondary responsibility Yu Zhiqian. Liu Muzhou also has the responsibility of leadership. Three people are required to "make a careful review of", and received the punishment signal to the senate. Yu Zhiqian agent battalion commander "generation" character not only take away, is also the requirement is clear and wearing more than six months. "Visual performance to consider whether the positive". Come counterinsurgency experts Xue Ziliang. Wearing a civilian version of American Digital Camouflage, back an oversize imitation of American tactical backpack, with an automatic rifle. Wearing a civilian version of hats, wearing Zhejiang imitation American tactical sunglasses. Mouth farm production early sea hand-made cigars, great strides from the naval ship board "steaming" go down. Look more and more feel. Xue Ziliang collar seam to scout the golden line branch collar, shoulders with the rank of major. Compared with the infantry officer solemn uniform and sword, his clothes is very casual "this is really wild banana." Yu Zhiqian was scolded, he >

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