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Originally he could walk away, but this thing I don't see how dangerous. But the plan Qili is very cautious person, I report a sound no trouble, and then you never mind. The telephone in the afternoon wood"...... How 's it going? Does it serve your purpose. "Very useful." Kenneth wood simply replied, "although it is not clear who this person is, however, necessary to check." After I hung up, he recorded it in his work the notebook. Then he pulled the bell rope. A wearing female political defend the rank of corporal mark who appeared in the doorway, in accordance with the political security bureau interior regulations posture standing straight, waiting for orders. Her uniform is fit, but it's too small. Kenneth wood glances at her Soviet-style uniforms and skirt around a lot, ordered: "send the documents to the action," he looked at the watch, "I command: one hour after the demonstration farm outside the South Gate of the Wenlan Jiang regulation engineering section of indigenous personnel to conduct surprise checks. Suspicious appearance and movements, did not carry identity cards or not in the labor roster of staff detained." By the action of the director should be issued in accordance with the rules of this command. But now he was in Chengmai personally command the political security personnel to the county town of "dangerous" to launch a comprehensive cleanup action, this time at wood can assume his functions and powers. Political security administration action is action, but not into the establishment of the armed forces. The implementation of large-scale operations must obtain a police and military assistance. Kenneth wood and call Mu Min -- mobilizing stationed in 100 yards outside the police even to assist in action. "I'll send for approval. You first notice of readiness Li Yayang do." To use the army has become a very sensitive. The maid * *, even more troops and perform the task not only must report to director of military mobility license,oakley sunglasses outlet, but also to the Executive Committee Secretariat, the Senate speaker office report. This thing can be big or small, Kenneth wood can be directly file the report: early a few old acquaintance is not what great things, even at that time Gou Jia Li do things that people don't -- if two brothers back his thugs, slaves, servants, served in the crossing in the group and was it is,oakley outlet store, they may know early. But the thought of the recently acquired Gou Chengxuan sent into high intelligence, two controls. It is likely to have some strange. He ordered immediately began to search it is also based on this. After these things, Kenneth wood open another file table, study carefully -- than the old acquaintance pop up early,Oakley Fast Jacket Sale, he has a more important and more difficult things to do. Ji Qili went after Wu Nanhai felt very relaxed and happy. Smoked cigars he went to farm coffee with early. This place is now the most important of the three farm. Coffee as the space-time only leisure facilities with old time standard for veterans sought. While living the Secretary to the Senate suddenly burst out of leisure entertainment demand instant coffee farm full -- here the most safe Gang, environment is very good. This >

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